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ON BLAST: Rob Kardashian OUTS Rita Ora For Cheating On Him....With 20 Dudes!


Drama!  And this time it's with the male Kardashian.  Rob K. just put his UK bombshell singer of a girlfriend, Rita Ora, on BLAST.  Find out how he just told the entire world how homegirl chopped down plenty of other men while they were together inside...

Gotta love a cheater story with a man scorned.  Rob Kardashian, the youngin of the Kardashian crew and only male (besides Bruce) of the Kardashian/Jenner crew, is in his feelings today.

He posted some tweets detailing why he's so disgusted with his girlfriend Rita Ora.  And it's all because of her cheating ways.  Interestingly, the two only recently went public with their relationship--posting kissy pics with each other (above)--in the last couple months after dating for several months.

So what alleged ho-activites are Rob revealing?  That Ms. "R.I.P." singer Rita slept with more than 20 dudes while she was his girlfriend.  So we assume...Rob & Rita are now over:


Burn!  The Def Jam chick has been trying to plaster herself all over the industry in every magazine, concert, performance, red carpet possible to really make her career happen.  Maybe this publicity could help.  Or maybe not.



Meanwhile, 'Rita Whora' is currently trending on Twitter.  And Rob deleted all of his tweets (including these) except for two from a few days ago.  Womp...





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lol this is just too funny.

lol this is just too funny. He is such a softy!!
IslandGyal's picture

Hey Rob>>>>>Why not Out

Hey Rob>>>>>Why not Out yourself for the Closet Homo that you are!
star's picture

What goes around comes back

What goes around comes back around bitch. Let's not 4get how you cheated on Adrienne Bailon. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah ~ Phucking baby.
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hooklookping's picture

Why....he put Kim- i mean

Why....he put Kim- i mean Rita on blast like that for being a whore?
Classic87's picture

Is this real

Is this real
JeanP's picture

Karma is a bitch I guess,

Karma is a bitch I guess, because he cheated on Adrienne Bailon. Let this be a lesson to cheaters and homewreckers everywhere, when you finally decide to settle down and put away your triflin ways Karma will come back to bite you! I didn't like them as a couple anyways. I will never understand why any woman would want to be with a loser like Rob Kardashian. His own sister Khloe said it best, "he's a baby bitch." If it wasn't for mommy, daddy, and his older sisters I could only imagine where his ass would be, probably searching for food in garbage cans.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

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This dude is a trip...get

This dude is a trip...get over it homie...she is getting her career off the ground...I know a lot of women in this music/ent business you can start crying over because they are all 'getting it in-lol!!'
Money First's picture

How can Rob call ANYONE a

How can Rob call ANYONE a "SLUT" when his sister has slept with just about every top black athlete for sum twitter followers? Please, his whole family (includin his mom) are SLUTS/WHORES! Maybe if he had an actual job, ppl would take his a$$ seriously. Have a seat SWEET GIRL! But Rita does seem to have alot in common with RIHTARD!
tori's picture

WHATEVER. Rob is such a damn

WHATEVER. Rob is such a damn hypocrite.
Yas's picture

Say that shit. He did the

Say that shit. He did the same thing to Adrianne Bailon. Maybe it wasn't 20 women, but basically the same thing.
SassyFace11's picture

Rob Kardashian is waaaaaay

Rob Kardashian is waaaaaay too emotional; which ain't a bad thing but he needs to get thicker skin. I saw their show that time he was crying in therapy about how his fam ignores him and focuses on the girls' success--which is TRUE, and his dumb ass mother just sat there while he cried. He needs to get counseling, move away & start fresh--surrounding himself with REGULAR people.

LOL @ Rita Whora

LOL @ Rita Whora trending....oh those crazy Kardashians

She's pretty disgusting and

She's pretty disgusting and NO this will NOT hurt her career because she is a white woman and white women are not judged as harshly as others (see KimK). I believe him because he seems really hurt. But yea, she's a slut.
KENNEDY78's picture

I agree with your comment

I agree with your comment because it seems that being loose in the industry doesn't affect white women as much as their black counterparts. It is unfortunate but sadly it is true.
Taj's picture

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W_H_Fjobs's picture

Haha.. Stop crying BiSH!

Haha.. Stop crying BiSH!
Like Really's picture

But didn't he cheat on

But didn't he cheat on Adrienne ???.... what goes around come back around 20 times fold....... no pun intended......lol...... and keep yuh business off the streets Rob...... and i'm keeping in mind there are 3 sides to a story....yours, hers and the truth........

Guess they not getting back

Guess they not getting back together, wonder if Jay Z is on that list.
TeaNicole's picture

are. eye. pee. to that girl

are. eye. pee. to that girl you used to see... her days are ovaaaaaaa.... ovaaaaaaaaaaaaa love that song. but she nasty.
Candace's picture

But his ass stayed with her

But his ass stayed with her knowing that she had sex with 20 dudes? I don't believe him, he just trying to hurt and destroy Rita.

lol!! dam shame cuz at first

lol!! dam shame cuz at first I thought he was going in on his sister, Kim again. you know Rob dont have a fux to give.
shuga's picture

"in a row???" (wonder how

"in a row???" (wonder how many ppl will get that reference)
shuga's picture

I don't know a thing about

I don't know a thing about Rita Ora, but I highly doubt that she cheated on him with 20 dudes. If he would've said 2, it would've been more believable, but this just comes off as him trying to make her look bad, especially when he said nearly 20, then changed it to more than 20.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Cheating is slutty are you

Cheating is slutty are you defending it? Gross! She's white of course she's fucked 20 dudes in a year, are you insane!
KENNEDY78's picture

KENNEDY.......... Nevermind.

KENNEDY.......... Nevermind. (walking away, smh)
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture


Like Really's picture

He said in a year. A chick

He said in a year. A chick definitely could get smashed by 20 guys in a year and Rita Ora probably has male groupies always checking for her.
jgraves58's picture

Some people take whatever

Some people take whatever road to the top. No matter how much roadkill they become.
MrsCPA's picture

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