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KC CHIEFS Linebacker Jovan Belcher KILLS Girlfriend Then COMMITS Suicide (UPDATE)

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In the early hours of the morning, Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher reportedly murdered his girlfriend Kasandra Perkins and later turned the gun on himself. Read more about the murder/suicide inside....


25-year-old Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher put a bullet in his head this morning, only minutes after killing his 22-year-old girlfriend Kasandra Perkins.


The Kansas City Star reports that Jovan got into a heated argument with Kasandra around 7:50am stemming from her arriving home at 1am following a Trey Songz concert.  During the fight, he shot Kasandra multiple times.  Jovan's mother, who lives with the couple and was helping with their couple's 2-month-old daughter, witnessed the shooting and called police.

A neighbor, Kayetta Grant, said, “I was cooking breakfast when I heard a pop or a boom, and I thought it was something that fell over in my house. Then I saw a Bentley speed around the corner.”

Jovan then got in his car and made a short drive to the Chiefs' practice facility at Arrowhead Stadium, where he later shot himself in front of his head Coach Romeo Crennel and General Manager Scott Pioli.  Police were called to the stadium around 8:10am and had already learned of Kasandra's mother death.

Police Capt. David Lindaman said Jovan "... had a conversation with Scott Pioli. There was no threat and it was quite friendly, from what I understand. The Chiefs organization had been very supportive of him and he was expressing that.”  His last words were "I love you."

Chiefs owner Clark Hunt later released the following statement:

“The entire Chiefs family is deeply saddened by today’s events, and our collective hearts are heavy with sympathy, thoughts and prayers for the families and friends affected by this unthinkable tragedy. We sincerely appreciate the expressions of sympathy and support we have received from so many in the Kansas City and NFL communities, and ask for continued prayers for the loved ones of those impacted.

We will continue to fully cooperate with the authorities and work to ensure that the approporiate counseling resources are available to all members of the organization.”

Surprisingly, Kasandra's family said they were shocked by this morning's tragic events because the couple seemed so happy since the birth of their daughter two months ago.   One relative said, “He was happy, he was fine, he was great. We were just cracking jokes and carrying on like we always do. I don’t know what happened. He’s the last guy you’d think that could be capable of doing something like this. We don’t know how to feel.”

Oddly, this is the second murder-suicide the Chiefs have dealt with in the past four months. Luis Angel Roberson Rodriquez, part of the team’s stadium operations department, killed himself after shooting his girlfriend Jamie Kristine Kimble near the Tampa International Airport on Labor Day. SMH.

We'll keep you posted as more infomation emerges...

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I can't take selfish people.

I can't take selfish people. I know Depression is big. But if you are goin to kill yourself then KILL YOURSELF! Leave you wife/gf/husband/bf/family alone. And this victim blaming need to stop. She had nothing to do with HIS decision to kill her. This fool pulled the trigger 9 times. That is uncontrolled rage. Not due to a concussion.
QueenSafira's picture

We all can speculate on the

We all can speculate on the reason Jovan did what he did, one thing is sure...there was something unbalanced in his brain before that tragic morning...I pray for the baby...not easy growing up without your parents...talking from experience.
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tom100's picture

This is why I don't want my

This is why I don't want my son playing football, boxing, or any other hard contact sport. Many of these players have undiagnosed head trauma and disorders that causes them to snap all of sudden. Not to mention they might be on steroids and doing other things just to stay fit and competitive. No money in the world is worth losing your mind or life over.
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I know its just a blog n' all

I know its just a blog n' all and it might not be ur Fam but some of the comments posted are str8t wildin' out..I mean Like Really!...smh RIP...
Like Really's picture

So very unnecessary and

So very unnecessary and tragic. I feel for the 2 month old baby girl who lost both of her parents because of a preventable selfish act. It just goes to show you that you never really know what people are capable of these days. People will do anything when their back is against the wall and they feel like they have nothing to lose. It's sad in both respects; for the victims and the killer. I also agree that nothing is never what is appears to be, I doubt they were so happy and in love (maybe once), because happy and in love people don't kill one another.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

You never know what goes on

You never know what goes on behind closed doors. Just bc he was a pro football player and had money doesn't mean life was great for either one of them . Obviously.
sianna1's picture

So sad. Tragic for this

So sad. Tragic for this beautiful young child. I hope that she is raised with A LOT of love, because when she's old enough to know what really happened ~ it's going to be very hurtful. It's things like this that make me wonder what the world is coming to. . .
GetUrLife's picture

This happened right here in

This happened right here in my state. Still can't believe the game went on after this tragedy. sad.
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SHUT THE FUCC UPPPPPPPPPPPPP with these fucking pathetic azz, desperate for advertising posts.
sianna1's picture

So selfish to kill the mother

So selfish to kill the mother of his child.... Coward

I agree it is very selfish!

I agree it is very selfish! Why not just take your own life, don't leave your child without both parents. The sad part is the baby was just born and didn't even get the opportunity to know either one of her parents. The only memory she will really have is this painful one, because it's documented.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

1. Men marry for the wrong

1. Men marry for the wrong reason....they marry these 1/2 breed women thinking that is what going to make them HAPPY. But not. 2. He could have be undiagnosed with depression. A lot of our black brothers are very down on themselves and depressive. 3. I feel sad for the mother that had to witness her daughters death and left to raise a grand baby. So sad. 4. Pray for the healing for both families.
Lifeatbest's picture

HALF BREED? C'mon the woman

HALF BREED? C'mon the woman is dead (RIP) and she wasn't a dog!
tori's picture

Negro woman how do you know

Negro woman how do you know she's a half breed???WTF IS A BREED??? She look like the typical sista to me!!
LetsGetIt's picture

This is truly unfortunate.

This is truly unfortunate. My heart cries for their family and the parentless child. Wish he would have walked away and re-thought over his actions and his girlfriend could have re-thought over her actions and they both could have talked everything through. So SO sad. God bless their family.
Beautyfulones's picture

This is a very sad situation.

This is a very sad situation. I feel sorry for everyone involved including his Coach and GM who had to see that. So sad.

Since all of Bey-Z's fans

Since all of Bey-Z's fans seem to think money=happiness (just like she does)....don't worry about the baby girl. The Chiefs ownership-family has a Net Worth of $5 Billion dollars. I guarantee they'll set up a Trust Fund for the..baby girl. And throw Granny a few sheckles to help her raise the kid...because that murdering fool lived paycheck-to-paycheck.......smh.............
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Thank you for calling this

Thank you for calling this what it is! Murder! If he just "Snapped" then why didn't he kill anyone else. He shot that woman 9 times!
QueenSafira's picture

You are so mentally

You are so mentally challenged. No wonder you don't have a man.

This is so sad and I agree

This is so sad and I agree with other comments--there is NO so-called excuse or reason for this. But one thing I will never understand about people who commit suicide is why they traumatize others by purposely killing themselves in front of others...or hang themselves, knowing their loved ones might find them. Again, this is VERY sad & I feel sorry not just for their baby and their families, but the KC coaches who witnessed the suicide. Who wants those images in their head? SMH...

there is NO reason that this

there is NO reason that this would bake sense. so tragic. my heart goes out to that orphaned baby. my cousins dad killed her mom and himself. its a horrible reality. especially when men lose "control" and dont care about anything. my prayers are with them. their lives could have been beautiful
leesh's picture

I was going to say something,

I was going to say something, BUT ILL LEAVE THAT ALONE. These are two people that lost their lives over some petty i can bet you. But R.I.P TO THE CHILD, and the reason i say rest in peace to the child is because THAT'S WHO IS GOING TO SUFFER THE MOST FROM THIS!!!So RIP TO THE PRECIOUS BLACK BABY THEY LEFT BEHIND.
LetsGetIt's picture


"RIP TO THE PRECIOUS BLACK BABY THEY LEFT BEHIND."...WTF??? She's (the baby) still alive!
tori's picture

Tori..... i thought you OUT

LetsGetIt's picture

Silly me to think RIP was

Silly me to think RIP was only reserved for the dead! Atleast you didn't try to turn it around and blame black women for this man's actions but I have a feeling you were thinkin about it!
tori's picture

I aint gone lie sexy tori , i

I aint gone lie sexy tori , i was kinda thinking about it. But hey i bet it had something to do with her leaving and taking the baby away. But These black men are wayyyy too emotional because most of us grew up around women. You have understand tori I DON'T get on black women because i hate em, i do this out of LOVE. If i didn't have a spot for black women deep in my heart I WOULDN'T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT THEM. But yea sista I don't use RIP for the dead, i use it for people the dead left behind.
LetsGetIt's picture

I bet you used to get beatins

I bet you used to get beatins or "whoopins" as a child, and your parents told you that it was out of "LOVE" and now you use that IDIOT-OLOGY when it comes to criticizing folks lol!
tori's picture

I mean when i was little and

I mean when i was little and didn't know any better I DIDN'T UNDERSTAND THE IMPORTANCE OF DISCIPLINE. And when my grandpops use to whoop my ass "GOD BLESS HIS SOUL" he use to say THIS IS GOING TO HURT ME MORE THAN IT HURT YOU. I never got why people say that because it's my ass that's hurting, but sista tori once i got older I UNDERSTAND IT AND THANKEDDDD THEM FOR ITTT. And raising nieces and being around children i understood why they said IT'S GOING TO HURT THEM MORE THAN IT HURT ME because they have to resort to using a belt /the worse form of discipline in order for me to get things through my thick ass skull. SAME GOES WITH ME AND BLACK WOMEN, i say what i say out of love, i aint trying to be mean spirited at all sista Tori. SHIT SOMEBODY GOTTA SAY IT to these black women, because if you ask them SHIT IS ALLLL GOOD IN THE BLACK COMMUNITY.
LetsGetIt's picture

Excuse me Sir but you are NOT

Excuse me Sir but you are NOT the "Father of Reason" so a lot of your verbal lashings against black women are unwanted and uncalled for. How would u feel if a chick was dogging BLACK MEN and generalizing them in EVERY post? Your intentions MAY be good but your execution is piss poor!
tori's picture

Why you so hard on me sista

Why you so hard on me sista tori???I don't talk about black women EVERY POST. and if a chick was dogging black men on here "in which alot of them do", I COULD CARE LESS , shit i'd probably AGREE with some of the thing she says.You have to understand Tori BLACK WOMEN DON'T LIKE ANYTHING NICE, YOU GOTTTAAA GO HARDDDDD ON EMMM!!!
LetsGetIt's picture

LMAO...Whatever you say..."MY

LMAO...Whatever you say..."MY BROTHER!"
tori's picture

I understand she needed a

I understand she needed a night off being that she had a 2 month old she probably was stressed perhaps and I believe he thought she was cheating or something due to the fact she came home late and his anger got the best of him, but this situation is just very sad. We as a black community (not just black men) have to do better. I'm praying for both families but not just for them every family who has been through this. I just recently heard a story in Miami where a boyfriend killed his girlfriend and two step duaghters and put tem into a closet. This is starting to get out of hand. If you feel the need to take someone's life or do deadly harm just walk away. Killing others and taking your own life is not the solution because you leave your burdens on the families.
Queen.03's picture

Well sista, i don't think

Well sista, i don't think things can work out with us " US being black men and black women". Because It's kinda like mixing oil with water when it comes to bw and bm relationships, ESPECIALLY IF YOU A REAL BLACK MAN!! It's hard because you have two entities fighting for the same position!!And that position is "Who's going to be head of the house! And what happens is since we in America, the black woman wins automatically because the system knows that we will not progress with black women being the backbone of our community so they use black women against us and give them certain benefits for doing so. But whats happening is WE GOING INTO A POINT OF NO RETURN, the offspring of the single black woman is becoming weaker AND MORE DEPENDENT ON THE WOMAN, AND BLACK WOMEN HAVE NO PROBLEM WITH THIS BECAUSE THEY LOVE PLAYING MOMMA!!!And it's dumbing down the black community because what you have is a bunch of thug ass negros laying around the house , fucking, and running the streets AND THE CYCLE CONTINUES WITH THE CHILDREN. Our men are becoming women and our women are becoming NOT MEN BUT FEMINIST AND ALSO ANTI BLACK UNITY if you ask me.
LetsGetIt's picture

Poor baby, she is parentless

Poor baby, she is parentless because of this senseless act.
TeaNicole's picture

That's a totally sad

That's a totally sad situation!!
BigJohn's picture

Whoa!!! I keep on saying it,

Whoa!!! I keep on saying it, a whole lot of these guys are emotionally and mentally unstable! Sad.
Carmen CaBoom's picture

I find it hard to believe

I find it hard to believe there were NO WARNING SIGNS! Roid rage?...Angry Black Male Syndrome?...Tortured soul??...smh I hope RHITARD hears about this!
tori's picture

I was waiting to see which

I was waiting to see which one of you blog whores would bring up at Rihanna and to my disbelief it's you TORI SMDH..I just knew it would be that CRAZY bitch LISA but she has turned you into a PETTY BLOGGER BITCH TOO..I'm so heart broken by this..you use to have great comments now your just as WACKED OUT & LOONEY AS LISA!!!!OLD TORI COME BACKKKK:-(
MsMidwest's picture

The fact that you thought

The fact that you thought sum1 would bring up Rihanna speaks volumes! I don't post comments to please or piss off anyone, I am simply expressing how I feel, sorry if you don't like it but thats not MY problem!
tori's picture

Your another hypocritical

Your another hypocritical blogger like the rest..making comments like your perfect when in fact your a lame who lives through a gossip blog site sad just sad! I don't have to like it because I don't know you and can give too FKS about you! RIP to the beautiful soul lost!!!!!!!
MsMidwest's picture

I'm sure RiRi lost her

I'm sure RiRi lost her hearing (after Chis used her head & face as punching bag) I'll bet she read about it though (unless he doesn't ALLOW her )................
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

That's so tragic.. My

That's so tragic.. My condolences to the Fam..smh
Like Really's picture

Since "everything happens for

Since "everything happens for a reason"......this must be a warning from God and/or Jesus: Not to date black men because they will assault you physically, mentally, try to drive your car and not help with gas or insurance, get you preggo, and maybe even blow your head off in front of your Mom & Baby Girl......smh..............White Guys ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Lisa Really? Evil comes in

Lisa Really? Evil comes in all colors, let's not forget about the professional wrestler that killed himself his wife and his children and the man that killed himself and his 2 boys w/ a axe then burned down the house w/ himself and the boys inside, right after the social worker turned them over to him. He was also the main suspect in his wife disappearance. So this type of Selfish Evil exist in all races. Murder suicide too me is always the ultimate evil because killing yourself is one thing, but taking some else out w/ you is the ULTIMATE ULTIMATE EVIL ACT! That poor orphaned baby girl! This makes me sad and angry!
Shay's picture

@Shay, atleast he spared the

@Shay, atleast he spared the child, but you're right! Why go thru the trouble of killin sum1 when u know you're just goin to kill yourself...so selfish!
tori's picture

@Tori murder suicide has

@Tori murder suicide has always just made me down right angry. I'm like.. If you wanna die Kill your damn self, but you don't have no damn right to take somebody that wants to live w/ you! You are so right atleast he spared the baby! This brings me back to the Steve McNair's murder suicide situation.
Shay's picture

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