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VIDEO FAB: Ciara Offers Up A SNEAK PEEK For "Got Me Good" Video + T.I. Weezy's "Ball" Vid

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Ciara hit the California desert to shoot her new video for her upcoming single "Got Me Good."  And we've got the sneak peek & behind the scenes action inside.  Check it, plus twerk it to T.I. & Lil Wayne's "Ball" video..

The video doesn't drop until this Thursday (October 25th), but Ciara's offering up a sneak peek into what you can expect.  For her follow up to "Sorry," she's dancing it up in the hot ass desert, but still manages to keep it cute.

CiCi also tapped the 8 Flavahz kid group from "America's Best Dance Crew" to join her in the video. Check out CiCi on the set and giving you what to expect in the video above.


In other video news, T.I. trekked it to New Orleans to film his "Ball" video in Lil Wayne's hood.  And we're not even mad at it:


The track appears on T.I.P.'s Trouble Man album dropping December 18th, and the Mark Klasfeld-directed vid shows 5-0-4 folks dancing it up to the classic N.O. beat on the track.

Don't know about y'all but this track is on repeat around these parts. *Twerking it out like I'm back in N.O.*

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I dont know what it is but

I dont know what it is but ciara does not appeal to me anymore.
Perhaps's picture

I've been over Ci Ci since

I've been over Ci Ci since her "One, Two" step days, and she barely had me then. IDK...she's too inconsistent for me. She fell off, hasn't put out music in years, and expects us to now care. -____- I just don't see it for her. Sorry...

Unlike Rih's song "The Wait

Unlike Rih's song "The Wait is Over "in Ciara's case 'It's Over' her career that is. This was her last chance to get it right and when albums sells are low LA Reid is going to dump her off that label so fast her head will spin.
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this true YBF'er is simply

this true YBF'er is simply showing us Bey-Z's 9 different personalities (nice job Cici).......................
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Do you ^ have any restraining

Do you ^ have any restraining orders out against you?
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LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Chile her album sales are

Chile her album sales are going to be HEE-LA-RIOUS!
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