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GAME ON: VH1 Announces "Marrying The Game" Reality Series Details

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Now that The Game and fiancee Tiffney Cambridge have decided to make that trip down the aisle, VH1 has announced "Marrying The Game" which follows the couple as they prepare for marriage. Deets inside.....

We told you previously about the on-again, off-again wedding of rapper Jayceon Taylor aka The Game and his schoolteacher fiancee Tiffney Cambridge, and now that the wedding is back on...there's a reality show that documents the ups and downs!

VH1 has announced the upcoming debut of "Marrying The Game" which follows the couple's love story of an ambitious 5th grade history teacher who fell in love with a bad boy rapper.  And though the couple have been together eight years and already have two kids together (King Justice (5 years old) and Cali Dream (2 years old), the decision to marry hasn't been an easy one as Tiffney has already called off the nuptials once before due to The Game's "rapper" lifestyle.

Also, the couple's previous "wedding site" was taken offline for the public.  Perhaps they want to keep everything a secret to use for the show?

Fans can check out all the drama and see "if" the couple actually makes it down the aisle on Monday, November 19 at 9:30PM on VH1.



The randomness:

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His choice of the cake was

His choice of the cake was great. The violinist was extremely talented. She's a snob cuz she has a college degree and he probably doesn't.....The Game does not need to marry his mother. She treats him like a kid. She is extremely unpleasant. Plus, she looks hella old. Too old for him. She must be at least 40 or something. He doesn't need her brand of misery.

The Game has not been

The Game has not been faithful to her old ass! Yes, they have two kids together but that is about it. She just wants the marriage more than he does and it's so obvious!! When I saw the show, the first thing that came to my mind was, "How old is she"? She looks older than him by ten years in my opinion but when I did my research I discovered that she was born in 75 which would make her 37!! WTF!! No way!! Hell I am 32 years old, no kids by choice and I have been told that I look like I am a teenager!! I thought she was somewhere between 40-45!! She is attractive but old!! She needs to wake up because THE GAME will might marry her but he will not faithful....................ever!!!!

Listen! This is the very

Listen! This is the very first comment I have ever made on any blog site - ever! This dude was at a concert of Wyclef's 2 or 3 summers ago chilling in VIP. He had his wing-boy come up to me and said "The Game wants you." I was like - I'm good. Wing-boy said "Fa Real, he's over there. What you doin later?" I look over and the Game is using his finger to motion me to come here. I told Wing-boy that I was flattered but really, I'm good. I was disgusted then, and disgusted now seeing that his fiancee was pregnant at that time. He needs to stop and she needs to listen to her gut which I'm sure SCREAMS at her to move on. But to each her own. If she likes, I love it. Well, not really.
Nebsfour's picture

He's dumb & she's dumber for

He's dumb & she's dumber for being seen with his dumb a$$. Next
Tiff's picture

why do they keep putting

why do they keep putting these irrelevant, non muthafuckin factors, washed up entertainers on a show??? is having a show really gonna boost up their career???
monash's picture

Yes, hip hop's flloyd

Yes, hip hop's flloyd mayweather will be on tv.... I will be tuning in.... I'd rather watch him, then 2 watch jim & chrissy's ass

No ones going to watch this

No ones going to watch this show!
Mischa's picture

This is going to be boring as

This is going to be boring as hell and I agree with Tori's statement.
Carmen CaBoom's picture


REALITY TV PRODUCERS are on a MISSION to make MINORITIES look CRAZY, INCOMPETENT, TRASHY, GHETTO & BANSHEE, and the (Jewish) white folks behind it are raking in MILLIONS....MODERN DAY SLAVERY! I bet this time next yr, The Game's wife will appear on LOVE & HIP HOP (Mona Scott-Young think she Oprah)!
tori's picture

Jews are destroying

Jews are destroying America....thus, the world (it's all about greed and control with them)
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Yeah, I have my own PERSONAL

Yeah, I have my own PERSONAL views about Jews, but people already think I'm a BIGOT, so I'll keep them to myself lol!
tori's picture

Sorry i got so

Sorry i got so serious......but I negotiated hundreds of media contracts with those people over a 15 year stretch. .....and let's just say some stereotypes are true (these opinions do NOT necessarily reflect those of Tori)........................
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

LMFAO...U slow...I think

LMFAO...U slow...I think EVERY SUCCESSFUL person has dealt with JEWS, and if they haven't....THEY WILL! And then they will RANT & RAVE and pay & produce a film about Jesus Christ and then be BANNED from HOLLYWOOD, and be labeled a NEO NAZI!
tori's picture

Marriage has become strictly

Marriage has become strictly a business decision these days........ask Bey-Z. .....smh
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

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