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Nicki Minaj Pops Off On The Breakfast Club For Not Playing Her Music...And Having The Wrong Turkey Bacon

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As she makes her rounds to promote Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded-The ReUp and her Pink Friday perfume, Nicki Minaj stopped by The Breakfast Club to shoot the ish with the crew. And brought her attitude with her. Check out what she had to say about why she still couldn't get her way as Exec. Producer for her E! show, why she's mad at NYC radio and more...

Interesting parts of Nicki's interview you may (or may not) care about:

  • Nicki revealed this ReUp album is hard to get because many retailers--like Target & Walmart--aren't carrying it All because her previous re-release(s) didn't sell well so they didn't want to take the risk. Damn.
  • While she is Executive Producer of her 3-part E! reality series, she didn't have full control over which scenes were in there since "they" had their own agenda on how they wanted to make her look.
  • She was pissed Charlamagne didn't have the correct extra crispy turkey bacon she loves.
  • She called her own team wack for not giving her necessary info like "The View" was taping live the day she was 15 minutes late for the taping.
  • She's signed two artists to her own label already.
  • Nicki says she's not a violent person and she doesn't promote violence (oh?) so no, she didn't want to smack the ish out of Mariah Carey on "Idol" nor did she ever threaten her with a gun.
  • She also said she was "joking" about wanting to do a duet with MiMi. Oh.
  • Nicki popped off on the Club for not playing her lesser known music and accused them of not supporting her. Sigh.
  • She spent some of the interview multi-tasking and checking her phone while chatting.
  • She gave out Turkeys back in Queens at her elementary school.
  • Nicki popped off a few times on the co-hosts for being unprepared and not watching her new videos, so she got a little pissy.  And got mad they don't know anything about the "Freedom" video.  "I'm going to start holding you all to a certain standard...I'm not here for your entertainment, I'm here to talk about what you know I'm here to talk about.  you all on here on the radio in my hometown."  And yeah, she did threaten to walk out.  It was slightly just jokes--but she def was a little pissy. SMH.
  • Her fave sex position is being on top.  Obvi.

I guess anyone who just doesn't like her non-radio singles is a hater--as Nicki said.  It can't be the fact they're just not feeling her music.  Chick's different personalities were on full display today.  Check it below:


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Ewww! She wasted alot of

Ewww! She wasted alot of promo time attempting to disrespect the breakfast club. Instead she could have answer the questions, and kept it moving. Maybe she didnt buy the perfume because she didnt like it, maybe they didnt watch the video...because they didnt like it. Instead of finding something to complain about...which would turn people away from your product, instead use this opportunity to sell. JUSTSAYIN

I see the circus GPS still

I see the circus GPS still hasnt picked up this fool yet.
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She's a music artist, and she

She's a music artist, and she wanted to get her MUSIC played on the RADIO station. . . she didn't want to talk about who she fukkin, how she fukkin, what she eats, who she fought, and she definitely didn't want to have tea and gossip, as a MUSIC artist she gets the right to go to the station and act a fool when she wants her music played. . . and as usual the bitter black byches is on here hating instead of adding anything of value to society. . . . YES NICKI let em have it. Haters have a seat.
iLaugh's picture

NICKY GURRL, just give us a

NICKY GURRL, just give us a PINK FRIDAY:ROMAN RETIRED release date & put us out of our misery!
tori's picture

Oh My Goooodd!! I don't

Oh My Goooodd!! I don't care!!! Please stop posting info about this over exaggerated lady. I am soooo sick of her.
Didshesaythat's picture


NICKI MINAJ IS A BONEIFIED BITCH!!! She only been in the game a couple of years and shes a major DIVA....Have a seat!!!

This interview is something

This interview is something else..Nicki is right about the fact that the Breakfast Club should know her music, videos and projects because they are employees at a radio station in New York that is interviewing her. I do believe Nicki has a divalicious attitude and the way she talks to people comes across very rude but I love her nonetheless. Angela scared of Nicki!!
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This girl is so sad she sound

This girl is so sad she sound stupid,and she looks horrible,trying to gain respect,after she got on national tv and made her self look like a fool. Wendy tried to make her look better last night.and she know these people is not gone to play her music,just sad is all i have to say...

Im kind of on Nicki's side,

Im kind of on Nicki's side, and I cant stand this bitch half the time
Mieshalove's picture

bet they wouldve had that

bet they wouldve had that bacon for Mariah...lol. gotta earn your respect and pay your dues Nicki. it dont come easy, no matter what lil wayne pumps in your head.
shuga's picture


JESSSSSUUUUUUS CHRIST! This is so boring. Am I getting too old or is this not the most boring thing you've ever seen/heard? I love Nicki Minaj, but she is running the whole show and not one of these people is trying to challenge her. BOOM BYE. I'm bored. Zzzzzzz...

Nicki, Instead of telling the

Nicki, Instead of telling the radio station to do better, you do better. Don't blame them for not watching or playing that bullshit you call music. Your fanbase are impressionable teenagers and they'll buy anything. YOU SUCK....... The End!!!!!!!!!!!
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture


LOOOOOOOOOOOL at this old heffa. Get an education and STFU.
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