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INSIDE Black Girls Rock! Red Carpet Arrivals & What You Can Expect From The Show....

Tons of celebrity YBF chicks and those who love them were front and center at this weekend's Black Girls Rock! Awards.  Check out who hit the red carpet at the Paradise Theater in New York and a bit of the fabulousness you can expect from what went down inside the taping, before it airs....

TheYBF.com was on hand for the taping of Black Girls Rock! this weekend.  And plenty of our fave chicks were on hand to receive their much deserved awards for being their fabulous selves.

Eva Longoria hit the carpet in a pretty white dress from Dana Budeanu, a nude YSL clutch and Louboutin ankle strap pumps as she presented the Star Power Award to her good friend Kerry Washington, in an embellished Marchesa dress & bow tie Louboutin pumps.  And they posed with the gorgeous Tarajji P. Henson in her golden metallic peplum dress from Diane Von Furstenberg.

The "Person Of Interest" star looked picture perfect in the curve hugging look and leopard Louboutin pumps.

Co-hosts Tracee Ellis Ross & Regina King put their best fashion feet forward in their sexy black looks. 

Looking great Regina!  Her show "Southland" starts back in February 2013.  They posed it up on the carpet with performer Keyshia Cole.

Keyshia, in a pretty silver gown from Jovani, performed "Trust & Believe" at the Awards show.

And Mrs. Meagan Good Franklin blew a few kisses with Keyshia and rocked a midriff baring crop top and sheer maxi skirt look for the carpet.

Chick is indeed an actress with the silly laid-out red carpet poses.

Meagan kicked it with BET's head honcho Debra Lee and her new natural mini-fro.  We actually love it.

"Basketball Wives" star Laura Govan made her way to the event in a very interesting look.  She posed it up with sponsor CHEVY's new 2013 Malibu, and the new "106 & Park" fellas--Shorty Da Prince & Bow Wow.

Anna Francesca couture.  We're not feeling this in the least bit.  But we love that she's taking fashion risks.

Gabrielle Union kept it simple in a black Dolce & Gabanna dress.  This wig though.... We're ready for a drastic change up for the Gabster...like a short sharp angled bob.

Janelle Monae looked pretty and polished in her typical look.  She rocked a tailored black tux with a McQueen clutch.

Marsha Ambrosius rocked a chic black and white look accentuated with a pretty embellishment.

Stephen Hill rocked a tee with the faces of his co-worker's kids.  That's what he said...

The "106 & Park" crew--Shorty Da Prince, Paigion, Bow Wow and Miss Mykie--all posed it up with Debra Lee.

India Arie kept it bright with a black knee length dress with neon yellow trim.  She performed her new song "6th Avenue", then closed out the show with "i Am Not My Hair." 


And a few fellas made appearances too:

Eric Benet, Anthony Hamilton, and Luke James performed "Wildflowers" for the ladies.  And they were introduced by Mr. Sexy himself--Idris Elba.

Ciara rocked an unflattering Givenchy look.

Black Girls Rock! creator Beverly Bond kept it chic in a dark multi-colored gown.  Lovely look for her.

Tracee Ellis Ross posed it up with the Inspiration Award winner Susan Taylor.

Exec. Producer and manager Mona Scott Young was on hand in her leopard blazer.

SWV rocked the house with one of the hottest sets of the night.

Celebrity trainer Jeanette Jenkins hit the carpet in a black & white Herve Leger dress.

LaLa Anthony rocked a high neck long sleeved dark green velvet Balmain dress with her Louboutin heels.  Hot look.

Singer Bridget Kelly hit the carpet.

And Dionne Warwick was there to accept the Living Legend award.  She made sure everyone knew that Black WOMEN rock too.

Other spoilers from inside the Awards that may or may not air:

  • Alicia Keys accepted the Rock Star Award.
  • Tracee Ellis Ross made an almost wipe-out worthy trip over her dress when she first walked out to host, but she recovered hilariously and they re-started the taping.
  • Kerry Washington said she loves wearing her Black Girls Rock t-shirts out in public because people stop and stare...and she thinks, "You didn't know"?
  • It was revealed that Kerry graduated Phi Beta Kappa and double majored in Anthropology & Sociology at George Washington University.
  • Alicia Keys opened up the show with an all girl marching band leading her to the stage during "A New Day."
  • Janelle Monae said while accepting her award that she wears her uniform (the black/white look she wears while performing) to pay homage to her mother who was a proud janitor, her father who was a trash man, and her step father who was a postal worker (and who raised her as his own).  She said she wears it because there is "still worked to be done."  Janelle was also a maid when she first moved to Atlanta.
  • Susan Taylor said she is NEVER getting rid of her braids...for anyone asking.  Ha!
  • Missy was the surprise performer during Ciara's set.
  • Tracee rocked one of her mom's now vintage Oscar De la Renta shirts as one of her looks of the night.
  • A video tribute was shown of the 2012 black female Olympians from all over the world.


You can catch Black Girls Rock! on BET November 4th at 8p EST.  Check out flicks from the actual show in the gallery below...




please help me understand....

please help me understand.... Why such a positive program, uplifting program for black girls and Ladies can draw so many negative comments.. It is not funny at all.. look in the mirror before you say anything negative about someone.

please help me understand....

please help me understand.... Why such a positive program, uplifting program for black girls and Ladies can draw so many negative comments.. It is not funny at all.. look in the mirror before you say anything negative about someone.

Everyone looked good except

Everyone looked good except nasty ugly old Lala. Kudos to the ladies for raising money for charity.
Zanya's picture

Regina King needs to quit the

Regina King needs to quit the work out, it's okay girl you have met your goal and then some! She and Kerry Washington look like they are not breathing with their necks looking crazy like they are sucking in their breath or something. STOP IT already, ladies! It is okay to eat now. What the hell is Megan Good doing lying down on the red carpet? There is nothing sexy about that at all. And is she not a pastor's wife? Is this how the first lady of a church is supposed to act? I am not saying she should be dowdy frumpy boring because she's married to a pastor but please there are still some behaviors that are NOT appropriate for a woman who is attached to a man of God...assuming he is a real bonafide pastor. Ms. Dionne was NEVER known for her fashion sense, she like Aretha Franklin and Patty Labelle are fashion challenged. I would be more SHOCKED if she showed up looking like a fashion plate. Keyshia Cole and those damned tattoos! You will never look classy and I don't care how expensive the dress is with all those ghetto tats. Lawd, what was India Arie thinking? Looking like a giant sized bumble bee! The best looks for me were Eva Longoria, Taraji, Tracee and Gabrielle Union.
Marek's Wifey's picture

wtf does ciarra have on???

wtf does ciarra have on??? was everyone told to wear black???
monash's picture

what hell is going on with

what hell is going on with laura govan eyebrows???? and gabby union, that hair is all wrong for you!!!
monash's picture

meghan good & debra lee

meghan good & debra lee #FASHIONFAIL!!! meghan has done something to her face and that lipstick is all wrong!
monash's picture

I'm so over "Black Girls

I'm so over "Black Girls Rock". They need to stop having this mess; highlighting the SAME chicks year after year. {Yaaawn} I would, however, love to see a "Girls Rock" which celebrates women across various races/ethnicities.
Anonymous10's picture

What a wonderful event. Hope

What a wonderful event. Hope to attend one day. Black Girls do indeed, Rock!!
Zetagirl's picture

As someone who was actually

As someone who was actually at the awards I can vouch for Laura and say the skirt looked nice and theatrical, it would have been good for a photo shoot but does not photograph well for red carpet. She is very sweet girl in person, don't mistake her for the character she plays on tv
Kara's picture

I agree with Kerry

I agree with Kerry Washington. I Ilove the reaction I get when people look at me with my black girls rock T-shirt on. Its funny. Im like you didnt know. We Rock honey!! You better believe it.

I feel for the poor Ostrich

I feel for the poor Ostrich Govan ran over for that outfit. Something is going kinda wrong with Meagans face . Keyshia's profile is way better from the side than the front. Regina's body is bananas. Love me some Kerry but she's too skinny now, peep the neck. Taraji is just gorg. Gabrielle & India deserve a huge NO MAM & a slap for their get up.
Realist's picture

If *Black* Girls Rock then

If *Black* Girls Rock then why was Eva Longoria there? I'll give some other ladies a pass because they're mixed or have mixed kids--like Laura Govan's rude, immature azz. Nice to see India Arie...Ciara looks really odd in that outfit. Why'd she do that to herself?? The other ladies look nice--especially Lala and Keysha Cole IMO. Keysha should know that less means more--when it comes to hair & makeup. She looks really nice & soft in these pics. Go 'head Ladies--we Black Girls/Women do INDEED r-o-c-k!!!!

How can you say "BLACK GIRLS

How can you say "BLACK GIRLS ROCK", and then ask why was Eva Longoria there?? Not for nothing, but her ex HUSBAND was 1/2 black. I don't think a GOOD CAUSE should be OFF LIMITS to ANYONE who DOESN'T fit the "INTENDED AUDIENCE!" Besides...ALL GIRLS ROCK!
tori's picture

I'm just as entitled to my

I'm just as entitled to my opinion as you are to yours, thank you. And since Eva Longoria herself said that her family is racially-insensitive, so she told them her ex was French--not partially black--I find it questionable that she was at such an event. Yes, I KNOW all girls rock but this event was for Black Girls. I still feel how I feel.

LMAO, Who COULDN'T tell that

LMAO, Who COULDN'T tell that Tony Parker was Black?? Anyway I think the more the merrier! There were people who were NOT Hispanic at the ALMA (AMERICAN LATINO MEDIA ARTS) AWARDS this year that came just to support a good event for LATINOS!
tori's picture

Ugh Laura is one creepy

Ugh Laura is one creepy lookin' BiSH... The end!! Smdhlol...
Like Really's picture

the girl from SWV looks a lot

the girl from SWV looks a lot like Tocarra now. wonder why Janelle opted out of wearing accessories.
shuga's picture

So I guess that PEACOCK Laura

So I guess that PEACOCK Laura Hovan was flying around in the sky and landed on the 1st RED CARPET she saw! Ciara looks like "THE HELP" and why is Ms. Dionne Warwick wearing the FUR COAT she won HUSTLING in the back alley of a DETROIT CRAPS game with a bunch a PIMPS back in the 80's?
tori's picture

WoW there is just TOO much

WoW there is just TOO much Foolywang to even mention..where do I start?...Indie Ari/ Laura..HELL NO LMBO...Tariji and Gabrielle's Wigs and Keisha's dress & hair LMAO. Ciara NO to that pulled back hair. Actually the only good look is Susan Taylor's coat and Regina hair and dress..
star's picture

the only look i'm feelin' is

the only look i'm feelin' is LaLa's
diamond2012's picture

Wait I had to go back when

Wait I had to go back when someone mentioned Ciara was there, didn't recognize her she looks likes Leon Talley, and Janelle Monae enough with the black and white tuxes. Tired.com
TeaNicole's picture

Regina King, Debra Lee and

Regina King, Debra Lee and Keishia Cole look great! Laura Govan - Yuck!, LaLa - Nope!, Dionne - Really???!! Fur and open toe shoes? Taj - Come on now!!! Susan Taylor and Ciara - YIKES!! Meagan - No one is dreaming of Jeannie but you! Tracie and Janelle - Boring and overdone by you! Eric Benet - You've got to be kidding!!! Wigs galore - Taraji and Gabby.
Denise2007's picture

So many wrongs I just can't

So many wrongs I just can't but Laura Govan looks like big bird still.
TeaNicole's picture

With exception to Laura

With exception to Laura Govan, sistah's are bad and fabulous. Is she a sister? I did'nt think so.

Ciara looks absolutely

Ciara looks absolutely ridiculous.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

susan taylor may not be

susan taylor may not be getting rid of her braids but she is sho getting rid of her edges...lol. dont cut off your nose to spite your face, hun.
shuga's picture

There's nothing wrong with

There's nothing wrong with being comfortable in your own skin and there's nothing wrong with loving yourself, however, that lady from Essence needs to stop braiding her hair back. Her hairline is receding like Stevie Wonder. Janelle Monae needs a new look.
Iridescent One's picture

This is the best Regina King

This is the best Regina King has looked in a looong time. Laura Govan looks like a peacock on the loose. Like she escaped from the zoo....her outfit gets a BIG FAT NO.
Ethel Mertz's picture

lil bow wow looks like the

lil bow wow looks like the professor from aliens vs. monsters. LMAO!!!!
shuga's picture

why is MY GIRL,

why is MY GIRL, Ciara...wearing a Wing Suit. ...,,,,Sail...........and LaLa's Chicken Legs are hilarious......Debra Lee & Angela Yee are both 1% black (smh)...,,,,,,,,,,,,and why do black women feel it's necessary to pose with a FULL ON booty shot (i mean..just BEND OVER & SPREAD IT OPEN)...............
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

wow, what

wow, what happened...celebrity stylists must be on strike

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