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Nick Cannon Announces "Drumline" SEQUEL + "Real Housewives Of Atlanta" Season 5 SUPERTEASER Is Nuts

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Nick Cannon has announced there will be a sequel to his hit film Drumline.  And...a tv show.  Get the deets inside and watch the "RHOA" supertease....

During a tv rerun of his hit Drumline, Nick Cannon tweeted,

Later, he added, 

As his Nickelodeon movie Rags was such a success,  Nick is creating a lane for directing and producing tv flims in addition to his other projects. Congrats Nick!  A TV version of Drumline though?  Interesting....


In other tv news............

Bravo has released the "RHOA" superteaser and it will leave fans hungry for more.  Though they have a way of teasing a storyline and making you think one thing, when its really another, this season will be explosive for sure.

Some "potential" storylines include Kenya Moore crushing on Apollo (chile....), Gregg trying to get back with NeNe, Phaedra doing pet funerals, Kandi and Kim fighting and someone seems to get married, re-married or maybe it was just an elaborate engagement.

Tune in Sunday, Nov. 4, 9pm ET for the premiere.

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I cannot wait for RHOA! Will

I cannot wait for RHOA! Will you all be watching!?
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tom113's picture

Wasn't Drumline bad enough?!

Wasn't Drumline bad enough?! Not a part 2!
Jernero94's picture

OHHHHH RHOA is going to be a

OHHHHH RHOA is going to be a hot @ss mess!!!! I can't wait lol.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

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RHOA lol.....lol.......lol.....lol......lol... But it just shows you how the half breed nigga apollo can get away WITH ANYTHING with black women!!!!!! And it also show you how they be sharing men KNOWINGLY!!But if apollo was some dark brotha, Phaedra would've tried to put her hands on him. But Phaedra sexy as shitt, Miss Usa use to be sexy but like most black women she tries to look too much like a white woman and it fucks their look up........ Now about drumline.....That movie was iight, it wasn't bad, but those Southern HBCU bands , frat parties and shit . THOSE DAYS ARE OVER... it's soo 90's. I can't take a HBCU seriously anymore... 90's was the shit tho
LetsGetIt's picture

What you said about black

What you said about black women and HBCUs is the most ignorant ish. HBCUs have been around since the 1800s how the heck are they some 90s ish? You either didn't go to college or went and didn't finish because you were too busy partying but suddenly it's the HBCU's fault. You swear you are so knowledgable but all you do is spout trash, ignorance and but mask it as " keeping it real". You are clearly some guy that is struggling with his sexuality and raised without a father in your life to stay on a womens blog antagonizing like some messy mean girl.
Keys's picture

lol well goddamn sista.... I

lol well goddamn sista.... I know when hbcu's originated , and it was founded by jews. But im saying as far as bands and frat parties the shit was at it's peek in the 90's , that's all im saying sista. You aint gotta call me gay and talk about my daddy my sista lol!!!HBCU'S RITE NOW IS A DAMN JOKEEE, now u mite be mad cause u at a hbcu but im just telling it like it is.
LetsGetIt's picture

Here you go again, fool -- I

Here you go again, fool -- I did not attend an HBCU but like I said before I'm currently in an Ivy League Grad program -- of the 25 or so black grad students here that I know (and there are very few of us), I am one of about 3 who did NOT attend an HBCU. There is representation from Howard, PV, Spelman, Morehouse and quite a few others....somehow they managed to make it out of those DAMN JOKES of a school to get to an Ivy League campus so I'm not sure what you mean by damn joke. Because the parties aren't as popping and the bands don't go as hard? You're such a fool. I really tried to like you.
Girl's picture

Drumline 1 was entertaining

Drumline 1 was entertaining and Im game for #2 so bring it on Nick!! Nevermind the miserable souls that troll here. I still cant believe folks tune in to any of those 'wives' shows on purpose.
Realist's picture

this blog is plagued with

this blog is plagued with negative people. Drumline was alright. I just like how they played A&T. Part 2's are most of the time worst. But ill still watch it.
@aggie_princess's picture

Lol.. I'm witcha

Lol.. I'm witcha ya'll...Drumline? bawahaaaaaasaa Boi Stop!!
Like Really's picture

drumline 1 was so bad I went

drumline 1 was so bad I went into labor watching it.

Ummm...Is Nick Cannon PUNKING

Ummm...Is Nick Cannon PUNKING US?? He CAN'T be SERIOUS...Drumline 2?? NOBODY liked the 1st one smh!! That damn KENYA is a MESS! "GONE WITH the WIND FABULOUS...OK!!" Can't wait!
tori's picture

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