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Rocsi Diaz Rocks GOODBYE NEW YORK Pynk Magazine Photoshoot, Talks Celebrity Friends & Advice For Women In The Biz

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Rocsi Diaz is done with BET and has moved to L.A. for her new "Entertainment Tonight" gig.  So she shot a fab spread for PYNK magazine with a "Goodbye New York" theme. 


Check it inside, plus her advice for women trying to make it in this industry....



She loves Louboutins (obvi), says she originally wanted to be a whale trainer, and is extra excited about her new position over at "Entertainment Tonight."  So Hondurian-born Rocsi Diaz rocked a photoshoot around New York City in spots that a so NY...all in a bid to say goodbye to the city she lived in for years while hosting "106 & Park."

Highlights from her interview:

You have moved on from BET. How do you feel?
I am very excited because BET was a great chapter in my life and I loved every minute of it, but I am looking forward to the next chapter.

Did you always want a career in entertainment?
No - not at all. Every little girl dreams about being an actress one day or something like that but I was the complete opposite. I wanted to be a whale trainer and swim with them and everything. It wasn’t until college that I became interested in entertainment and radio.

What can people expect from Rocsi in the future?

There are a lot of things going on, I am writing a script. I have the first one done and I am so excited.

What drives you?

My desire to be successful and be able to support my family - and also make a mark in this industry. That is what drives me.

In 10 years, where do you see yourself?

Honestly, I see myself being very successful and I plan on having a family one day while continually working.

What’s on your bucket list?

More traveling, having my own star on the Walk of Fame and winning an Emmy or an Oscar.

To date, what is your favorite on screen moment?

I have a big crush on Lenny Kravitz. On 106 & Park, he gave me a shout out on video for my birthday. I was really touched.

Favorite celebrity interview?

Madonna - there is no need to explain that.

Who are some of your mentors in the industry, or just successful women you look up to?

The number one person I look up to is my mother - she has always been my role model and supporter. As far as women in the industry, there are strong women like Jennifer Lopez, Lauren Whitaker, and Tyra Banks that I admire.

In terms of advice for young women who want a career in entertainment, what can you offer them?

Know what you are getting yourself into, have a thick skin, and be prepared that someone will judge you for being a woman. Make sure you know your craft well and do not let anyone second guess your work.

Is there anyone in the industry you are really close to?

Throughout the years, I have been able to become friends with a lot of people in the industry like Lala Anthony, Gabrielle Union, Tyrese, and Ludacris. They were my friends from my radio days before BET.

Let’s talk about love and relationships. Do you think it is harder to date men in the industry or a regular guy?

Both have advantages and disadvantages. Some people want to date someone in the industry because that person will understand the day-to- day. Sometimes, you might want a regular guy because it will help maintain a certain sense of privacy. To each her own, really.

Do you think it’s hard to date when you’re a celebrity?

I think guys will be intimidated when you are in this industry. So for me it is very hard.

How would you describe your style?

My style is casual chic, I like to pair jeans and t-shirts with amazing heels. If I am attending a special event, I like to keep it very lady-like.

Who’s your favorite shoe designer?

Christian Louboutin.

Where are your favorite places to shop?

I shop a lot at Intermix. Shopbop.com is one of my favorite online shopping sites.


More pics from the shoot:

Photobucket Photobucket

Gorgeous looks for her...even that yellow lipstick.



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She looks great in those

She looks great in those pics, but isn't she doing like one day a week on Entertainment Tonight? Well I guess anything is a step up from 106 and Park, so good for her!
lucky80's picture

How tall is she? Her legs

How tall is she? Her legs look thick and stumpy as hell. Never liked that girl, she'll fvck anyone to get her a little more camera time. She's a tired ho, when is she going to be irrelevant. I'm done.
commonsense's picture

Rocsi looks like a BARBIE

Rocsi looks like a BARBIE DOLL...a THURRRSTY BARBIE DOLL...but still a barbie doll nonetheless!
tori's picture

She looks too cute!

She looks too cute!
Supermodel01's picture

This kneescraper's hair looks

This kneescraper's hair looks nice in the 2nd pic.
GetUrLife's picture

Some of ya'll have no class.

Some of ya'll have no class. You on here talking about Bj's like you know this woman personally..You people are so gullible you'll believe any and everything these days..Anyways Congrats to her for continuing to do something with her life.

idk....but she looks amazing

idk....but she looks amazing for her age...get em rosci!!! DRAYAUNCUTT.COM

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hooklookping's picture

think she is a non factor,

think she is a non factor, she is a generic host, really nothing special. Like the pics.
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tom100's picture

She seems like the kind of

She seems like the kind of person that can easily fade into obscurity..I know she is thankful she got this gig...smh
BEEMA's picture

She's a carbon copy of the

She's a carbon copy of the women they've already had on E of her... "descent".... #quotafilled
Sincerely WF's picture

She looks nice. In the cab

She looks nice. In the cab shot, she looks like C. Milian. I haven't seen her on Entertainment Tonight, but I hope that she does well.
Ethel Mertz's picture

Advice for Women in the biz?

Advice for Women in the biz? Keep your legs closed to Eddie Murphy.
zaza's picture

There are more than one shoe

There are more than one shoe designer. I dont get why every ethnic girl likes the same one. Its over rated and quite easy to purchase. It was the same thing when everyone found out they could afford Coach.#getyourshoegametogether
Mieshalove's picture

congrats to Rocsi and I do

congrats to Rocsi and I do love that pink skirt along with that black/green dress and those heels!! I honestly never thought she would win the VJ competition let alone make it this far so congrats to her! I thought she was done after Terrance clowned her on camera that time. you just never know.
shuga's picture

Rocsi is horrible on

Rocsi is horrible on Entertainment Tonight. She seems uncomfortable in front of the camera, which is weird since she has been on BET for years.
Capital Cutie's picture

she must give out blowjobs

she must give out blowjobs during job interviews or something...............
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

if it was that easy then

if it was that easy then everybody would be successful. its chix out here going hard to get their $125 light bill paid so if all it took to get a hosting job was the head game then a lot more people would be on tv.
shuga's picture

Not everyone is as pretty as

Not everyone is as pretty as she is either (i'm sure getting a BJ from her is better than an average chick).....i give her credit for going out there getting the work but she's almost as annoying as Cray Bey Knowles
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Damn bitch, you still don't

Damn bitch, you still don't have a job and make money like Bey! You just took the shine from poor Rocsi and gave it to my Bey Bey. I know you can't help it because you are a fan and you know BEY is #1. You seriously need a job. Kim K is treating you like a joke, a peasant. LOL

Actually, I don't need a job

Actually, I don't need a job (that's why i have endless FREE TIME) Perhaps YOU NEED MONEY & ANY JOB available since BOTH seem to be on your mind constantly *waves finger in your face then rolls eyes* ...........
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

*Chops your finger off and

*Chops your finger off and bash your head into the wall* Bitch who sits around and don't have to work now-a-days....unless you married up the ladder.
Classic87's picture

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