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LOVE TRIANGLE CONTINUES: Rihanna JETS To Paris After "X Factor UK" Finale Performances...Chris Brown & Karrueche Still There

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In tonight's episode of the Breezy Love Chronicles, we've learned that tonight, after her live performance on the "X Factor UK" finale, Rihanna jetted over to Paris....were we know Chris Brown and his ex/sometimes ex/whatever they want to call it girlfriend Karrueche Tran are spending some time together.  This comes after her Twitter lash-out after she learned Kae made her way to the City of Lights.


Deets and pics inside...


So Chris was spotted leaving his hotel (the W) in Paris tonight on his way to Bercy's Live Theater for his last concert in the city.  And amongst the tons of fans who were losing their wigs as he and his crew made their way to their tour buses, we spot Chris' hat.  It says The Kill.  What's that you ask?  That would be the name of Karrueche's new clothing line.

Oh...how nice of him to give his "ex" some publicity.  It's the least he can do when he has her and Rihanna pretty much publicly fighting over his boy bits.


That brings us to Rihanna's next move.  After her performance at the finale for the "X Factor UK', she hopped a plane to Paris and tweeted a pic from her hotel room (above) saying, "Risky business #paris".  Yeah...we're sure honing in on Chris and Kae's QT in Paris is indeed risky business. 

This ought to get interesting.

BONUS: Check out both of Rih's performances from tonight, where she's rocking a sexy Alexander Wang dress:


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LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Chris likes him some hoes! He's just sitting back and enjoying the show. These females... oh the desperation. I can't believe this shit. I mean did we not learn from the new Love & Hip Hop... Chris enrolled in the school of Stevie J and has clearly graduated with honours. Rihanna, you are officially a side ho. Karrueche, you are officially delusional. Chris, you are officially a self absorbed womanizer.
Yas's picture

I hope they're both getting

I hope they're both getting some good D out of this because it sure ain't a relationship!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

This is hilarious...I really

This is hilarious...I really hope Rih nor K are taking this seriously. Chris certainly isn't.
memoirs.of.a.keisha's picture

lol she copped out on that

lol she copped out on that note in We fell in Love but thats okay. still loves me some rih rih.
Classic87's picture

Rihanna needs an Inyanla

Rihanna needs an Inyanla Vinzant Intervention! ASAP!
JewelryLover's picture


theclassy1_tt's picture

Final Destination 6.. "The

Final Destination 6.. "The Fatal Collision"
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hooklookping's picture

Rihanna needs to get it

Rihanna needs to get it together...these 2 are "fighting" over this man, who knows exactly what he's doing. and loving every minute of it. damn, his dick & "head" must be REALLY good.
diamond2012's picture

From what I've seen Rhi is

From what I've seen Rhi is the one making a fool of herself. She always posting pics and making crazy comments on Twitter to make Kae jealous. So far Kae has been quiet. Now Rhi is feeling intimidated cuz the girl is also in Paris. Rhi just needs to be quiet and deal with it if she's gonna play the game. Now she's looking even crazier b/c of all of her tweets dissin Kae.
Dasiamay's picture

You can actually hear the

You can actually hear the Pain/anger in her voice when she sings "Stay" She does a lil crying thing at the end!!! smh Chris got her putting emotions into the song, which is good but dang!!! @C2C yes, chris is looking more and more like Dennis Rodman which is NOT A GOOD LOOK!!
sexybrownpyt's picture


GURL I'MA NEED YOU TO STOP POSTING 15 COMMENTS ON A 30 COMMENT POST! Mind your bizness and stop obsessing about who is and who's not in Rihanna's bed. Yall clowns on here be pressed on this chick..dayuum.
BEEMA's picture


GURL I'MA NEED YOU TO EAT EVERY STATEMENT YOU JUST WROTE AND LOOK AT YOURSELF IN THE MIRROR AND TAKE YOUR ON DAMN ADVICE!!! Your are NOT the owner of YBF!!! Why don't you "MIND YOUR BIZNESS" and stop Obsessing over me!!! Lay down and take your a*s to SLEEP!!! GTFOH with that mess.
sexybrownpyt's picture

Chris Brown seems to be

Chris Brown seems to be embracing a "Dennis Rodman" appearance...oh, no one else sees it?
C2C's picture

LMAO @ Chris Brown sporting

LMAO @ Chris Brown sporting "The Kill" Hat!!! LMAO Riri is going to drop kick Kanunu down for being a basic booty call b*itch!!! Man i wish there was a reality show to capture all this madness. I know Riri's crazy desperate Bajan behind had to fly over to go after Karate and Chris. It didn't take Kararte long to get chopped down by chris again. Both females are stupid for fighting over Chris. Riri is looking more dumb than Kawabonga. Call steebie for advance hunties!! This love triangle is Juicy and not going to end very well.
sexybrownpyt's picture

BWAHAHAHA!!!! Too funny!

BWAHAHAHA!!!! Too funny! Now, I was all for a Chrianna redemption hookup, but this is getting to be downright sad...with a lot of nasty thrown in the mix. Chris is playing both ladies to the left (getting all kinds of birthday and rice cakes), Rih is taking more and more clothes off to get attention, and Kae is just playing Simon Said. They all need to be tested and fumigated and this point.
MrsCPA's picture

LMAO!!!!!!.....I was happy

LMAO!!!!!!.....I was happy for them but now I think she needs to move on. Obviously he's confused. But I know it's hard when you really love someone. And what' with the kneeling on the floor?
JewelryLover's picture

Now I want this thing to work

Now I want this thing to work out with Ri-Ri and Chris. But if he's going to be constantly bouncing between beds, Ri-Ri needs to just let him go. She doesn't realize that she has the upper hand with him anyway, and better learn how to play them cards right. If that BOY really loves her (which in my opinion he has NO IDEA what love is) if she puts her foot down and STOP DEALING WITH HIM ON ANY LEVEL, until he can make a choice and a commitment to be EXCLUSIVE. He will have to decide. Either he flies right and get his woman, or be the little dog in heat that he is and stay single..then he can be with whatever chick is dumb enough to keep dealing with him while he deals with others. K is a sad case and thirsty to the 25th powa!!! He already made her look the damn fool, when he dumped her (CLAIMING TO WANT TO BE SINGLE SO HE CAN FOCUS ON HIS MUSIC) then days later Ri-Ri post pics of him all loved up under her. K can't read the writing across her face!!!? Oh she can she just refuses to and will be that dumb chick who will accept anything just as long as she can get a taste. SAD!!

Chris is Karate's meal ticket

Chris is Karate's meal ticket to success, and she aint got nothing else better to do then go on lavish trips and be his basic booty call b*tch. Chris needs someone who will be there with him 24 7 at his bedside and Riri aint it!! Riri girl it didnt work out the first time and its not going to work out now!! stop pill popping, drinking and smoking he aint worth it!!
sexybrownpyt's picture

Personally,I hope that this

Personally,I hope that this situation as silly,asinine,immature,and deplorable as it is and given the fact that both Chris Brown and Rihanna despite being wildly famous superstars are irrational and irascible individuals with quick tempers and serious anger management issues as exhibited on Twitter and at other venues on the net does not turn into a violent nor tragic occurance.

You do have a valid point.

You do have a valid point.

Fight, Fight, Fight!!!!!! I

Fight, Fight, Fight!!!!!! I am praying these chicks just box it out so I can have a good laugh tomorrow.
marylou's picture

I got a stack on KRISS KROSS,

I got a stack on KRISS KROSS, she prolly would go BRUCE LEE on that roti & jerk chicken b!tch postin Reggae Gold album cover inspired pics on Twitter!
tori's picture

LMAO!!!@ roti + jerk

LMAO!!!@ roti + jerk chicken...lol Kriss kross...man.. Both desperate chicks are stuck on stupid for messing with Steebie oh i mean Chris. Karate might go Jackie Chan but Riri got that Bajan Vodoo for her a*s
sexybrownpyt's picture

Doubt it..she weighs what?

Doubt it..she weighs what? About 100 lbs soak and wet....Ri-Ri shouldn't even go there with this poor chick...I'd be the bigger woman and walk away. Furthermore, why do the women want to battle..IT'S THE DUDE who is the problem....we as women have got to be bigger than that and stop being so stupid. I wouldn't dare fight over a guy..that's why they are so damn egotistical now....

I agree, but I still think

I agree, but I still think KAMELTOE would mop the floor with RHITARD b/c she's a burnout with no coordination/2 left feet! KINKY TWIST will stay glued to Chris' hip b/c of his money & connections with RHI its a pride thing...she has to "win" him back!
tori's picture

Its the drugs that's clouding

Its the drugs that's clouding Riri's judgement!!! Some women don't have sense and believe their PUM PUM can change a Hot tempered Cheating man..i mean BOY. I saw this coming especially after he made that Lil video. This love triangle is getting juicy!!! O.O
sexybrownpyt's picture

Will this Karate Kid just

Will this Karate Kid just PLEASE GO AWAY!!!! Ughhhh I can NOT stand her!!! Who is she anyway?!?! NO1- stupid clothing line from the downtown Los Angeles garment district- t-shirts with an iron on patch....next Honey Boo Boo will be coming out with a damn clothing line!!!!
BlackBarbie818's picture

you can't just stomp out

you can't just stomp out K-roaches, you need an exterminator for that level of pest invasion
Peace Silas's picture

Well apparently she's a "NO1"

Well apparently she's a "NO1" that got RHITARD doin backflips to get back to Chris cancer patient lookin a$$ lmao-no offense to u!
tori's picture

Chris should NEVER wear a hat

Chris should NEVER wear a hat that has the word "KILL" on it given his past HEAVY HANDED HISTORY! RIH is BEYOND DESPERATE at this point, we get why KLINGY is holdin on to her MEAL TICKET but wtf is RIH doin?
tori's picture

L☺L! "Klingy holding on to

L☺L! "Klingy holding on to her meal ticket" you're funny sometimes
Peace Silas's picture

Tori, I think Rihanna is just

Tori, I think Rihanna is just young and hasn't experienced what a REAL man could bring to the table. She THINKS she's in love. With Chris, now THAT I have no idea cause I see nothuing remotely attractive about him. I really hope she gets it together cause I'm rooting for Rihanna. I always have been in her corner, but I can admit she has been disappointing me lately with some of the things she does. This beef with K is one of them. She's a supa-star...I wouldn't dare K or Chris ruffle my feathers...but that's just me.

RiRi is about to stab

RiRi is about to stab Karreueche....here's the 411 (but u didnt hear this from me)..Chris is playing games with RiRi b/c he's trying to get her to marry him without a pre-nup. But she knows he will blow thru her money like Bobby Brown did to Whitney........this is about to get Cray Cray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

This shit is sad. The things

This shit is sad. The things these two are doing for scawney Brown
Mieshalove's picture

Someone get this chick an

Someone get this chick an Evian already, before she dies of dehydration...
VagabondSpirit's picture

I'm really looking forward to

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow's pics. Who is Chris with tonight? Rihanna? Coochie? Groupies? All of the above? SMH
Bird's picture

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