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2012 Soul Train Awards: Couple Shorty Da Prince & Paigion Of "106 & Park" BOO'D UP, Lil Mama STEPS Her Game Up, Fantasia's NEW BOD & More


All kinds of surprises hit the red carpet of the 2012 Soul Train Awards last night in Las Vegas.  From "106 & Park" hosts Shorty Da Prince & Paigion finally confirming their couple-status to Lil Mama making a head turning entrance (in a good way) to blasts from the past like Karyn White & Jody Watley


We've got all the red carpet arrivals inside....



Well this explains why they ran a collabo internet campaign to become the newest hosts of BET's "106 & Park."  Shorty Da Prince & Paigion have been a couple for years, as we've learned from sources who have known them at their past job.  And last night, at PH Live at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino at the Awards show, they put their coupledom on display for the first time.

The twosome were boo'd up on the carpet and at the show all night....and made it known they have indeed been a couple for a while.  Interesting.


Paigion, in a contour leather sleeved dress from Zara, kicked it backstage with rapper Lil Mama.  And dare we say it....we had to do a double take!  Chick stepped her game ALL the way up:





Maybe it's the new blonde hair or good makeup (finally) or appropriate grown-up strapless gown she's wearing that's softened her look...but chick looks great.  Mad props to her styling team.  Hope she keeps it up!


Another blonde bombshell last night was Keyshia Cole.  She rocked her ankle strap Charlotte Olympia heels with a little black one-sleeved cut-out Alexander Wang dress.  Nice look for her.


Miguel brought Nazanin Mandi, his long time model girlfriend, along on the carpet with him.


Hey New Edition.


Faith Evans looked fab in a white front slit long sleeved dress with embellished shoulders.  Wish she would have worn sandals to soften the look even more. 


John Legend was flying solo as his fiance Chrissy was off shooting an ad campaign.


Fantasia has been working out extra hard these days.  So she showed off her new bod on the carpet last night.  She could have done without the tights in Vegas and been a little more revealing instead of church lady, but she looks good nonetheless....



The newly engaged "Vampire Diaries" star Kat Graham kept it extra colorful as always in a floral one shoulder dress with a sexy mile-high slit.



Melanie Fiona was on trend with a mini lace white dress from Isabel Marant and a pair of extra hot Versace gold booties.  She paired her look with a vintage eel skin clutch.


Elle Varner kept it chic in a black & white peplum dress.


Ben Vereen looked like he was off to the Big Top.


Ne-Yo was on hand to promote his R.E.D. album.


Luke James kept it dapper in his tailored look and bowtie.


Debra Lee is still pulling from her daughter's closet we see.


Angie Stone has been looking great even years after her stint on "Celebrity Fit Club."  If only she could have chosen a better look for the formal occasion.



Estelle rocked a textured one sleeved black mini dress.  We're not mad at it.


Olympic gold medal swimmer Cullen Jones made his way to the carpet.


Jimmy Jam flew solo on the carpet.


Bill Bellamy brought his wife of over 10 years, Kristen.  Cute couple.


Eric Benet was getting his sexy Prince-like stare on.


Kenny Lattimore was there looking like he doesn't age.



SWV looked fab for the red carpet appearance.  Loving that the ladies are still in the mix.


Alesha Renee tapped into her animalistic mood.


MC Lyte proved she doesn't age either.  Work.


Loving Goapele's chic white jumpsuit.  Perfect metallic belt and shoes to pair.


Elise Neal must have found Toni Braxton's old "Unbreak My Heart" video dress.


Jody Watley is still fierce.


Karyn White is still a diva.  The original "Superwoman" donned a young look for the carpet as she promoted her upcoming comeback album, Carpe Diem.



Anthony Hamilton hit the carpet.


Marsha Ambrosius rocked a leather pencil skirt and cute Varsity jacket for the carpet.


And TGT was 2/3 complete--Tank & Ginuwine hit the STA's but Tyrese was missing.  Looking good fellas.

Pics: Getty

The Randomness:

1.  Halle Berry lost her custody battle to bring Nahla to Paris with her & fiance Olivier.  Nahla wil have to stay in the USA.

2.  Maia Campbell is set to appear on Iyanla's "Fix My Fallen Star" show on OWN soon. STORY





Lil Mama, Keisha Cole,

Lil Mama, Keisha Cole, Geopele, Marsha they look great! Lil Mama is just thin, but great improvement yall, give her an a for her effort. Eric Benet is sexy..but I wished he'd have kept his dreads. I'm disappointed in Fanny...dealing with a woman's hubby...smh!!! There are so many who look great here, but it's way too much.

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tom103's picture

Ever since Lil Mama jumped on

Ever since Lil Mama jumped on the stage w/Joe Camel & Alicia Keys ~ she hasn't been the same. Why are Tank & Ginuwine dressed alike?¿ ~ Unless they're performing on stage together ~ there is no need for two grown men to go to an event dressed like the bopsy twins. Not cute. ▼▼
GetUrLife's picture

Keyshia look

Keyshia look great............Get paid Every Friday by check or direct deposit working from home http://fridaypays.com
Kingbreez's picture

Kat Graham borrowed Diana

Kat Graham borrowed Diana Ross' wig I see. Elise please go back to short hair. Ben Vereen, WTF? Will someone please help Estelle! PLEASE! She looks like someone's grandma! Debra Lee, stay out of your daughters closet.
PacificGirl's picture

Faith Evans, Goapele, Kat

Faith Evans, Goapele, Kat Graham, Keyshia Cole and Melanie Fiona are WORKING the Red Carpet...in exactly that order. Lil Mama has definitely improved her choice in wardrobe, however, she has very strong facial features and must be careful when selecting hairstyles that are "updo's"...either that, or she needs to learn to soften the tone of her face in photographs. No shade, but she's giving a tad bit of Smeagol (Lord of The Rings), here. Love Elle Varner's style, but I wish she would jazz it up a bit (no pun intended!). She's clearly a classy female, but this Stepford Wives look does not add to her youthful edge. There are many other ways to be sexy yet sophisticated! Thank the Lord Fantasia is finally wearing something that compliments her body type!
ParadigmN.Paradise's picture

I could do a drive-by and

I could do a drive-by and snag the hell outta' Karyn's boots...love those!
Carmen CaBoom's picture

Yaaaaaay for Lil'

Yaaaaaay for Lil' Mama...Damn! That's one helluva grand slam and much needed improvement! Who knew?! Now she just needs to make some damn music that sounds worth shit and she'd be on point. She looks fabulous! *high five* I could just lie that damn sexy ass TANK on a plate and just sop his sexy ass up with a honey butter buscuit...umph! *licking the screen* Genuine has lost way too much weight, I'mma pass on him...umph. Marsha...Marsha...Marsha...smh...I just have never been feeling your vibe, your style or your damn sub par/lack luster music. And that look of her's...No, ma'am. Wtf is going on with Elise Neal's face? Aw, hell, she's laid down on some surgeon's table...*blank stare*. Jody, MC Lyte, SWV and Karyn...love those timeless divas! I love the shit outta' CoCo, but they just gon' LET her walk out there with all that extra white concealer all around her eyes like that, huh? Her girls are just WRONG for that...lol! I love her anyway though, too much concealer and all. Angie looks FABULOUS! Eric...Yes, indeed! I can't stand Debra Lee's triple chin ass, she should've kicked rocks barefeet a long time ago...ugly and old fashioned as fuck. She has NEVER been a good component at BET as far as I'm concerned...NEVER. Melanie is just BEAUTIFUL...as usual! Estelle...Lord, have mercy. I just don't have the energy to say what's on my mind about that chick so I'mma move on. Everyone else gets a pass...and I ain't gon' say nothing about Bill and his white wife cause I've always liked him as a person and respected his hustle. His show is funnier than the other comic's shows on tv these days too. Faith looks FABULOUS...as usual! Go 'head, Fantasia...YES!!! I love how Fantasia's coming along, just hope it's not to get that dirty dog Antione (however it's spelled) back. Leave that man whore wherever he's at and make your music evolution, girl! C'mon, Fantasia...Let's go! You've already got the mf'ing bull by the horns! *Love it!* Miguel...*side eye*. New Edition...love 'em and I'mma hand out honorary passes to the whole gang! These pics were great, good job, Natasha! *high five*
Carmen CaBoom's picture



Lil' Mama doesn't look as OLD

Lil' Mama doesn't look as OLD in the face as she usually does! I'm glad Keyshia took that squirrel off her head! Kat's weave actually looks decent! I LOVE Melanie's dress (hint J-Hud) & SUPERHEAD, I mean Elise Neal looks like she going through sumthin serious:/
tori's picture

You noticed that too, huh,

You noticed that too, huh, about Superhead...I mean Elise Neal? lol...Yep, looks like she's going through something alright. Hmmmm...
Carmen CaBoom's picture

Maybe she took that RICK ROSS

Maybe she took that RICK ROSS break-up a lot harder than we thought (UGHHHH)! Then again she used to be 50 Cent's jumpoff too! She MIGHT just be the new SUPERHEAD, the SENIOR CITIZEN version!
tori's picture

Uuuuugh I hate seeing

Uuuuugh I hate seeing pictures for events and everyone looks like they're attending DIFFERENT events! This is ridiculous ... some in oscar-style dresses, some in jeans, see-through shirts that look like they were purchased at Wet Seal....Do events like these have dress codes or is it just assumed people will know how to come? Really, someone who has knowledge of event planning for major events, please fill me in!
Girl's picture

Tank and Ginuwine look good

Tank and Ginuwine look good in their suits..They need to tell Neyo to dress his age instead of like that other homo Usher...Yes Lil Mama & Angie look good but Elise is Hell No...lol
star's picture

Keyshia looks cute! i'm not

Keyshia looks cute! i'm not liking Melanie Fiona's hair these days
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

Jody Watley is Still a

Jody Watley is Still a Thrill, looking as fabulous as ever! Show em how to get the shit right Jody, Love you

Everyone looked great. I am

Everyone looked great. I am not feeling CoCo's makeup at all. Luke's gray shoes has GOT TO GO!! Karyn, Jody and Angie look great! Lil' Mama looks beautiful. Not feeling Marsha's jacket. Debra Lee looks nice, minus the way she's smiling. She tucked in her neck all tight. Keyshia Cole looks beautiful. Not feeling Melanie Fiona's two toned hair. The old school R&B artists need to COME BACK OUT!! PLEASE!!
Iridescent One's picture

Karyn White and Jody Watley

Karyn White and Jody Watley are proof that good black don't crack.
Keys's picture

Lil Mama looked beautiful.

Lil Mama looked beautiful. Very happy to see her finally owning her look. I loved Keyshia Cole whole look too and that is a first for me. Estelle is not pretty but her look was THE SHIT! She looked like a star from head to toe!
Keys's picture

Lil Mama better WERQ!! The

Lil Mama better WERQ!! The blonde updo looks good on her. Also, she is serving that pose in the pic with Paigion. I never really cared for Lil Mama, she's kind of annoying and always missing her mark, fashion wise but she looks FAB here. The following men are shutting it down in the suit department: Luke James, Kenny Lattimore and John Legend. TGT looks a hot lame corny mess. Just because they are a group doesn't mean they have to dress like twins, they could've coordinated in different suits and pulled off the "group look", plus the suites are ill fitting. Their stylist is lazy. Goapele is a radiant beauty in that white, loving it! Angie Stone lost a lot of weight and looks good. Debra Lee looks way too casual. I guess she thinks since she's dealing with "DESTRUCTION OF BLACK PEOPLE!" it don't make no never-mind. *Boondocks*
MasterClass's picture

thought everyone was looking

thought everyone was looking great until the very end....Marsha Ambrosius <--- o_O. Is Little Mama a Puerto Rican? ...............
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

WOW @ Lil Mama; she looks

WOW @ Lil Mama; she looks phenomenal! I like Keyshia Cole's shoes. Miguel is sexy & his girlfriend is very pretty. Ralph Tresvant looks good. Faith looks very nice; she looks sexy 1930's or 1940's & I LOVE it. Wow, John Legend's funny looking self even looks nice. I LOVE Melanie Fiona sandals. Elle looks nice. I like Ben Vereen's sneakers. Debra Lee can NEVER get her look right; she ALWAYS looks a mess but I thinking it may not be her clothes, it's because of how she's funny looking in the face. DANG Angie Stone looks GOOD! NO Estelle. I didn't know Bill Bellamy's wife was NOT Black; interesting. MC Lyte is so slim. This is my 1st time EVER seeing Elise Neal look good. I like Jody Watley's dress. I LOVE Karyn white's boots & her whole outfit but I did not know she has no booty & I hate that she closed her gap. Anthony Hamilton is looking too sexy. Marsha Ambrosius face looks pretty.
I_love_laughing's picture

I believe Bill Bellamy's wife

I believe Bill Bellamy's wife is biracial and yes Lil Mama looks stunning. Now for that name change.......
IAmCoolBreeze's picture

Wow go ahead liil mama, nice

Wow go ahead liil mama, nice turnaround fashionwise!! Jody Watley & Karyn White are STILL fierce. Kenny Lattimore had the best suit of all the men, he needs to give John Legend some tips to lose the tight sleeves, such a turn off. Didnt quite get Mrs Bellamy's outfit. Faith Hill shouldve borrowed Goapele's shoes. Huge Melonie Fiona fan but still waiting for her to lose that unflattering hair. Proud of Angie Stone keeping the weight off even if she was wrong on the RC. swooons@Luke James. Is it me or does Eric Benet look sick in the face?
Realist's picture

Faith Hill? Wrong person

Faith Hill? Wrong person boo.
IAmCoolBreeze's picture

Everyone looks great! And

Everyone looks great! And glad you told them, Ms. Thang...Ms. Watley in the purple and Ms. White in the black. They look amazing!!
Zetagirl's picture

Lil Mama really brought her A

Lil Mama really brought her A game with this look, even though she look like she's attending the Oscar's instead of The Soulless Train Awards, Fantasia looks like she was going for the Shirley Ceasar look, I had to do a double take at Elise Neal because I thought she was Supa Head, CoCo needs to get that flour from beneath her eyes, Kenny Lattimore look as zesty as ever, Debra Lee looks like a butch, and message to Tasha, Karyn White is not in the purple gown, that's Jody Watley. You're getting the white man syndrome when they say that all black people look alike. Get yo life Tasha (just playing) LOL.....
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

You are hilarious! "Shirley

You are hilarious! "Shirley Ceasar look"? Lol. I was thinking maybe she's toning everything down since she just had a baby but then again she already had Zion so idk why she came looking so churchy.
IAmCoolBreeze's picture

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