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President Obama is the WINNER for the second time!  With 303 electoral college votes (most recent count at time of post), President Barack Obama has been re-elected to President of the United States.


Check out his acceptance speech and what this means for America inside....


Despite Mitt Romney initially "not accepting" the call in Ohio--which gave President Obama the necessary 270 electoral votes to win--he eventually conceded to our current POTUS.

During his acceptance speech, Mr. President fired up the the audience at McCormick Place in Chicago with promises of a united country--whether he earned your vote or not--an equal country, and a fair place for all.





First Lady Michelle Obama, who looked gorge in her Michael Kors dress, joined her hubby on stage with the fab First Daughters Sasha & Malia, before he kicked off his rousing acceptance speech.  And VP Joe Biden & wife Dr. Jill Biden joined them on stage afterwards.

Check out the acceptance speech in full below:



It was a long campaign road.  Congrats to the Obamas on 4 more years! Well done.


Interesting election news you can use:

  • The Democrats grabbed control of the Senate, while Republicans maintained the House.
  • Same-sex marriage was officially voted legal in Maryland, Washington State and Maine.  It was voted down in Missouri.
  • VP candidate Paul Ryan's back-up plan worked--he was re-elected to his House seat for Wisconsin (even though the Romney/Ryan ticket LOST Wisconsin in the Presidential bid)
  • Rep. Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.) is now the first openly gay Senator-elect in US history.
  • Despite his long absence and troubled year, Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. easily won re-election for his House seat in Illinois.
  • Colorado became the first state to legalize marijuana (even without stipulations like medical marijuana licenses).
  • Rep. Todd Akin (the "legitimate rape" fool) lost his bid for a Senate seat from Missouri.  Dem. Senator Claire McCaskill won a second term.
  • There is now a historic number of women in the U.S. Senate as of Tuesday night.  After at least 4 were just elected, it brings the total to 19 (it was 17 before Tuesday).
  • Obama won all battleground states (and is leading in Florida still at time of posting) except North Carolina.
  • The youth vote (18-39) was 60% in favor of Obama, and the demo voted in record setting numbers!


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Congrats President Obama!!!

Congrats President Obama!!! Pres O won even in Romney and Ryan's own states! How embarrassing! Womp Womp. Bye Haters!!! Side note: I wonder how Stacey Dash feels right now?
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

congrats!! Yes We DID

congrats!! Yes We DID Obamaaaaa!
Like Really's picture

Obama/Biden 2012!!! We did

Obama/Biden 2012!!! We did it!!!!
Beautyfulones's picture

Congrats to the Obamas &

Congrats to the Obamas & Bidens!! Never pay too much attention to the Republican media. Better luck next time Mittens.
Realist's picture

Love Love the Obama's but why

Love Love the Obama's but why does the lil one Sasha always have on outfits that is either not cute, or colors that don't match? I understand they try to dress down, to look like they don't spend too much on their clothes, but they need a lil stylist at this point.ASAP! I would dress both girls in the cutest clothes. What's the problem here? Whom ever buy their clothes can do better! Come on THEY ARE THE PRESIDENTS DAUGHTER'S!
Shay's picture

Thank God It's over! I would

Thank God It's over! I would like to thank all the Blacks,Whites, Asians, Native Americans and Latinos that voted! Thanks to the large turn out of Hispanics that pushed us over the top we could not have done this without your support! No offence but w/ the exception to some of the Cubans who are Republicans and just swear they are white! Dominicans, Puerto Ricans, Mexican and the young cubans. We thank you and all the other minorities for enduring the long lines. God bless you all. Florida and their Foolishness needs to stop. They purposely make those lines long to make minorities not vote. Although we did not need Florida we still greatly appeciate you! I hear you @ LisaRaye we both are Floridans I moved away though still come back and forwards though because of family.
Shay's picture

YEH @ LisaRaye Sub---- you

YEH @ LisaRaye Sub---- you are actually on point on this post. I feel like the polls were unorganized on purpose, but it didn't matter bc we ending up winning.
olgurl25's picture

I am so happy, words just

I am so happy, words just cant explain...God knew who was the man for this job, and he showed up, I just have to say a lot of ppl who are Christians didnt vote due to Obama stating that he supports Gay's...but Romney supports rape...who would you rather have run your country, i would add a list more of the ignorant things i have heard, but it doesnt matter anymore, bcuz my president is here to stay.
_speak's picture


POTUS and FLOTUS / VP Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden ~ owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ↑↑↑
GetUrLife's picture

I am so happy. And I loved

I am so happy. And I loved Obama's acceptance speech....it was very touching.
Ethel Mertz's picture

Yes it was very

Yes it was very inspiring!!!!!
MsMidwest's picture

Amen!! I can truly exhale now

Amen!! I can truly exhale now and make my way to DC to witness the inauguration of Prez Obama again--just like I did 4 yrs ago!!! It was close but Obama surprised the Repunks by taking so many battleground states. **Working-class people**, middle-or-upper class and women knew they needed to support a hard-nosed candidate. Not a rich, racist, mormon who does not understand the average man's/woman's plight. Yeah! Four more years with Obama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That lil Sasha is such a doll

That lil Sasha is such a doll baby!
blynne23's picture

I am glad Obama won not gonna

I am glad Obama won not gonna lie I was scared there for a minute that "he who shall not be named" was gonna win! But this election has taught me that racism is alive and well in 2012...don't be fooled. I thought President Obama and Mr. Romney both had great speeches.

Of course racism is alive and

Of course racism is alive and well in 2012 and it aint going anywhere no time soon. A bunch of racist ASSHOLES and they all can lick the crevices of my black ass!!!!
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

What therefore God hath

What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder. Mark 10:9 AMEN!!!

Thank goodness! My long wait

Thank goodness! My long wait in line to vote yesterday was well worth it with this result. President Barack Obama, 2012! Yes!
BlackVesper's picture

Now Romney can go back to his

Now Romney can go back to his great state of Mass-a-too-shyt.
BigJohn's picture

Wasn't worried AT TALL!!!!

Wasn't worried AT TALL!!!!
BigJohn's picture

YEs we can!! OBAMA12

YEs we can!! OBAMA12
nikasosmo0th's picture

Dang Natasha....what took U

Dang Natasha....what took U soo long? I almost started my own BLOG with Zero Pop-Up Ads........Anywho... the media lied and said this was a CLOSE RACE.....but OBAMA destroyed that old George Clooney wanna-be... thanks to 79% of Hispanic Border-Jumpers voting for Obama. 40% of Whites and 95% of Blacks who made sure Obama WON....and MAJOR PROPS to the "Minorities'" in Miami who STOOD in line for 7 Hours last night......way after voting ended!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Exactly, that shit was no

Exactly, that shit was no where near close! It seemed that way in the beginning when they were announcing who won what states as the info was coming in, but after 2 hours of watching CNN you could CLEARLY see where it was going. And yeah props to those who still waited in line. I'm glad I voted early!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

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