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Kurupt RELEASES Statement On Natina Reed's DEATH + Natina's Parents, Gabby Union & Blaque REACT To PASSING

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Rapper Kurupt has released a statement about the passing of fellow rapper and Blaque member Natina Reed,  the mother of his son. Read the statement inside and see what Natina's parents, Gabby Union and her former bandmates said.....

Kurupt has released a statement about the death of his child's mother, Natina Reed.  The two share a 10-year-old son named Tren.  He said, 

"Myself and Tren, Natina's son, would like to thank everyone for their love and support during this tragic time. This is a tremendous loss to our family. Natina was a great person and I wish everyone had the opportunity to meet her and know her as I did."


And we told you earlier about Blaque members, Brandi and Shamari, releasing a joint statement about the passing and the ladies also posted messages on Twitter:

Photobucket Photobucket

And Natina's Bring It On co-star Gabby Union said,



And Natina's parents have reached out to fans to ask for more information about what happened.  Her mom, Tamara Goodridge said, "We're not looking to be victims. We're not seeking to be angry, but we do need a resolve."

Her father Paul Reed revealed Natina's cell phone was possibly a contributing factor to her death.  "She was on the phone. She was walking across the street on the phone, and the next thing she's on the floor."

Her mom added, "I'm sure it played a big part in it, so I'm asking anyone who will view this tape to please be conscientious of the cellphones."

Watch the video here.

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So so sad for everyone

So so sad for everyone involved. RIP Natina.
Realist's picture

I hate cell phones. They are

I hate cell phones. They are so distracting. She never knew what hit her. So sad. Pedestrians are distracted by them, then you have drivers that are distracted, texting while driving. Its just too much. Everybody please use common sense. This happens more often than you think.
KENNEDY78's picture

Technology is the DEVIL in

Technology is the DEVIL in sheeps clothing!
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