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FIRST LOOK: Kerry Washington Reveals Why SHE'S Voting In JET

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She's one of the hottest actresses on tv.  And Kerry Washington is covering the upcoming issue of JET magazine and talking about exactly why she's casting her vote next month.


Get the first look at the cover inside...

Not sure about y'all but we're spending most of our week counting down to Thursday night.  The fab Scandal queen isn't just smart on the show, she knows her ish in real life.

Check out a couple quotes from Kerry's cover article:

On the election & why she's voting
“Who is in the office impacts everything from what you eat, education, who you love and where you live...so many others have put their lives on the line to help us to gain these rights to vote, and for us not to use that ability is an insult to history.”

On the luxury Black women don't have
“For Black Women it has never been a luxury to not being anything else but strong.”

We agree.  Kerry also talks to JET about Scandal, what it's like being Olivia Pope and more.  The issue hits newsstands Monday, 10/22.


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Kerry looks great. Definitely

Kerry looks great. Definitely will check out this issue.
Tagirl27's picture

Kerry is giving me Olivia

Kerry is giving me Olivia Pope on this cover. Werk!!!!!

I just don't think she's

I just don't think she's pretty. She's just ok. Her wig/weave on the show is not good, and she tends to "overact" at times. I love Scandal, so I just have to look past the wig and overacting...
tinytexan's picture

Wow! Kerry look so Beautiful

Wow! Kerry look so Beautiful here on this picture.
Shay's picture

Isn't that Nice.....

Isn't that Nice.....
Like Really's picture

Yea she's sexy as hell, but

Yea she's sexy as hell, but everything about her screams white man lover. Like i have a way of knowing which black women LOVES THE WHITE MAN. But it's all good, i wouldn't down talk the sista, OR TRY TO PROTEST AGAINST ANYTHING SHE DOES.
LetsGetIt's picture

I have such a GIRL CRUSH on

I have such a GIRL CRUSH on Kerry Washington...she is such a LADY! Her eyes and lips are TOO PERFECT...loves her!!
tori's picture

Vote 2012!

Vote 2012!
JammOnIt's picture

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