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HOLIDAY SPIRIT: Lil' Kim GIFTS Fans With New “12 Days Of Christmas” Holiday Photo

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Lil' Kim will be dishing out presents (like an extra snatched waist) to her loyal fans base as part of her "12 Days Of Christmas", which kicks off today. See what she gave away on day one inside.....

Newly single rapper Lil' Kim has a few things stuffed in her Christmas stocking that she plans to give to fans during her "12 Days Of Christmas" campaign.  

On the first day of Christmas, the Queen Bee tweeted fans a new photo of herself saying, “On the 1st day of Xmas my Queen Bee gave to me: An exclusive never before seen picture just for U!!! Muah!!! :)”

Fans of the Brooklyn rapper, who was a favorite of the recently deceased singer Jenni Rivera, should stay tuned to see what she has in store for the rest of the holiday season.  I'm sure these gifts will be....interesting.


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hooklookping's picture

Kim looks soooooo Young,

Kim looks soooooo Young, Black and absolutely FABULOUS! Love her!!!
Carmen CaBoom's picture

Chiiiiile, they air-brushed

Chiiiiile, they air-brushed the HELL out of this photo! Gurl, you ain't fooling NOBODY with this ish!
DesignDiva's picture

Is it possible to have a

Is it possible to have a waist line that small? She looks better in this pic than she has in the past though.
JD's picture

What makes someone butcher up

What makes someone butcher up their face to look like a jungle animal....she use to be so pretty before all the bullshit....I wonder when she looks in the mirror do she actually see herself??
lifeisgood's picture

I love the outfit, and the

I love the outfit, and the hair...but even the extreme use of photoshop, still can't hide the fact that she looks like the black version of the Cat Lady, Jocelyn Wildenstein. :(
lucky80's picture

*sigh* She was so cute before

*sigh* She was so cute before all the plastic surgeries. Anyhoo...I like the pic from her hips down. The rest looks a little freakish for my taste.
holmesa925's picture

She really does look like a

She really does look like a doll! I am STILL a Lil' Kim Queen B fan; Nicki Manaj copy cats EVERYTHING about this woman; even the plastic surgery to get the plastic doll look.
I_love_laughing's picture

Lawd ham-mercy!!! Sunset

Lawd ham-mercy!!! Sunset Blvd. --- "Ready for my closeup Mr. DeMille"
RO's picture

I wasn't aware that she had

I wasn't aware that she had too many fans left. And giving the pic of yourself as a gift isn't even a good way to at least get people to PRETEND they like you so they can get some free stuff. WOMP WOMP!

Her body is Barbie doll size.

Her body is Barbie doll size.
TeaNicole's picture

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tom101's picture

"FANS??" That's cute! Kimmy

"FANS??" That's cute! Kimmy looks like a finalist on RuPaul Drag's Race smh..(s)he needs to go have a seat in a nice cool place to keep her face from melting!
tori's picture

Who wants a fake airbrushed

Who wants a fake airbrushed photo?

I doubt her fans are excited

I doubt her fans are excited about a photo, she does look nice tho. Her fans want MUSIC! They are definitely loyal because I would've jumped ship from her a** a long time ago.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Well dam..dishin o/gifts like

Well dam..dishin o/gifts like *An extra snatched waist tho! Oh my...Smdhlol!
Like Really's picture

This chick has BODY

This chick has BODY DYSMORPHIC DISORDER! She is not going to stop until she can't move her face! smh
BEEMA's picture


"BODY DYSMORPHIC DISORDER!"...HO, you're one to talk, using that HONKEY TONK HILLBILLY TRAILER TRASH SLUT as your avatar smh CUNT!
tori's picture

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