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Jennifer Hudson Channels Whitney Houston For GRAMMY Tribute + Halle Berry, Taraji, Usher & More CELEBRATE

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A formal Whitney Houston tribute is on the way.  The GRAMMY organization hosted a big tribute that was taped last night at the Nokia Theater in L.A., and will air next month.  Check out Jennifer Hudson channeling young Whitney, plus Usher, Halle Berry & more celebrating the diva's memory.  And, of course, Bobbi Kristina with her fiancee Nick Gordon...


Last night in L.A., celebs were on hand for the We Will Always Love You: A Grammy Salute to Whitney Houston event.  And J-Hud stole the show by channeling one of Whitney's 80's looks as she performed in honor of the late star.  And we're sure she did it right.

She rocked the stage with a medley of "I'm Every Woman," "How Will I Know" and "I Wanna Dance With Somebody".

Jenny also posed backstage with Britney Spears who was on hand, and Brit said Whitney's "I Have Nothing" started her own music career.

Whitney's daughter Bobbi Kristina arrived in a red Herve Leger dress and strappy black sandals.  And with her new fiance, Nick Gordon, on her arm.

Krissy switched out her sapphire engagement ring for her mom's diamond rings for the occasion.  And the twosome held hands and got extra cuddly while getting teary eyed during the show:

Meanwhile, Halle Berry took the stage to salute Whitney in the show's introduction:

Gorgeous LBD for her.

LL Cool J hit the stage to offer up his memories.

And Taraji P. Henson and her questionable hairdo were there.

Usher performed "I Believe In You And Me."

And CeCe Winans performed with BeBe "Count On Me," which brought the whole crowd to tears.
Clive Davis was there to remember one of his closest friends, as well.
Celine Dion was also a part of the tribute, but had to tape her rendition from Canada of "Greatest Love of All," which was played on a screen for the audience.

"We Will Always Love You: A Grammy Salute to Whitney Houston" will be broadcast on CBS on November 13. The new reality show "The Houstons: On Our Own," premieres on Wednesday, October 24.


Pics: Getty/INF/Splash

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I understand the whole

I understand the whole Jennifer being in every tribute. I would have loved to have say Faith anfd Kelly Price do Heartbreak Hotel we never hear that one. Chaka Khan do I'm Every Woman...just so many other people that deserve the chance to pay their respects as well.
keqi's picture

i think a short haircut would

i think a short haircut would look better on bobbi kristina
monash's picture

jen please take five seats to

jen please take five seats to the left,,,,ugh

Ms. Brown's head looks like a

Ms. Brown's head looks like a lioness's mane, and I agree with the blogger who said that she doesn't have the facial structure to carry off that much hair. She appears to have inherited all of her mother's flaws and none of her best traits; this young woman needs an intervention, STAT because I do see the dancing $ in her fiance's eyes :)
PR22's picture

Tahaji look is giving me

Tahaji look is giving me poodle swag.
TeaNicole's picture

Something about Jennifer,

Something about Jennifer, can't put my finger on it. Something not quite right.
TeaNicole's picture

You must be referring to

You must be referring to crazy azz Britney.
star's picture

Halle look so beautiful as

Halle look so beautiful as usual. Love Brit Brit and she has a very nice body but she looks soo old. Halle has about 16 yrs on Brit Brit and they look around the same age. Halle has Jerome Berry's genes working miracles for her and her mom has not aged badly either.
Shay's picture

This is Clive's doing nobody

This is Clive's doing nobody wants to see Jennifer Hudson channel Whitney. Sorry but Jennifer is just too unattractive and I just don't want to see or hear her ugly voice. Why not ask people who have actually worked w/ her like Faith Evans or Kelly Price or even Mariah Carey or Monica anybody but Jennifer Hudson! Whitney voice could go from very soft to loud w/ such control before the drugs of coarse.
Shay's picture

I don't know who looks

I don't know who looks sleazier Whitney's brother or that Nick?....ewwww
not having it's picture

Bobbi Kristina...2

Bobbi Kristina...2 WORDS.....N O S E J O B!.....baybeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
BEEMA's picture

When did J Hud become the

When did J Hud become the go-to singer for EVERY Whitney tribute?!? She performed the night of her death at the Grammy's//and now this! Did Whitney even know J Hud? There are so many more talented singers who actually knew Whitney...Can I get a MJ Blige? A Monica? Keyshia? Brandy even? JHud will NEVER EVER match Whitney..not beauty..body..or talent!
BEEMA's picture

no ma'am with keyshia, maybe

no ma'am with keyshia, maybe faith evans, kelly price, mariah carey, or kim burrell. but i am sick of seeing j-hud cover all her songs
monash's picture

Looking like Bobby Brown with

Looking like Bobby Brown with a wig. Brittney body is bananas.
TeaNicole's picture

LOL @ some of the comments. I

LOL @ some of the comments. I actually love her hair since I do love big hair but I do think that is too much hair for her facial structure if tha makes any sense at all. And yes, her fiance' is after her money and I hope she does make him sign a prenup. And I am surprised Monica i not performing. I would rather have Monica sing than Brandy perform. Bobbi does look better but that hair style is not good for her face and I love the shoes. WTF does Taraji have on her head and her outfit is horrible as well!!!!

BOR-ING!! Jennifer will

BOR-ING!! Jennifer will ALWAYS remind me of a PLUMP PREACHER WIFE, Whitney...not so much! Bobbi Kris always looks TACKY with her WANDA WIG, and FIELD GOAL GAP! LL looks like Sammy Sosa, POST SKIN BLEACH!!
tori's picture

Looks like a great event but

Looks like a great event but um, Im gonna need for her daughter to find someone to do her hair cause those wigs be to damn thick for me ijs...bol

Jennifer trying to dance?/

Jennifer trying to dance?/ really?? she is too stiff and awkward looking. Bobbi K those Herve dresses went out about 2-3 years ago. at least her weave looks a bit better, a better grade of hair I suppose her brother/fiance has the dollar signs look in his eyes.
sweetpea1989's picture

Looks like a good time...

Looks like a good time...
RO's picture

Jennifer looks more like

Jennifer looks more like Helen Henny than Whitney Houston. Anywho, The best way for celebs to honor Whitney Houston is to not attempt to sing any of her songs, just speak about their experience with her. (Not including Beyonce, unless there's a translator available, big dummy)
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

this is so beautiful.

this is so beautiful. Whitney Houston was certainly loved. love the shoes on Bobby K.
shuga's picture

Traji looks a mess.....LOL

Traji looks a mess.....LOL
star's picture

I remember those 80's jeans

I remember those 80's jeans (smh). Bobbi looks Fabby. L.L still feels the need to wear a driving hat....................
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

No Brandy or Chaka

No Brandy or Chaka performances? And where were all these people when Whitney was spiraling down the wrong path? This Nicholas boy looks real shady! I hope Bobbi Kristina makes sure she give him a 100 page prenup to sign! I understand that she may think he's a safer choice than a guy on the outside who might be dating her for the money but the ones in your inner circle are more likely to hurt you deeper than some stranger.
Marek's Wifey's picture

I'm just glad Britney didn't

I'm just glad Britney didn't sing.. b/c that would have been some BS.. she's an entertainer, not a singer, and not even a good entertainer anymore... she can dance..but singing.. PLEASE.. I'm still confused at how ppl fall for her TomFoolery
Janelle McIver's picture

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