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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Bobby V.'s "Rock Body" Video

It's been a while since we've heard from Bobby V.  And the voice that made Lil Wayne's "Mr. Officer" a hit is prepping a new studio album of his own called Dusk Till Dawn


TheYBF.com has the exclusive premiere of Bobby V.'s brand new video from the album for his single, "Rock Body."  Oh, and the sexual escapade in the video is based on one of Bobby's real situations.  Check it inside...

For his 2 Mill-directed video, Bobby V. is back to his sexual escapades with the ladies.  In the “Rock Body” video (song produced by Jeffrey "J Leron" Toney), filmed in midtown Atlanta at Ramsey's Beauty Salon/Barbershop, Mr. V. is taking advantage of the pretty ladies who come to the barber shop on the daily.

And since this is the actual place where Bobby gets his haircut, it was only right he portrayed an actual "situation" that went down at the shop once.

When Bobby walked into the shop one day, a new intern was at the front desk.  And like most fellas who peep a pretty chick at the barber shop, he just had to take it there.

In the video, Bobby & his leading lady's flirtations get a little heated, and she was fired by the manager on her first day of work.  Check out the real situation that inspired the concept for the video above.

Bobby V.'s album Dusk Till Dawn is being released on October 16th, and you can pre-order on iTunes now.




hmmm... cute video... but not

hmmm... cute video... but not a fan of the song. if u gon talk about freaky shh... have more detail to the lyrics and a more SEXY beat. like r. kelly in the 90s, or trey songz. but i do love bobby nonetheless

I like the song and I wonder

I like the song and I wonder is he going 2 do a video 2 the song him and K. Michelle made but the album sounds like it's going 2 be good

i didn't know he was even on

i didn't know he was even on american idol! thats funny...that should've been a vision into his future...but go ahead lil short man

Does anyone remember seeing

Does anyone remember seeing him get rejected on American Idol? That shit was hella funny with his cocky ass. LMAO!!!
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

you'd have to pay me $75

you'd have to pay me $75 bucks or take me to Red Lobster.....to watch that video
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

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