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WORKOUT FAB: Phaedra Parks & Hubby Apollo Nida RELEASE Their "Donkey Booty" WORKOUT Vid + Evelyn Lozada Gets FIT For "LATINA"


"RHOA" star Phaedra Parks has teamed with her very fit husband Apollo Nida to create a "donkey booty" workout plan.   Get deets on the video inside and find out what fitness advice Evelyn Lozada gave to "LATINA" readers.


At the start of "RHOA" Season 5, Phaedra Parks revealed that she and her husband Apollo Nida, a certified fitness trainer, were working on a fitness DVD.....and now you can own it for yourself.  Available December 11, Phine Body is a an exciting working video featuring “Donkey Booty Volume 1″ and “Lower Body & Core Training.”  Will it come with Phaedra's odd moans and sayings though?

In speaking about the tape, Phaedra said the video is for women who aren't necessarily into hardcore gym workouts but who still want to stay in shape. And you won't have to worry about your weave because you won't be sweating a lot.  Oh...

“Our DVD … while it is a very tough DVD, it’s anaerobic vs. aerobic, some parts of it. So with some of those toning exercises, you’re not doing hard sweat. You’re definitely going to feel it because you’re working your muscles, and you’re using core resistance, and that’s going to give you great results

Phaedra recently told StyleBlazer about the tape. “But it’s not like you’re in a kickbox[ing] class and you’re just sweating bullets and you’re drenched at the end. The dance routine is the most aerobic of everything because you’re dancing. You’ll definitely sweat with that,” she said.

But what is a donkey booty exactly?  The ultimate Southern belle put it this way, 

All booties can be beautiful booties. It’s just a matter of toning and lifting them. Some people think a donkey booty is just a gigantic booty, but it’s not. It’s a nice perfect round behind, and anyone can have it.”

But what if you aren't born with a donkey butt? Phaedra says you can get one.  Of course.

“You can start off as flat as a board. And if you work the glutes, you can build the muscle, so it has that nice curvy appeal. Do some squats, some lunges, you will really see your legs and your behind just lifting.”

Who's trying it?


In other fitness news.....


"BBW" star Evelyn Lozada started her new gig at LATINA Magazine recently where she blogs about health and fitness for the magazine's readers.  She began her first post with a personal messgae to fans saying, 

I’m very excited about my first blog entry with Latina.com! This is certainly an honor and I look forward to sharing my health and fitness secrets with ALL of you! I have consulted with Celebrity trainer, Tim Hamilton of GetFit Trim (@gitfittim), who has helped me modify several different workouts not only for myself (but also for you!)."

Evelyn goes on to share with reader her super-ab workout plan which consists of a Warm-Up with a 60 second plank, The Russian Twist, a Leg Raise and The Reverse Crunch.

And Evelyn's advice was apparently a hit with readers as she tweeted that she crashed the site......


For step by step directions on how to perform Evelyn's suggested exercises, check out Evelyn's blog.  

Gotta love the fit reality chicks...



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kennethleong82's picture

Congrats to Phaedra and her

Congrats to Phaedra and her husband on their business adventure. It is good to see a couple doing positive things in the lime light these days. Wish you all the best in your endeavor.

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hooklookping's picture

Phaedra is a sorry excuse, to

Phaedra is a sorry excuse, to dignified to admit that she talks shit, and to dumb to tell Kendra to step off her hubby. Apparently, Apollo cant go out and get a real 9 to 5 with his criminal record, so I understand the need to create business opportunities himself, but if Kendra produced this madness and is getting a cut, just goes to support my statement that Phaedra is a sorry excuse.

I'm sorry Phaedra BUT APOLLO-

BlackBarbie818's picture

Hmmm...I wonder if Kendra

Hmmm...I wonder if Kendra (AKA Ms. Amurika-I think, no wait...MS. USA?) produced it?
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tom101's picture

Phaedra stay on her hustle

Phaedra stay on her hustle which is why her pockets are getting deeper and deeper. Smart girl. Hang in there with her Apollo. A smart man knows how to get and keep a woman with an enterprising mind.
JJFad's picture

Phaedra and Apollo look good

Phaedra and Apollo look good together with their cute baby Ayden.
sexybrownpyt's picture

You look like the type of

You look like the type of woman that dates white men. YOU DIDN'T EVEN HAVE TO SAY IT, most chocolate women with your type of look HAVE A THING FOR WHITE MEN. Nevertheless \\ u are a sexy woman, but i'd never be with a black woman THAT WOULD LAY DOWN WITH THE BEASTTTTTTTT, THE ENEMYYYYYY, THE CRAKKKA DOGGGGG!!!!SHAME ON YOU BEAUTIFUL SISTAAAA
LetsGetIt's picture

I bet the "BEAST, ENEMY &

I bet the "BEAST, ENEMY & CRACKKA DOG" signs your paycheck (if you have a job)!
tori's picture


I bet your ROACH CARRYING ASS has a job scrubbing piss off of toilets you dirty spic
BEEMA's picture

Sweetheart, just because YOU

Sweetheart, just because YOU spend YOUR days on YOUR KNEES for pennies & nickels, don't mean the rest of us do! Now go have a seat in the corner & sip on sum bleach you WHITE WOMAN WANNABE!!
tori's picture

Cute couple. Phaedra beat

Cute couple. Phaedra beat muscle leg Sheree to the finish line.
TeaNicole's picture

Love her, like her, or hate

Love her, like her, or hate her - you have to admit Phaedra is a HUSTLA!!
SweetDivaT's picture

I really for the life of me

I really for the life of me dont see what Phaedra and Apollo see in each other

Donkey booty? o_O

Donkey booty? o_O
Jernero94's picture

I don't begrudge Phaedra &

I don't begrudge Phaedra & her hubby's business moves with the workout DVS; but I could really do without the term 'donkey butt'. WTF is that? Ugh! And for everyone who co-signs on it, don't get mad when white ppl refer to you or another person of color as a donkey butt okay? That's the ONLY issue I have with it. Otherwise, promoting fitness is a good thing.

Too bad Phaedra doesn't have

Too bad Phaedra doesn't have any HIPS to go with her "Donkey Booty" womp! Apollo is "FIONE" but he has oppurtunist written ALL over his face! How can Evelyn do ANYTHING for Latina.com when she DON'T speak a lick of Spanish? And what "health & fitness secrets?" we know a doctor created that body!
tori's picture

Have to agree with the sista

Have to agree with the sista Lisa Raye. Dark skinned women always try to go for a man THAT LOOK DAMN NEAR WHITE!!!Especially if their successful, they jump over 1,000 chocolates brotha, just to get to some white man or a damn clear looking negro. But phaedra sexy tho i aint mad at cha sista!!But black women will call black men self hating, but most black women want a BI RACIAL LOOKING CHILD especially dark skinned women
LetsGetIt's picture

I know you like to go

I know you like to go back-n-forth & I haven't the time nor the desire to do that today. But I just want to urge you, BLACK MAN, to stop generalizing. I'm dark-skinned. I am FAB-U-LOUS, and I don't have a preference for light-skinned men. I've dated men of most every complexion--none of my exes are as light as Apollo. In fact, men who are very fair-skinned and Latino try their damndest to talk to me because they believe much of the hype you BLACK MEN put out there that the finest chicks are 'red' or redbone. And while they're all excited I'm cool cuz I know who & what I am. But I do not think 'light is right'--nor do 'most' dark-skinned sisters. Stop generalizing! Yet I see you failed to mention Lil Wayne, Jeezy, Diddy, and the COUNTLESS other black men who only want light-skinned or non-black women now that they have $10...nucca please!

hahahahaha sista Godiva nice

hahahahaha sista Godiva nice to see you again lol. Iaint gone go back and forth sista don't worry, but you know i must reply to this. Now sista like i always say WHEN IT'S THE MAJORITY YOU CAN'T HELP BUTTTTT GENERALIZE!!!! And sista, when arguing with me PLEASE DON'T NAME ME A BUNCH OF NEGROS THAT CAME FROM A SINGLE PARENT HOME, BECAUSE YOU PROVE ME RITE EVERYTIME. Those negros grew up in a home where black women shunned everything that was black and they family probably dissed them and said things like "ugh yall baby gone be ugly, yall to black" you know the silly shit black women say. But please sista don't bring up niggas that came from a single parent home and have mammas that wear blond wigs. PLEASE SISTA GODIVA
LetsGetIt's picture

Oh Lawd!!! I can't resist

Oh Lawd!!! I can't resist LOL...I am not talking about single parent households--not that one's homelife is not a factor in their decisions. I am talking about what people find attractive/standards of beauty in the black community. Though I HATE to do it, you make a good (not too subtle point) about Diddy's momma and her HORRENDOUS blonde hair! LOL I gotta give you that one!

Baha..Yea and What happened

Baha..Yea and What happened to the white girl u where dating!!?? Huh....
Like Really's picture

Look i don't date white women

Look i don't date white women for the color of their pink skin. I LOVE BLACK WOMEN, i only date white women because black women don't have their mind together, and only want black men to be thugs and dramatic negros. White women just love black men as black men. We aint gotta put on a front and be a damn hoodlum around them.
LetsGetIt's picture

Lol.. Look F a passport dude

Lol.. Look F a passport dude just get on the Greyhound and ride that BiSH till the wheels fall off!! Bahawaaaaa...Clearly u've chained urself to a drop size box, where simple fights simple due to lack of space for knowledge!! Smhlol..Ijs
Like Really's picture

YOU BIG DUMMY!! You have sh!t

YOU BIG DUMMY!! You have sh!t backwards...my "brotha!" A lot of BLACK (dark skin) men try to either date OUTSIDE their race or date the REDDEST BONE he can find to procreate with! There are plenty of "sistas" who LOVE dark skin men & actually PREFER it and most of them women are dark skin as well! Stop watching ROOTS & step outside, its 2012!!
tori's picture

Love this...simply because

Love this...simply because you speak the truth.
Zetagirl's picture



Well that's because we came

Well that's because we came from a single parent black home , where they made fun of you whenever you bring a chocolate woman home. Black women are the main cause of self hate amongst black men.It's 2012 AND????? lol Black women are still the same!!!You from the latin community SO YOU WOULDN'T UNDERSTAND WHAT GOES ON IN BLACK HOMES!!!
LetsGetIt's picture

I'm black and was raised by

I'm black and was raised by two parents and they are still together as I type. Um my parents would probably laugh at the person i brought home if A. he was ugly, B. dressed poorly and C. did not sound educated. It was never because of his skin complexion. Some Latins, Asian, Indian, White and other races think just like you, so your not alone in your "way" of thinking. But don't put all black people in a box.
sexybrownpyt's picture

Riiiight I'm Hispanic and

Riiiight I'm Hispanic and have NO CLUE about racism or color discrimination (WTF?)...There are stereotypes & bias in EVERY community. Maybe you livin in the DEEP SOUTH (Memphis I believe) has jaded you but in the rest of America, BLACK WOMEN just want to find a decent BLACK MAN who isn't in & out of jail, has goals and takes care of his responsibilities & sum1 who can appreciate them & not JUDGE OR DISCRIMINATE against them!
tori's picture

I have friends who are

I have friends who are Latina, Asian, Indian etc. Have learned that SOME of every race have that mentality where lighter, brighter,whiter is better, but i was not raised that way. My parents are Caribbean and my brother-in-law is Filipino. I dated black, Carib, White, and biracial. My type is a certain" type of personality/ character" not Race. smh for the people who still have that race conflict.
sexybrownpyt's picture

Well I've only been in two

Well I've only been in two serious relationships one in college (the guy was multi racial) and one up until last yr (a white guy), so like you said, I don't really have a type either, I just can't do ignorant, arrogant or dumb!
tori's picture

...And stop boo hoo hooing

...And stop boo hoo hooing bcuz u got joked on, it only implies weakness bcuz for most it usually makes ya stronger!! Man-Up I say n' stop pointing that crusty lil finger of urs at everyone but YOU!! Lol..like Ms. Thang said its very very RARE!!
Like Really's picture

lol...leave me alone woman

lol...leave me alone woman
LetsGetIt's picture

Thank You and lol at YOU BIG

Thank You and lol at YOU BIG DUMMY! He says the most inaccurate things that just leaves me smh.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Sista why we can't we just

Sista why we can't we just talk about it then???? Msthnang u aint spoke to me in a while u just reply to other ppl that's replying to me. Tell me how it's inaccurate and i'll show you how it's not!!!! TALK TO YOUR BROTHA!!
LetsGetIt's picture

I only reply to you when

I only reply to you when you're speaking the truth which is VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY RARE! You just blurt out inaccuracies all over the place. Not saying that some women aren't like that, but I'll bet you money that if a poll was to be taken, it would show that most black women don't give a rats ass about their mates skin complexion.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Congrats to Phaedra and

Congrats to Phaedra and Apollo!!! I see some people are still in slavery mentality mode!! Good move Phaedra maybe this will encourage people to work on their booty the natural way, instead of putting all those butt injection/silicone in their booty!! Every time I look at Evilyn i see her running across that nice table in BBW...smh just can't take her seriously!!
sexybrownpyt's picture

up to I saw the receipt which

up to I saw the receipt which was of $5393, I have faith ...that...my neighbour trully earning money part-time from their computer.. there friends cousin has been doing this less than eight months and just repayed the depts on there house and purchased a brand new Fiat Panda. I went here..... http://www.bit40.com

Enough of Phaedra's ass

Enough of Phaedra's ass already!

I usually don't check for

I usually don't check for yellow men but, Apollo is fine as hell.
Lola's picture

That is one fine man. I know

That is one fine man. I know all the men in Atlanta try and holla at him. But Ms. Parks body ain't all that. She is too thick and not well toned. but she riding that yellow dick.
lola69's picture

she'd NEVER be with a dark

she'd NEVER be with a dark skinned man (the brown paper bag rule applies with her)
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

You right!!!!!!!!

You right!!!!!!!!
LetsGetIt's picture

Like Really tho..Phine

Like Really tho..Phine body..Donkey Booty...Ugh I can't!! Smhlol
Like Really's picture

I think Phaedra looks

I think Phaedra looks GORGEOUS on that cover. Why not? If women are not going to work out because of their hair...which I know many who do...do something like this. Any physical activity is good activity in my book, a long with a healthy diet.
JD's picture

Evelyn is the only person I

Evelyn is the only person I know with back fat and abs and the nerve to start a fitness blog.Her fitness secrets are scalpel and suction tube.
Sincerely WF's picture

"Anaerobic" workout? Really?

"Anaerobic" workout? Really? If people worked out "anaerobically" they'd be DEAD!!! # golearnsomedamnscience
PinkRose's picture

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