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President Obama Calls For RED CROSS Donations For DEVASTED SANDY Victims + Updates Roll In About EAST COAST RESTORATION

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It's been a rough few days for the East Coast with the coming & going of Storm Sandy (now labeled a post-Tropical storm mixed with a Nor'easter).  We here at TheYBF.com are based in both DC & New York City, but we have done everything in our power to keep the site rolling to provide a bit of relief with entertainment news in the midst of such a devastating and stressful time.


Check out how President Obama says YOU can help, plus a few positive updates on such an overwhelmingly bad situation....

In a note released today, our President (pictured above getting briefed on Sandy updates this week at the White House) has continued his great efforts of preparing and aiding the affected states as much as possible.  And now, through a letter from his top aide, he's asking for your help:

Our thoughts and prayers this morning are with the families affected by the storm.

It can be gut-wrenching to see the reports of what's happening and feel like you can't do anything to help.

But it's important to remember that you really can: Relief organizations like the American Red Cross are on the ground right now in the communities affected by the storm, and making a financial contribution to those efforts is the most effective way to help those in need.

So, if you'd like to help, please give to the American Red Cross right now:


Soon enough we'll need to get back to work on the most important campaign of our lifetime.

But the most important thing at this moment is that you and your loved ones are staying safe, and that the rest of us do what we can to help speed the recovery.

With the almost depressing amounts of reports that make our situation, affecting NYC, DC, Connecticut, Virginia, West Virginia, feel daunting, there is a bit of good news.


After the subways (pictured above), Wall Street, NY Stock Exchange floor, much of the Jersey coast, major tunnels & interstates around NYC and more completely flooded last night, the water has receded in many places.  The flooded subways & PATH will likely stay shut down throughout the week, according to ABC's live updates, but the major bridges and tunnels of New York have been re-opened this morning by Governor Cuomo.  Bus service in NYC starts back tomorrow in full, according to MTA.


The Manhattan, Williamsburg, GWB, Verrazano & Brooklyn Bridges are now open to traffic.  So is the Lincoln Tunnel.  Water has been pumped from flooded areas of Brooklyn throughout the night.  However, the tunnels on the East side, Holland Tunnel downtown and Midtown Tunnel (pictured above) are still flooded and closed, as well as the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel. 

Many people's homes and streets in the northeast are wrecked with trees and power lines and water, but other roadways in and out of the cities--which is a major accomplishment--are now opening. 

Unfortunately, the entire lower half of Manhattan is still without power since around 7p last night after it was voluntarily shut off by ConEdison.  So is much of New Jersey.  According to first hand reports, much of DC still has its power.  According to news reports, expect another 3-4 days of no power in lower Manhattan.

Stay safe everyone and keep those who have suffered in your thoughts and prayers!



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hooklookping's picture

i really love obama cause he

i really love obama cause he really cares for people

g...that subway shot gave me

g...that subway shot gave me the worse chill...just IMAGINE man.... i couldnt be on chicago subways and see that ...*shivers*

I got sand in my vagina from

I got sand in my vagina from the storm surge *rolls eyes then folds arms*
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

LMAO you are TRULY a mess!

LMAO you are TRULY a mess! Better get a VACCUUM CLEANER & sum MASSENGILL & "Fix Ya Life" Iyanla Vanzant style!
tori's picture

My hometown in Jersey is

My hometown in Jersey is gettin hit with 100mph winds :( Sh!t like this makes me think the world MIGHT be ending soon! Now Natasha when you say "We here at YBF.com are based in both DC & New York City" does that mean that YOU operate at home in DC & your 1 staff member operates from their small walk up in NYC?
tori's picture

Maybe he should call his

Maybe he should call his "GOOD FRIENDS" Bey and Jay to donate. I'm surprised they didn't try to profit off of it yet with a custom line of raft boats or bedazzled raincoats.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Only a country bum could come

Only a country bum could come up with such foolishness in times of disaster. Your comment solidified that you are losing at life, and really have nothing better to do but capitalize off of others misery to advance yourself. You are still a loser at life, sweetie. Have a good day!
marylou's picture

First off, if your name is

First off, if your name is actually Marylou, then you're the real loser at life. Secondly my life is great, now I would like for you to go find the nearest seat and have it. Thanks!!!!!!
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

God bless America and all

God bless America and all involved in this tragedy.

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