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COUPLEDOM: Jordin Sparks & Jason Derulo Get Cuddly At The Movies

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Jordin Sparks and her beau Jason Derulo were seen shopping over at The Grove and hitting the movie theater over weekend. And Jordin says wedding bells could be ringing soon.   See the photos inside....

A fresh faced Jordin Sparks was spotted leaving the movies with boyfriend Jason Derulo yesterday at the Grove in LA.  The twosome were arm and arm trying to avoid the paps, but there's no hiding that smile of Jordin's.  She was in casual mode in black leggings, a black tee and a leather jacket and her colorful sneakers.  And Jason kept it casual and a hoodie and cargo pants.

A few months ago, 22-year-old Jordin helped nurse Jason back to health after his neck injury....and he's looking really good these days.  The Sparkle star also said she hopes Jason, 23, proposes soon.  She told Us Weekly that she and her boo are definitely talking marriage:

"It's not a conversation that we're scared about. Before, we both went through tragedies this year -- he broke his neck and then [Sparkle costar] Whitney [Houston] passed -- so before it might have been a little too crazy."

"You really see the people you love and you go, I don't want to lose you. So, it's a conversation we have, but we're not in a rush."

And about if she'll be thrilled if he popped the question sooner rather than later:

"I hope he does!  It's not happening yet, but I hope so!"

Wedding bells anyone?

Photos via WENN

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Wow ever since I complimented

Wow ever since I complimented her sneakers on this site months ago, she has NOT taken them off...lol
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SweetDarkee's picture

Awww they cute together, I

Awww they cute together, I had my doubts about him for a quick minute though.
Realist's picture

Did anyone see Sparkle?

Did anyone see Sparkle? *crickets*
The Real Thing's picture

Red bones love them some

Red bones love them some brothas!! Can't say the same for dark skinned black women.
LetsGetIt's picture


LEAVE US ALONE. I AM A DARK-SKINNED WOMAN DATING A BLACK MAN. Damn, I am usually cool but if you saw in an earlier post I am having ONE of those kinds of DAYS only to log on here and you again coming at us with your stupid sweeping generalizations. LEAVE US ALONE. At this point NOTHING you say is out of love. There is not one woman I know who IS dating a white man or other race, who would see your comments and stop doing what she's doing -- so why do it? Why are you on here day in and day out? I asked in another post and never received an answer. What do you want? Do you want black women on here to tell you you're right? And then will you feel accomplished? When you typed that comment, what did YOU hope was the outcome? Working on a PhD, one of three black women to have EVER come through my department, fighting to study race and gender all day -- with a BLACK man at home -- I take a step back to relax on this blog and have to deal with your BS. Go AWAY. And you've seen me on other posts, I'm cordial and nice. I never go off. You have taken me to a new place of anger!
Girl's picture

IIIght ill stop damn!!!lollll

IIIght ill stop damn!!!lollll but you know im telling the truth. BLACK WOMEN FOR THE MOST PART IF THEY DARK THEY AINT REALLY INTO A BROTHA WITH MELANIN unless he's a clown, got money, or a thug. Im not saying all THIS DON'T APPLY TO YOU SISTA. Im just telling you what i see from dark skinned women here, THEY LOVE THE WHITE MAN!!OR SOME HIGH YELLOW NEGRO
LetsGetIt's picture


OMG, IT AIN'T THAT SERIOUS!! People have their own PERSONAL PREFERENCE whether its BIG, BLACK, SHORT, FAT, WHITE, YELLOW, RED, RICH, POOR, THUG, NERD, SMART or DUMB! It's not "SLAVE MENTALITY" just a PERSONAL PREFERENCE! As you get older your PREFERNCE tends to change b/c (hopefully) you've MATURED!
tori's picture


Girl's picture


tori's picture

What a contradicting

What a contradicting statement. Brothas love them some Redbones and dark skinned women don't have that issue. When you watch the majority of brotha's music videos do you see dark-skinned women in them????? for example "Puffy, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne...etc
sexybrownpyt's picture

Nahhh nahhh u know im telling

Nahhh nahhh u know im telling the truth black woman!!!!Shit even dark skinned women themselves don't like dark skin SO WHY THE FUCK WOULD THEY SON'S put them in their videos??? EXACTLY!!! ahahahaha. Only time a black woman or a dark chick love dark brothas is if we a thug, successful, or a dope dealer. other than that they aint tryna see em
LetsGetIt's picture

I hope she waits and takes

I hope she waits and takes her time. She is too young for lock down.
TeaNicole's picture

Awww... Isn't that sweet!!

Awww... Isn't that sweet!!
Like Really's picture

They look like a YOUNGER &

They look like a YOUNGER & FITTER version of Tisha Campbell-Martin & Duane Martin. Cute, but EXTRA BORING!
tori's picture

They Actually Look cute

They Actually Look cute together...and he is definitely looking more manly now that he has a good girl on his arms.... though, they definitely should wait a bit before marriage, they definitely look like a strong couple
Grown Man Ish's picture

He's cute-they're cute

He's cute-they're cute together. I bet he's glad to have that big azz brace off his neck too.

Awwwwww.....I am happy for

Awwwwww.....I am happy for them.
Ethel Mertz's picture

they're both young still I

they're both young still I think they should date a bit longer before talking marriage

They have to be in the top 5

They have to be in the top 5 of the most uninteresting couples I have ever seen.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

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