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2012 ANGEL BALL COUPLES: Kim & Kanye, Ashanti & Nelly, Solange & Miss Tina & More GET FAB For The Cause!

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Kanye West & his girlfriend Kim K. are back from their trip to Italy.  And their first stop as soon as they got back into the states tonight was the 2012 Angel Ball held at Cipriani Wall Street.


Check out Kim & Kanye hobnobbing it up with Ashanti & Nelly, Solange & her mom Tina inside...

It's that time of the year when celebs step out in full force for Denise Rich's Gabrielle's Angel Foundation for Cancer Research. The Foundation funds medical research for prevention and treatment of Lymphoma, Leukemia and related cancers.  And plenty of your faves were on hand to support the cause of the 16th annual Ball.

In a stunning cobalt blue gown with two slits and a pair of sky high black ankle strapped Thierry Mugler heels (yes we'll admit that we finally like one of Kanye's picks) Kim K. stepped out of Kanye's Soho apartment with her boo Monday night to hit the event.  And Kanye, looking dapper in something else other than leather pants, put on his best camera ready face:

Looks like Kim's been offering 'Ye some tips and practicing red carpet poses with him in the mirror:


Ashanti put on a sexy sparkly black dress with a thigh high slit as she hit the carpet with her man Nelly.

Gorgeous look for Ashanti.  And we're loving the suspenders on Nelly.

The couples snapped a pic with Smokey Robinson (who performed) and his wife Frances.

Angela Simmons looked great in a deep pink one shoulder gown with a wrapped slit.  And she accessorized with cobalt blue accessories. 

Gorgeous look.

Angela and Kim posed it up with Star Jones.

Solange & Tina Knowles put on their chicest prints for the evening.

And Mama Tina's face is looking snatched to the lords of Botox.  Not mad.  She looks fab these days.

The Knowles gals posed with Denise Rich.

Loving this gold printed gown full of sheen.

And Solange's look is, of course, our fave of the night.  It from Badgley Mischka's Fall 2012 collection.

The metallic geometric printed gown flaunted her cleavage and slim curves effortlessly.  And the gold & white clutch set off the look perfectly.


Tiki Barber was there with his new wife Traci Lynn

Estelle hit the event in an interesting dress.  Feathers and animal print?

Wendy Williams kept it demure with a black own with a thigh high slit.

And Russell Simmons brought his chick of the moment.


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For the most part, everyone

For the most part, everyone looks nice. Ashanti and Solange are absolutely gorgeous! Finally Solange looks normally elegant and sexy. Defintely the best dressed of the night! Love Kim's color of the dress, not too much her hair, but for some reason she looks a bit frumpty from the waist down in this dress. None the less, she still looks nice. Nelly does look like he is on another level with his eyes bucked tho. lol...Love the cause. Good look.
Hater Recognizer's picture

I LOOOVVVEEEE Kim's shoes,

I LOOOVVVEEEE Kim's shoes, Solange finally has on something I like (nice dress) Why does Nelly ALWAYS has that surprised " the secret's out of the bag" look?
GetAtMe's picture

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tom113's picture

Kanye looks like he is saying

Kanye looks like he is saying in his head as he is looking down at Kim, " I cant wait to try those on later. I think I look better in them anyway". LMBO.
toomuch's picture

Nelly looks like he just got

Nelly looks like he just got caught doing some sneaky ish in that first photo. Kim tries too much and it's becoming a bit annoying. Her hair looks a mess. Kanye, I just don't know about him anymore. He is, however, dressed better than his woman. Ashanti is making that Mr. T, "I PITTY THE FOOL" face in the 10th photo. Angela looks pretty. Very fresh faced. Russell is Russell. Solange looks like she gave up that natural stuff and processed her hair. Either that or it's just flat ironed. She doesn't know what she wants to do anymore. I appreciated her natural, but she looks nice nonetheless. Her mother is a mess. The photo where she's sitting down and not smiling, isn't too bad. She looks stiff as hell though. What the hell kind of pose is she doing in that photo with Denise Rich? She's trying too hard. Her face is tight as hell and it looks like it hurts to smile. LOL! That is sad. Nothing gorgeous about that one. Just stop! Denise Rich looks nice and is embracing her age and not effing up herself with fillers, botox, surgery and whatnot, unlike Tina. Wendy looks nice. Estelle looks uncomfortable as IDK what. It looks as if someone forced her to put on a dress and go to this event, Look at how awkward she looks. Her expression. LMAO!!
Iridescent One's picture

Well Hallelujah!! ~ Kim has

Well Hallelujah!! ~ Kim has returned to color!! Whoever's been styling her these past months should be FIRED!! Kim ~ Amber Rose you are Not ~ Amber can make even Reeboks look sexy. STOP wearing things Kanye wishes he could wear in public. The last straw was that potato a$$ out for lunch. No bueno ~
GetUrLife's picture

I have to agree. Wow, for

I have to agree. Wow, for the first time EVERYBODY actually looks really good! A few minor missteps here and there but nothing worth commenting on. I'm sure the foolywang will be back in full affect at the next event.
DesignDiva's picture

Kim's hair is hideous. FAIL.

Kim's hair is hideous. FAIL.
PacificGirl's picture

LOL...@ Nelly's surprised

LOL...@ Nelly's surprised look..like he didn't know his picture was being taken!!!
Lola's picture

Kim looks hot, love the dress

Kim looks hot, love the dress the color the undone braided hair shoes whole ensemble hot, her boo looking dapper himself
lolo's picture


Like Really's picture

Did Kim comb her hair? She

Did Kim comb her hair? She has "just rolled out of bed" hair!!
srenitamoore's picture

I think everyone looks

I think everyone looks lovely. The way these posts are written would really make you think that Natasha actually knew how to dress.....lol.
shuga's picture

Can Kanye just go into

Can Kanye just go into hiding, become a recluse...he's not a good match for Kim K...I'm not a fan of Kim, but she doesn't need to be with Kanye...his aura just says confused...there's something not right with him. he's not a happy man...
Reign's picture

Solange mama keep that hair

Solange mama keep that hair put bozo the clown down.
TeaNicole's picture

Why is Nelly looking like a

Why is Nelly looking like a deer caught in the headlights in all his photos? He's clearly uncomfortable with the setting.
The Real Thing's picture

LMAO at '...snatched to the

LMAO at '...snatched to the lords'. Hahaaaaaaaaaaa---yes Mama Knowles needs to chill on the botox or surgery-whatever it is. Everyone actually looks nice though. Its nice to see Kim wearing a vibrant color for a change. Folks can say what they want but Nelly & Ashanti look nice together. Angela Simmons looks nice but Solange looks FAB!

I absolutely LOVE Solange's

I absolutely LOVE Solange's dress. She looks amazing!
holmesa925's picture

all of the ladies looked

all of the ladies looked AMAZING...i LOVE every look for once!!!
diamond2012's picture

corrupt they all are God

corrupt they all are God please bring justice no obama

Please take your Obama hating

Please take your Obama hating somewhere else. You said what you had to say. Please go..
Iridescent One's picture

First of all "Miss Tina"

First of all "Miss Tina" looks gorgeous ! love her dress she is definitely on the prowl lol.. okay let's break it down kanye totally out dressed kim her dress was too big, her shoes were fabulous, Idk it seems like her look has been off lately.. Angela Simmons could have did better with her hair and assessories other than that she look fab.. Ashanti looked " beautiful" her makeup could have been a little bit lighter on the eyeliner and lipstick and Nelly looked great legal issues at all.. Solange "Went In" she looks flawless
REd™'s picture

Too bad Kim didn't fall from

Too bad Kim didn't fall from those skyscraper heels and break her fuggin neck.
sianna1's picture

Ashanti looks AMAZING!

Ashanti looks AMAZING! Angela Simmons looks gorgeous as well! =)
Beautyfulones's picture

no obama

no obama

Angela and Solange look

Angela and Solange look gorgeous. Kim and Ashanti look terrible. Kanye looks so handsome. Kanye actually outdressed Kim.
TheMrs's picture


NECKLY & WASHYOPANTIES came dressed like they were ready to COMPETE for the MIRROR BALL trophy on DANCING WITH THE STARS!!
tori's picture

Ashanti betta work that red

Ashanti betta work that red carpet, Her and Nelly look like they royalty or some ish lol
25Ken's picture

Wow Tina knowles is soo

Wow Tina knowles is soo beautiful, botox and all. She looks nice. Its nice to see her with Solange for a change. Solange is giving me life in that dress. Ashanti dress looks nice and nelly looks sharp. Kanye looks so handsome. But Kim. NO Ma'am. That dress is all wrong. Sorry.

If Tina don't stop with the

If Tina don't stop with the FACELIFTS and BOTOX she is gonna end up lookin like MAMA ELSA from RHOMiami! She told SO-YAWN to STRAIGHTEN her HAIR or she couldn't go! I'm over KIMYÉ & Ashanti & her DRUG DEALER BF! I think Mrs. Smokey Robinson (Frances) SH!TTED on ALL of em!
tori's picture

Ashanti & Sol look awesome

Ashanti & Sol look awesome and that color is fabulous on Angela with her flawless skin.
Realist's picture

lmao somebody must of ask

lmao somebody must of ask nelly to show his neck don't be mad shanti they told u stop smiling with ur mouth wide open n u listen..as for kandis n kunt looks like shes wearing a pillow under that sheet ..AS looks very generic ..both Knowles look fab unfortunately beys lil sis never takes a good photo unless its directed ... mama T frozen face is giving me life n her fillers look better than kunt
chakacan's picture

Everyone looks good. Kim is

Everyone looks good. Kim is gorgeous and Kanye cleans up nicely, cute couple.
saHTC12's picture

The Nutty Knowles Clan is

The Nutty Knowles Clan is hanging out with Denise Rich which PROVES how EVIL they are (google how CORRUPT this lady really is............) smh
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

ashanti better move on, she

ashanti better move on, she waisting all her good years on Nelly. She gonna end up like Ciara after she dated Fitty... kicked to the curb with a failing career.... so young and beautiful waisting her time on a man that has her tucked away in the "friends zone"
Hilarious's picture

I think you meant the other

I think you meant the other wasting but still funny lol
I Am Anonymous's picture

I don't know what the hell

I don't know what the hell Tasha smokin, talking about "Yes we'll admit that we finally like one of Kanye's picks". UHHHH NUH..... Speak for yourself Boo. That dress is hideous and the fitting is just all kinds of wrong. Anywho.... I wonder did that vagabond Solange relax her hair or is it just flat ironed. Either way, I'm glad she's giving us a break from them Florence from the Jeffersons ass hairdos, because I feel that it was so forced. Whatever.......
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

i agree... that dress is not

i agree... that dress is not a good look for kimye.
Hilarious's picture

tina looks like a witch....

tina looks like a witch.... BIG YAWN for Kimye and that other couple that really aren't a couple.
Hilarious's picture

Hahahahaha...Nutty Tina looks

Hahahahaha...Nutty Tina looks like a Sumo Wrestler....Solange looks like she's TRYING to get a man (to take care of her poor kid...smh) Kim K. looks like a Sociopath. Nelly looks like a reptile
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

@LisaRaye's . . . ~ your

@LisaRaye's . . . ~ your photo is HILARIOUS ~ don't know if that's a pit bull or a baby. LMAO.
GetUrLife's picture

Everybody looks beautiful!

Everybody looks beautiful!
Gabbie's picture

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