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BABY ON THE WAY! TJ Holmes & Wife Marilee "So Excited" About January Due Date

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BET's newest late night host, TJ Holmes, has plenty of big news to share these days.  After debuting his own show, "Don't Sleep," last month, he's got a growing family...and a growing show on the way.


Deets inside...

He's the cutie who took his political & news anchoring talents from CNN to BET to host his own show.  Now, the 35-year-old journalist is set to welcome a brand new baby with his wife of 2 years, Marilee. (Nice ring.)

TJ made the sweet announcement on "The Wendy Show" recently.  And he exclusively told TheYBF.com just how excited he & his attorney wife are while preparing for the little one's arrival.  He gushed to us:

"Marilee and I will welcome our first child in a couple of months.  We have had two blessed years of marriage, and now, we are so excited to grow our family."

Their bundle of joy is due January 2013.


And that's not the only big news.  We've learned that TJ's new late night comedic, yet informative political news show "Don't Sleep" (which is pretty good by the way), is getting a makeover. 

Starting November 19th, the BET show will be extended to 1 hour and will air weekly.  Every Wednesday at 11p EST, TJ will be offering up informative comprehensive segments with celebrity guests and news that matters.



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Beautiful couple!!!!!!

Beautiful couple!!!!!!
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Many, Pretty Hispanic babies

Many, Pretty Hispanic babies to come I'm sure. She really landed herself a good black man.
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

He is so

He is so FINEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am GLAD he is with a Black woman!!!! Thank the LORD I would have passed OUT if he married a white woman- just sayin!!!!
BlackBarbie818's picture

I absolutely adore this man

I absolutely adore this man and his intelligence. His wife is beautiful and I'm sure the baby will be gorgeous!!
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Congrats to TJ and his wife

Congrats to TJ and his wife on their blessing, and who cares about what race she is, as long as she's a good woman to him and he loves her, that's all it matters! Get off this race BS and congratulate them on their growing family, JESUS CHRIST!

Congratulations to TJ and his

Congratulations to TJ and his beautiful wife. He is an intelligent and insightful young man and his show is refreshing.
Taj's picture

I'm so happy for them, May

I'm so happy for them, May God continue to bless them. Love his show!!
MarshayH's picture

You silly black girls are

You silly black girls are pathetic. You just HAVE to be controversial and insulting. That is a black man married to a black woman who is from Africa on top of that. Some of your lives must be really empty to find something negative or insulting to say about even the most joyous moments.
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Kingbreez's picture

Congrats to TJ & his lovely

Congrats to TJ & his lovely wife, & keep bringing it on 'Dont Sleep' love that show.
Realist's picture

She's a beautiful Latina

She's a beautiful Latina Woman. The good black men always marry Spanish Women (at least the baby will have good hair and be able to speak 2 languages fluently)
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture


LisaRaye's Subconsciousness...we know you live/have lived in South Florida and all (i.e., "Hispanic Haven") so we'll excuse your lack of knowledge (ignorance) just this once. Marilee Fiebig-Holmes is not Latina. She was born and raised in the former French colony (French Congo) that is now referred to as the Republic of Congo, following indepence from France in the 1960s. She is of Afro-French descent, not Spanish.
ParadigmN.Paradise's picture

she's heavily mixed...because

she's heavily mixed...because i've seen people from the Congo and they are BLACK as TAR with Nappy Hair. ................,,,,
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

"...and they are BLACK as TAR

"...and they are BLACK as TAR with Nappy Hair" Girl that wasn't the Congolese, that was @Kai & her BLUE/BLACK TRIBE! She's a PROFESSIONAL CYBER STALKER!
tori's picture

She's actually from the

She's actually from the Congo. But you may be correct with the bilingual path since the Congo is a French speaking country.

U really said that....Damn U

U really said that....Damn U love controversy....LOL
star's picture

She's an Immigration Lawyer

She's an Immigration Lawyer too....(I guarantee HER KIDS will behave at Walmart!!!!)
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Whatev...Im just happy this

Whatev...Im just happy this fine smart brother is Not gay!
star's picture

Beautiful photos of TJ Holmes

Beautiful photos of TJ Holmes and his wife. These two are destined to have one gorgeous (and hopefully healthy) baby! All the best to them with their expectant bundle of joy...
ParadigmN.Paradise's picture

Congratulations to Mr. and

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Holmes! I am so glad that BET hired TJ Holmes! His late night show is very informative and promotes the progression of blacks' intelligence. This is what Black Entertainment Television is all about!
C2C's picture

I'm happy for

I'm happy for them....Yaaaay!!!
Carmen CaBoom's picture

I saw him announce the BIG

I saw him announce the BIG NEWS on the Wendy show last week, he is gorgeous & smart & so is his wife! Can't believe Chilli dumped him smh :/
tori's picture


Kai's picture

How about I pay you some rent

How about I pay you some rent money since I'm CLEARLY occupying the little bit of space you have left in that DIPSH!T brain of yours! Be sure to save that money for BLACK FRIDAY so you can shop around for some F#CKS on clearance because I seem to have RUN OUT out of giving them..STALKER!! #dumba$$
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Lmao Lmao.....hate Rihanna

Lmao Lmao.....hate Rihanna but stole her line....." run out of fawks to give" girl bye and while your at it pick up a box of creativity cus clearly you are incapable of coming up with your own original ish. . Ho get ready this is gonna be a long and bumpy ride.
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ITS MY STALKER!!! Now ur OBSESSED a$$ know I do not listen to that TRASHY TONE DEAF HO, and I'm certain she was NOT the first person to say she don't give a f*ck SIMP! Maybe in that little DELUSIONAL world you live in you think that RHITARD write HER OWN SH!T, but in the REAL WORLD, that b!tch can't even SPELL HER NAME, let along WRITE her OWN music! CHECKMATE B!TCH! STOP STALKING ME...IT'S SO THIRRRSTY & THE WELL HAS RUN DRY!! A$$HOLE...NOSEPICKER...OBSESSIVE...LUNATIC TARD!
tori's picture

Good for them.....He's so

Good for them.....He's so handsome...Love his show and his smile.
star's picture

Congrats to them. Its a shame

Congrats to them. Its a shame that decent, qualified low-key truly YBF'ers like these don't get more press. I hope his show blows up & I wish them the best with their new baby!

Black men that love black

Black men that love black women makes me so proud. I wish them the best. And she is beautiful and gosh his eyes are wonderfully beautiful.
Lifeatbest's picture

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