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Nicki Minaj Hits Up "106 & Park" To Drop "Freedom" Video + Jada Pinkett Gets GLAM For The Doc


Nicki Minaj put on her high-waisted pants and platform heels to roll over to "106 & Park" today to unveil her newest video, Freedom.  Check out the pop-rapper chillin' with the hosts, plus what Jada Pinkett Smith wears to the doctor's office


To celebrate today's drop date of her new album Pink Friday : Roman Reloaded--The ReUp, Nicki Minaj put on her best ice cream cone bra and skinny pants to bring some new ish to her fans at BET.

In addition to pubbing the re-up, she brought her Colin Tilley-directed video for "Freedom," which appears on the album of course.  It's part black-and-white and part color, and she shot it while working in England.  She told the crowd:

“I wanted it to feel timeless and classic, so it was important that we established a very intense backdrop for all of the setups.”

More pics from her appearance:



And check out the vid below of Nicki rocking her "Freedom":


Over in L.A., Jada Pinkett Smith showed us how the rich & fabulous hit up their check ups at the doctor's office:

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Rocking a fur trimmed sleeveless overcoat and printed leggings and lace up booties, chick looked like she was hitting a red carpet, or one of her hubby's cronies from Men In Black 4.

Must be nice to get glammed up for the docs.  Gotta love it...

Pics: Pacific Coast News/Getty



Nicki and her sticks...LOL

Nicki and her sticks...LOL She looks beautiful though!
diamond2012's picture

I need/want that jacket in my

I need/want that jacket in my life¡! ~ Go Jada!¡
GetUrLife's picture

there's a reason why NM

there's a reason why NM always wears high waisted pants/shorts/bikinis. I wonder what it is. Something must be wrong with her abdomen.
shuga's picture

She's shown her tummy in a

She's shown her tummy in a few vids.... Nothing wrong with her stomach. However, wearing anything on your waist accentuates your butt and makes it look bigger, hence her huge hindquarters. Her butt isn't really that big. She knows how to wear her clothes for it to appear bigger.

nah. i noticed all her

nah. i noticed all her videos have her in high waisted clothing even bikinis. something aint right. well we already know a lot of things aint right but something ELSE is suspect too. I already know the ass is fake because she didnt have it in the pictures of her as a teenager on the E! true hollywood story.
shuga's picture

Her butt isn't really that

Her butt isn't really that big? She had it augmented to be just that and it's not hard to see...in her videos, on the red carpet, wherever. And that's with or without the magic of clothes.
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hooklookping's picture

Nikki is sickening. How can

Nikki is sickening. How can her neck and her waist almost be the same size??? Somebody get this chick a Gatorade cuz she is extremely thirsty. Can't wait until she goes away. Jada looks fab but unfortunately I'm not digging her either.
Ethel Mertz's picture

I am not a huge fan of Nicki.

I am not a huge fan of Nicki. But, it's ridiculous people are still commenting on her looks and talents..Nicki isn't changing and that's been established. Let her do her thing for her fans. These artist with the most hate (Rihanna, Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Chris Brown, Nicki minaj, LiL Kim) aren't doing their thing for you all obviously. Keep it pumping, they're doing something right for those who enjoy them. Immaturity is a epidemic in this society. The obvious tale is, everyone wasn't crafted with you in mind.
marylou's picture

And the posters here were not

And the posters here were not crafted with YOU in mind. So let them do their thing.
Ethel Mertz's picture

Sweetie, it's a difference in

Sweetie, it's a difference in being a jealous, immature loser and addressing them. So, if letting you be the previous adjectives makes you happy, do you! I will still say, you need to get your life and stop being angry because you're losing. You're losing at life, you have no credentials, and you're angry on a blog. Who does that, Ms.Ethel Mertz? Next>>>
marylou's picture

You are one corny bit*h.

You are one corny bit*h.
Ethel Mertz's picture

Hey Ethel Plz let me...Look

Hey Ethel Plz let me...Look SWEETIE u are not a fucking rhode scholar of anything but u are the quintessential example of a wanna be with insights that lead me to believe that you're nothing more than a ugly, torn, broke, insecure azz BiSH that's ANGRY at a GOSSIP site like the pathetic snot face of a rag muffin u are!! Now those are ur adjectives bcuz people with shit and about that life don't tell or assume what others got unless they have nothing themselves!! The only way one cud relate or entertain ur rambling anacoluthic BS of a commentary wud to first believe u are LITERATE enough get that, However calling u just plain RETARDED wud be a dam compliment so I WON'T!!! Next time u decide to hop on this BLOG Mary Coo Coo reach as far as u can up that spandex tight azz of yours and pull out some communication skills or STFU indefinitely!!!!!!
Like Really's picture

And you just proved mary's

And you just proved mary's point! LOL! Angry on a muthafuckin blog!
I Am Anonymous's picture

How about u not jumping on

How about u not jumping on that illiterate bandwagon... Now go get someone that can comprehend to read it slow and out loud for u then maybe u'll understand the difference between being Angry with an opinion rather than a site! U see that's what a Gossip site is..its just an opinion about Celebs which Coo Coo didn't do, so why take the shit so personal Or even bother coming just SCAT like u shud try doin regarding my reply button!!! *thirsty azz) Anyhoo Don't come for the entire post on that tip bcuz Its open game!! Now I don't have a problem with u nor that anonymous remark so let's keep it nice!! Okay...Thks!! Smhlol
Like Really's picture

ROTFLMAO!!!! Calm the fuck

ROTFLMAO!!!! Calm the fuck down. You're getting Like Hysterical over nothing. CTFU! ADHD?
I Am Anonymous's picture

HeHe Hell...Unlike Celebs I

HeHe Hell...Unlike Celebs I dont need ratings to feel validated, so once u start throwin opinions about me..Sh!t a ten foot pole cudnt stop the tongue lashing I got for ya!! LoL...
Like Really's picture

BaHa....this thang think she

BaHa....this thang think she look good with that stank load propped on those dam chicken legs!! Girl Bye!!!! Smdhlol...ugh
Like Really's picture

stank load??? lmao!!!

stank load??? lmao!!!
Ethel Mertz's picture

She is so damn deformed and

She is so damn deformed and the way that she flaunts it, makes me believe that she doesn't even notice.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Somebody tell this bitch she

Somebody tell this bitch she looks dumb as all fucking hell!
missbliss's picture

I actually like Nicki with

I actually like Nicki with this Short Wig.
star's picture

The white guy in the 3rd pic

The white guy in the 3rd pic wagging his TONGUE starin at Nicki's a$$ is too FUNNY! Jada looks like she hasn't slept in MONTHS!
tori's picture

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