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FAMILY REMEMBERS: Kurupt & Son, Blaque & Others Attend Natina Reed's Memorial Service

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Rapper Natina Reed was laid to rest in Lithonia, GA over the weekend.  See photos from the memorial inside....


Rapper Natina Reed was laid to rest over the weekend in Lithonia, GA after being struck by a car.   Natina's former Blaque band member Brandi D. posed with Kurupt at the service to honor her memory.


Rapper Kurupt was seen arriving to the homegoing service for Natina, the mother of his son Tren.  We told you previously that Kurupt also footed the bill for the services. 


Tren--Kurupt & Natina's son together--and Kurupt posed together during the memorial services.





Our condolences go out to Natina's family who are still seeking additional infomation from authorites about the circumstances of Natina's death.


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hooklookping's picture

Kurupt is too old to be

Kurupt is too old to be throwing up gang signs. For all of you who are disturbed by the happy faces at a funeral, don't go to a funeral in New Orleans because it's a home going celebration/party for the deceased.
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tom008's picture

that first photo is left to

that first photo is left to right top to bottom bang out of order #totallyinappropriate
Peace Silas's picture

Totally inappropriate.

Totally inappropriate.
tinytexan's picture

For a minute, I thought it

For a minute, I thought it was a red carpet event! Everyone seems so happy! That's good, but odd.
Happy Lady's picture

I said the same thing even

I said the same thing even the young son is all smiles....I would have been too crushed to pose up and throw gang signs....I guess....Insurance Money puts people at ease.
BlackBarbie818's picture

These pics are little

These pics are little suspect. Do ppl normally cheese this much at funerals?
QueenSafira's picture

Shamari looks like she's

Shamari looks like she's there for fashion purposes and Kurupt looks like he's at a backyard barbecue in honor of The Crips. What the f--k is up with the kool-aid smiles?
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture


Anonymous10's picture

I said something similar, but

I said something similar, but your post is HILARIOUS!!!!!!!
Happy Lady's picture

Surprisingly, not everyone at

Surprisingly, not everyone at funerals are looking sad. Many of them celebrate the life of the deceased because they know that person no longer is held prisoner to this world, but have passed to the next FAR BETTER one. Yes, people grieve, and they grieve in their own way, but I will say the sign Kurupt is throwing is tacky.
Sunflower Jones's picture

There's a difference between

There's a difference between CELEBRATING the dead, and DISRESPECTING the dead! It would be different if Natina died from natural causes, but her time here on Earth was cut short, and there are still some questions surrounding her death! They smiling like someone mysteriously paid off everything they had on lay-a-way smh!
tori's picture

So sad. :(

So sad. :(
Jernero94's picture

Like really...they all look

Like really...they all look camera thirsty more than anything else..smh...RIP Natina!
Like Really's picture

Kurupt? You alright? I agree

Kurupt? You alright? I agree with everyone else but damn. Maybe he had a policy on her.
KENNEDY78's picture

R.I.P. Natina, God Bless.

R.I.P. Natina, God Bless. Lil' man is handsome and my prayers are with him and the rest of her family.
Sky's picture

Can't believe how everyone is

Can't believe how everyone is cheesing for the camera, how tacky.
TeaNicole's picture

Fun Fact: Lithonia, Georgia

Fun Fact: Lithonia, Georgia is the City that the rappers from Outkast.....refer to as "Stankonia", The title of their multi-platinum selling album. ............
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture


Realist's picture

That first pic looks HELLA

That first pic looks HELLA disrespectful. Kurupt throwing up signs like he in the club smh. Everyone grieves differently, I guess...
tori's picture

Totally agree with you, that

Totally agree with you, that first pic it's very disturbing.

I know right? I mean like you

I know right? I mean like you said...everyone grieves differently...but WTF? Throwing up signs while the people next to him are cheesing...so many questions, such little time...
Girl's picture

their son is so cute. a

their son is so cute. a perfect mix of both of them. Rest in Paradise, Natina. look at Das! I used to love me some Das & Korrupt.
shuga's picture

Um, that's Shamari posing

Um, that's Shamari posing with Kurrupt, not Brandi. And still such a sad story. I wish all the best for her little man, though.
MrsCPA's picture

RIP to Natina. I'm not

RIP to Natina. I'm not feeling that first pic though...

God Bless her! She's in a far

God Bless her! She's in a far better place....congrats Natina!
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