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REALITY TV FAB: TLC Puts FIRST LADIES Of The Church On DISPLAY With "The Sisterhood"


TLC is prepping for reality tv's next phenomenon, "The Sisterhood."  Meet the pastor's wives who'll be stirring up drama in the name of Jesus inside.....


Set in the heart of Atlanta (obvi), TLC is hoping "The Sisterhood" will bring the same drama and excitement of "RHOA" and ""BBW," but with "Jesus" as a storyline.  The show provides a candid look at five larger-than-life preacher's wives as they run their families and churches. And since we've learned that a successful reality show is based on drama, you'll be able to count on these ladies to bring that to the table as well.  

Accoridng to the trailer, tension will run high as the "ONLY" thing the ladies agree on in their love of God.  "Everything else is up for grabs," says one of the wives.  

So what's going to set this show apart from other reality shows based on groups of women? From looking at the promo...not much. There will be skeletons (one of the preacher's wives admits to being a former crack addict), there will be sex (one couple is into handcuffs) there will be fighting, and there will be lots of shoes and fancy clothes. We guess the only difference is everything is done with just a touch a Jesus. 

Meet the wives here, with blurbs from the press release:



Domonique is anything but your typical preacher’s wife. She’s bold, she’s brash, and she’s unapologetically honest. After moving to Atlanta, she met and married Brian, an Evangelical pastor, and they had two daughters together. After years of growing The Good Life Ministry, the couple fell on hard times and were forced to close the church’s doors. They are now looking for new opportunities to fulfill their calling and Domonique is hoping to repair the damage that losing the church caused to her marriage.


When most people think of preacher’s wives, they think of demure ladies in big hats, conservative suits, and strands of pearls. So when people find out Tara is a First Lady, they usually do a double take. She’s fit and fabulous and her wardrobe leaves little to the imagination. Tara and her husband Brian recently relocated their family from Los Angeles to Atlanta so Brian could pastor a new church. However, Brian, who was actually raised Jewish, lost his position at the church after only six weeks. Now the two are struggling to find their footing in a city where new churches… and new friends…are hard to come by.


Most First Ladies do not have a colorful past like Ivy. As one of the members of girl group Xscape, Ivy lived the partying life of a pop star. But since meeting her husband Mark, pastor of the Emanuel Tabernacle Church, Ivy is singing a different tune. She is now a dutiful First Lady, wife, and mother to a one-year old son. However, her not-so-wholesome past helps Ivy relate to and connect with her inner city congregation.


It’s rare that you’ll hear a first lady say, “I’m Dominican and I don’t play!” But Christina often makes it known that she’s a sassy Latina who you don’t want to mess with.  Christina and her husband Anthony run one of the largest and most successful churches in Atlanta called the Oasis Family Life Church. But the success of their church also means they struggle to meet the needs of their ever-growing congregation. And, if that weren’t stressful enough, Christina and Anthony also have to wrangle their two challenging teenage daughters who are just as sassy as their mother.


One look at DeLana singing on stage in her leather pants and spiked heels and you’ll definitely think she’s a rock star. But don’t let her rocker chick exterior fool you – she’s a First Lady through and through. DeLana and her husband Myles pastor the Worship with Wonders Church where music plays a big part in their ministry. They write their own music and perform original songs at every Sunday service. In addition to music, DeLana is passionate about helping children. She has two children of her own and often acts as a surrogate mother to young members of her congregation in need.


Watch the promo here:


"The Sisterhood" will air on TLC beginning January 1st at 9p.m. EST/8p.m.  Sigh.

BONUS: We hear the horrid "Real Mistresses of Atlanta" realiy show has been picked up by the Oxygen network.  Let us pray.




The devil is busy!

The devil is busy!
Jernero94's picture

well if Meghan Good can be a

well if Meghan Good can be a first lady then anything is possible.
shuga's picture


THIS IS GONE TO BE A HOT MESS GOD IS GONE TO GET TIRE OF THESE PEOPLE PLAYING WITH HIM ALL IN THE NAME OF MONEY,FIRST IT WAS MARY MARY,NOW IT IS THeSE WOMEN TALKING about they are first ladies just sad,not examples at all..they would not be my first lady acting like this. smh...

the church has always been a

the church has always been a hustle. glad to see they are finally admitting it. last time i went to church they sent the collection plate around 3 times. mind as well just go ahead and charge a cover at the door, but im sure thats only a matter of time. wonder why Laffy Taffi Dollar aint up here---oh yeah thats right, they dont need the money. theyre hustle is still tight right now.
shuga's picture

As they Say the Devil is

As they Say the Devil is always busy!!!! Open the door let him in your house n watch how he will destroy...here ya go his name is Reality TV!!!!
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hooklookping's picture

Boycott, Boycott and Boycott

Boycott, Boycott and Boycott - we as intelligent viewers should come together and demand these networks stop with the bullshit - this is incredibly STUPID!! now they are really reaching for straws....Ugh!!
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tom100's picture

All these "CHURCH" MEDIA

All these "CHURCH" MEDIA WHORES are gettin a one way ticket str8 to hell! Tara looks MAN-LIER than Sheree Whitfield & Ivy look like she used to smoke crack back in the day with Keyshia mama Frankie! I can't TLC...ATLANTA is the Mecca of RATCHET REALITY TV!
tori's picture

Well this sure meets the

Well this sure meets the "reality show" formula - harsh looking, conceited, self-absorbed, loud, brash and rude women; title of the show only loosely relates to a few of its characters (2 of these women are 1st ladies no longer; bold claims of importance and relevancy; status is based on WHO they are "married" to and not what they do on their own; the obligatory white chick thrown into the mix so as to look "inclusive" . . . . I could go on but WHY? Another show that is a complete waste of time and that is designed for little more than to take up television air time and have us looking in at a bunch of foolish women. No thanks. This is the dumbing down of America and it is shameful!
The Real Thing's picture

And who is this Ivy Couch

And who is this Ivy Couch saying she was in Xscape???? I don't remember her and I have googled her...NOTHING!

IVY used to be in the girl

IVY used to be in the girl group Xscape? BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! did I miss something??? Anyway, I wont be watching this mess.
Ethel Mertz's picture

Xscape my a$$...more like

Xscape my a$$...more like escaped from the CRACK HOUSE or Dr. Drew's REHAB!
tori's picture

Lawd forgive meh but Let the

Lawd forgive meh but Let the Chuurch say A-MESS!! Smhlol..
Like Really's picture


Crazy Sexy Cool's picture


Preach!!!!!!!!!!! Bwahahahahahahahaha
The Real Thing's picture

I cant believe their preacher

I cant believe their preacher husbands would allow them to be apart of something like that...now the congregations will be looking at them like wtw?
DW's picture

I mad Tasha posted the Korean

I mad Tasha posted the Korean Swap meet photo of first lady Domonique... haven't seen a pic with the soft white haze on it in years...
Grown Man Ish's picture

lmao!!! chile what you know

lmao!!! chile what you know bout the Olan Mills special? she got the hand to chin pose down pact like she is posing for the 12th grade senior pic. hahaha...all she needs is one single red rose.
shuga's picture

You silly...lol.

You silly...lol.
Ethel Mertz's picture

Lord please forgive me for

Lord please forgive me for what i'm thinking right now. AMEN............
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture



so Tara is their version of

so Tara is their version of Joseline, huh? cuz thats a man baby!
shuga's picture



ok, just watched the clip...

ok, just watched the clip... sorry ya'll its monday. lol. so now i know who the crackhead is. but ummmmm yea, i'll pass on this show
Candace's picture

oh snap... just read the

oh snap... just read the little blurbs lol... so she was in xscape? she looks very different, and now i'm pretty sure she's the ex-crack head.
Candace's picture

did anyone else just look at

did anyone else just look at the pictures and immediately try to guess who the crackhead is? lol... my money is on Ivy Couch
Candace's picture

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