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The Smith family was spotted at LAX airport yesterday.  See the candids inside.... 


Yesterday, Jada Pinkett Smith, son Jaden and daughter Willow were seen leaving LAX.  The family had just returned from a trip to Kauai.


12-year-old Willow held the hand of a close friend--we assume--who rocked a MSFTS t-shirt from Jaden's clothing line.



Jaden, who's just as fashion-forward as his little sister, recently spoke about his MSFTS clothing line saying, 'I get a lot of my fashion just from things I see, inspiration just comes in and out in the day. I don't think that I'm a fashion guru or anything... Sometimes people like it, sometimes they don't.'


Photos via Gvk/Bauer Griffin

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hooklookping's picture

Love Jaden's style. I think

Love Jaden's style. I think Uggs are fine for boys, even in light beige! LOL. People need to lighten up with these hard strict lines between what is acceptable for men/boys and what is not. I'm sick of black folks requiring "hardness" from our boys/men, meaning everything they wear must be black, loose fitting, baggy, etc. Jaden and Willow have their own unique style, clearly, and its not dictated by their parents. Let them be for goodness sake. All y'all need to tend to your own kids and families and stop critiquing these multi-millionaires who are clearly doing something right in their lives.
The Real Thing's picture

I totally agree...THEY ARE

I totally agree...THEY ARE KIDS PEOPLE...LEAVE THEM ALONE. I'd rather see this style which I think is just a personal expression of a 13 year old KID, rather than see some funky azz kid with pants behind their knees while they expose dirty dingy underwear and azz crack.. 50 lbs of fake azz jewlery from CHUNG LEE's gold on a roll, grills in their mouths and the like. THAT"S A BASIC NEGRO RUNNING AROUND LOOKING LIKE A DMAN FOOL and you wonder why people sterotype them..they fit the bill...NEXT!!

Its not about being baggy or

Its not about being baggy or being "hard" these styles were created for women yet somehow they brainwash people into this unisex look when this is not who (men) they were designed for....Also, who would want their "MAN" (and emphasis on the word 'MAN') showing up in the same boots that you as a woman have on? These are the same dudes today who can't even check the oil in their cars or use a lawnmower... Extra feminine and whiney.....its getting real messed up out here!!
Money First's picture

jaden looks cute...love his

jaden looks cute...love his style. ummm there are kids who know at an early age if they are lesbian or gay. and if she is, that would not pose a problem with her parents. anyway, if Willow is/is not a lesbian...who cares. it would not really be a surprise.
diamond2012's picture

Well I Don't like Ugg boots

Well I Don't like Ugg boots on little boys or men!¡ And beige ~ really?¿ ~ so not cute/fashion forward. Jada needs to moisturize her neck ~ all that weight lifting is taking a toll.
GetUrLife's picture

The girl is TWELVE for

The girl is TWELVE for Christ's sake! Leave her alone! I held hands with my friends, boys and girls, when I was younger and I never had to wonder about people speculating over my sexuality. Geez... Everyone thinks this family is so weird just because they're not "normal," whatever that means. But a lot of the families that are in our own communities, that look "normal" have the most familial turmoil.

Y'all act like u were never

Y'all act like u were never kids! U wore crazy clothes too! and YES kids can hold hands without being GAY!
Likeagoodgirl's picture

WTF is wrong with Jada and

WTF is wrong with Jada and Will???? I'm all for supporting your gay kids and all...but this kid is all of 12. Why have her on display like she's in an adult relationship, holding hands with another female??? She's too young for all of that. Good grief!
Michelle K's picture

i hate to talk about people

i hate to talk about people kids but this girl is so gay. I'm sorry but the cute little girl she was now she a handsome young man. Sorry
stepup2's picture

The Smith's are cool.

The Smith's are cool. Everyone in the family seems like an artist, and I'm sure the kids will continue to evolve like many artists are known to do.
Im Wearing A Towel's picture

This family..... might......

This family..... might...... need prayer, I'm just saying...
Peace Silas's picture

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tom101's picture

Well is the blonde her BFF or

Well is the blonde her BFF or more....? Ijs...it's gettin more confusin with each post..*raisin eyebrow!
Like Really's picture

Of course Blondie is

Of course Blondie is more.....lol
star's picture

I just KNEW that blonde with

I just KNEW that blonde with Willow was PARIS JACKSON!!
tori's picture

I'm so over the Smiths. Their

I'm so over the Smiths. Their black butts did not have to go out to Hollywood and get this caught up. They are a total disappointment. Thank God for normal black celebs like Denzel and Samuel Jackson.
JJFad's picture

Jayden and Willow look like

Jayden and Willow look like twins! Willows friend is pretty. Jayden, those are girl Uggs boo and they're ugly. Jayden, your throwback MC Hammer but your are a little tighter like leggings at the bottom are ugly as hell too.
I_love_laughing's picture

Scrollin Down Lookin At

Scrollin Down Lookin At Jaden.... Scrollin Up Looking At Willow....Scrollin Back And Forth. Smh.
Keyths'Girl's picture

These photos are filled with

These photos are filled with all type of PHUCKERY & FOLLYWANG...smh!!
tori's picture

ummmm Just asking.... what

ummmm Just asking.... what are the SIGNS that an APPROPRIATELY dressed TWELVE-year old is a lesbian???? I HAVE TO KNOW! ANYWAY... Willow is such a cutie. Love Jayden's confidence. Love it.
Sincerely WF's picture

watch her video "I am me" I'm

watch her video "I am me" I'm not saying that she have to wear dresses and skirts but... lately she is a "stem"(girly/stud). This was exactly how my little sister started to dress(over sized shirts, hair got shorter and shorter) before she came out. Willow will eventually come out when she is probably 16/17. Nothing wrong with being a lesbian but i have this strong feeling that she is, I could be wrong but...I think Im spot on with this.
sexybrownpyt's picture

I think you're right. Willow

I think you're right. Willow Smith is probably a lesbian.
jgraves58's picture

Zayden should not be wearing

Zayden should not be wearing those girly UGGS. Jayden and Willow need to switch shoes.
sexybrownpyt's picture

yes all the signs are there,

yes all the signs are there, Willow is a lesbian... and it is clear that she is the masculine one in the relationship. When i watched Willow's "I am me" video i saw my baby sister who is also a lesbian. At least her mom accepts her the way she is.
sexybrownpyt's picture

Is Willow gay maybe? Not

Is Willow gay maybe? Not bashing just asking.
TeaNicole's picture

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