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PICTURE PROOF: Chris Brown & Karrueche STILL Chopping It Up....The DAY AFTER Chris Spent The Night With Rihanna

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And the saga of the Young & The Indecisive continues.  Chris Brown was spotted leaving his house an hitting the studio with his "ex"-girlfriend Karrueche Tran Sunday afternoon.  That would be all fine and good...had he not put out a PSA that he broke up Karrueche to get closer to his other ex Rihanna, who he also spent the weekend with.


Check out the pics--plus Chris being nice enough to pass her gas money--inside...

Well isn't this interesting.  The paparazzi cameras caught Karrueche & Chris leaving his home Sunday afternoon -- in separate cars -- and clearly together.  And before you call Chris an ingenuine player...he was gentlemen enough to have his bodyguard pay for Kae’s gas before they drove off to the studio in Burbank:

How sweet.  Kae and her fave Isabel Marant sneakers and oversized baseball jersey got back in her blue Porsche Panamera (that Chris may or may not have bought her) ad followed Breezy to the studio:

Sometimes it's hard to let go. 

Just ask Chris--since he spent the night before (Saturday) at his Qubeey event at a private mansion in Hollywood.  And the twosome (pictured above at the event) were spotted kissing & hugging all night.

Some of us have our pick of the litter it seems....


Pics: FAME

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tom113's picture

This ish is messy.

This ish is messy.
Perhaps's picture

Rihanna is the fool

Rihanna is the fool here,everybody deserves a chance but not a man who beat you to a pulp,the line has already been crossed where chris lost that respect for you the minute he gave you more then a slap Karruche should be left to get on with it,there has been no history of violence so no relationship crime has been commited..Rihanna has the world at her feet and get any guy she wants,unlike Karruche,with Rihannas fame and money she doesnt need to depend on a guy -she needs to find a guy that loves her and only her and one she doesnt have to publicly fight for.
internetbabe's picture

confusing and sad. glad it

confusing and sad. glad it isnt me
shuga's picture

I like Rih but, she is

I like Rih but, she is clearly the fool here. Kae is just a regular girl who lives off CB and unlike Rih does not have her own money to travel the world and live the millionare lifestyle. Seriously, where is she going? Do any of you really believe that she is just gonna want to go back to whatever she was doing before she meet Chris? Of coarse not! This girl will hang on for dear life and even though it's degrading and sad. Given the facts Kae is less likely of the 2 foolish ladies to just want to walk away empty handed. Most people in her "perdicament" would pick being the side girl over sleeping on the sidewalks. Kae is basiclly a Cassie or a Cucubine no different. Rih is the biggest fool of the 2 because unlike Kae she does not have to be a part of this pathetic triangle. This is so low and disrepectful and the whole world is watching you be boo boo the fool! I think Rih's mom was no example to her and she is only doing what she saw her mom do for many years of her early childhood. I wish she would have taken her Gran Dolly's advise she gave to her berfore she died. (Find a man that loves you more than you loves him). Which was really good advise. I am not mad at her for being foolish but I feel rather sad for her. Women like Rih and Whitney Houston just never were taught to value theirselves more. It's just is simply sad to me to see women who have it all, the fame the fortune and the world as their playground but choose to be w/ low class ignorant type men.
Shay's picture

Funny thing, my DAD has

Funny thing, my DAD has always told me the same thing. Find someone that loves you not someone you love because you will always be able to depend on their love and you will grow to love them because of their love for you.
srenitamoore's picture

Your dad is right! Please

Your dad is right! Please take his advise to heart
Shay's picture

Stebie J, Joseline, &

Stebie J, Joseline, & MIMI...im so tired of these love triangles, at the end of the day, yaw making him look like the man while you follow behind him, and allow him to make you guys look stupid, so he throw a little change, and a car and that will make you stay?? sounds like you a lil gold digger, and desperate...mmh i dont feel sorry for anybody in this story, everyone is grown and knows whats about to unfold infront of them, just like the FANS or messy ones see it, broken hearts and shattered dreams...a porsche wont help keep you warm at night, but you can ride around and think about how stupid you are...NEXT
_speak's picture

Gotta a feelin there's going

Gotta a feelin there's going to be a baby coming this way.....the race to see who can lock him down has just begun....
lifeisgood's picture

What a mess!!! Karrueche

What a mess!!! Karrueche looks like a homeless prson she does not know how ot dress to save her life what the heck does she have on???? Rihanna is so darn needy and thirsty in that pic at the club she is stupid too. How many other chicks Chris is banging besides these two dimwits?? I am surprised his schlong has not fallen off by now!!!! LOL!!!!!
sweetpea1989's picture

He's gearing up to ask Rhino

He's gearing up to ask Rhino for a threesome... It's that simple people. Shit, he might even invite Drea too...

Chris is obviously in LOVE

Chris is obviously in LOVE with Rihanna not Karreuche...you can see the chemistry betw him & Rih...if you look in pics with him & Karreuche, that "look" is not there. We see where your heart is Chris, but this is a MESS right here!!
diamond2012's picture

well the two ladies a two

well the two ladies a two things in common, they both love dusty ass chris brown and they both rock skullies
Hilarious's picture

They both look stupid, but

They both look stupid, but RiRi looks even dumber. Kae aint going no where! Chris is her meal ticket and as long as he keeps her ass on speed dial she'll be 100% team Breezy. Why would she leave him alone when he's paying for all her shit. She's young traveling around the world on Chris money. She can find her future husband later, she's just having fun now. And poor RiRi is gonna look stupid because she gonna loose her mind and black out on Chris, but this time he's gonna be the victim and everyone is going to see who the crazy one is. She walking right into a trap and she don't even see it. She need to leave Chris dusty ass alone and let him be with kae. kae has no career or ambition, there's no way I could date Chris Brown and not be trying to do me in the industry. She just want to be a fake ass model like everyone else. oh did you notice the "X" on her shirt? She has no problem being the side chick getting her gas tank filled up. Shit... i aint mad premium gas is expensive
Hilarious's picture

very, very true...we're about

very, very true...we're about to see this all unfold in 3, 2, 1...BOOOOMMM
diamond2012's picture

true story joe torre

true story joe torre
Candace's picture


star's picture

well at least she knows her

well at least she knows her role she is the tired looking .....X
chakacan's picture

Poor girl looks like she

Poor girl looks like she stressing behind his Azz.....and so what he paid for the gas. The least that Nigga can do
star's picture

So what Chris buying her gas.

So what Chris buying her gas. Any guy I'm with gonna do the same and then some.
qtpa2t's picture

Bitch ain't even got gas

Bitch ain't even got gas money??? Fuk outta here!!!
RO's picture

that's why she hangin on.

that's why she hangin on. take her lazy ass to school and get an education.
sunra's picture

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SweetDarkee's picture


LORD FORBID It Being A WOMAN Pulling This Crap! She's Be EVERY Name In The Book...


Classic87's picture

Even if she did want to leave

Even if she did want to leave him alone, she wouldn't cut him off now just for the sake of proving a point. She can't let Rihanna feel like she won. Kae will try her hardest to be the last woman standing. Poor Thang!
DreadfulBeauty's picture

CAUGHT!!! RIRI is not as

CAUGHT!!! RIRI is not as timid as Karate ... O.O this is steebie J at its finest. Papz always are around so this makes it harder to cheat and lie. Hmm I wonder how long this love triangle is going to last..... Bad pic of Karate tho that tattoo on her leg will end up looking like a zigzag zipper after she hit 60
sexybrownpyt's picture

I heard they're sharing

I heard they're sharing custody of him LMAO!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture


star's picture

i heard that too....sooooo

i heard that too....sooooo funny!
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Kae stupid point blank

Kae stupid point blank period. I don't care you still love Chris he embarrassed the hell out of you for his ex. Yes sure he can be telling you him and Riri are friends but that's a ball face lie and you dumb.

Ok we get it, they sharing

Ok we get it, they sharing him and all involved are fine with it. Move tha heck on!! BTW That tattoo on kakaroachie's leg looks stupid AF.
Realist's picture

Listen.........sometimes you

Listen.........sometimes you want Kung Pao Chicken and Goat Roti, okay. You just do. There's nothing you can do about it, hunger is fickle like that.
VagabondSpirit's picture


Hahahahaha............,. *drives to Panda Express*
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

i hate

i hate you!....................LMAO
caribbean_dream_girl's picture




FISTY CHRISSTY is DIRTY (LITERALLY)! I bet RHITARD is eatin them TWEETS she posted the other day (stupid ho)! KAMIKAZE is simply STACKIN her CHIPS & gettin D!CK on the side! #winning!
tori's picture

I'm not sure about that...If

I'm not sure about that...If she was stacking her OWN chips, she would be able to pay for her OWN gas!!!!
Atlanta_Entertainment_Watchdog's picture

Chris BOUGHT that car for

Chris BOUGHT that car for her, and the title is registered in HER name, so she is NO FOOL! Maybe he took her off his BP gas card account or she left her wallet at his house! It seems like she is looking for something in the car.
tori's picture

She already got a car out of

She already got a car out of the deal. Why is she going back?
QueenSafira's picture

If was that dumb to let a guy

If was that dumb to let a guy go back and forth between me and another woman, there's no way that I would let my dumbness be caught on camera to let the world know how dumb I really am. Anywho.... Kerosine legs looks malnourished and her tattoo on the back of her leg looks like an extended varicose vein.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

koszonom nem

koszonom nem

Wow....this sum Bold real

Wow....this sum Bold real ninja wats up Sh!t here!! Katastrophic has officially gone mad!! Hell Both of them shud be on suicidal watch! *shrugs shoulders ..they all crazy!!
Like Really's picture

she looks famished & strung

she looks famished & strung out (is that diarrhea poo running down the back of her right leg) o_O
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

ROTFBOL @ that picture!!!!

ROTFBOL @ that picture!!!!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture


QueenSafira's picture

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