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IT'S OFFICIAL: Amar'e Stoudemire WEDS Alexis Welch In PRIVATE Rooftop CEREMONY!

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NY Knicks superstar Amar'e Stoudemire wed his fiancee Alexis Welch during a private ceremony at their home yesterday. Find out about the nuptials and get the pics inside....

Amar'e Stoudemire wed his "best friend" Alexis Welch yesterday in a private ceremony on the rooftop (on an extra cold NYC night) of the couples' Meatpacking District apartment in NYC.  And even though Amar'e's currently on the injured list, he'll be making a big comeback--as a married man--at the Knicks' big Christmas Day game against the Lakers.

The intimate affair was witnessed by the couples three children Amar’e Jr., Ar’e and Assata (shown atop) and seven family members. And instead of a traditional wedding dress, Alexis wore a custom designed garment while their kids also donned custom attire as well.  Meanwhile, Amar'e wore a Calvin Klein tux under his draped attire.   


Alexis' stunning engagement ring was designed by Shayan Afshar and Harry Glinberg created her wedding band.  Amar'e wears an Afshar wedding band (shown above).

Following the nuptials, the wedding party made a stop at the 12.12.12. Concert at MSG (we told you previously about their home and cars sustaining hurricane damage) and also a trip to STK for the reception.  His NBA rep tells us Amar'e was quoted saying, "I feel blessed."

And if you're wondering why such a high profile couple would have such a small seemingly impromptu wedding, a source told the NY Post, “Less than seven other people were there, no Knicks teammates. It was just about them. They are planning a big bash next year for friends and family to have a great time.”

The couple, who got engaged last June at their Le Meurice Hotel Belle Etoile Royal Suite overlooking the Eiffel Tower, say they chose 12.12.12. to get married for spiritual reasons.   Amar'e shared a special photo of their wedding rings saying "12.12.12 now has a special & spiritual meaning for us."

Congrats to the newlyweds!


Photos via Amarestoudemire.com

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hooklookping's picture

Call me OLD school, but I

Call me OLD school, but I find it tacky beyond belief to have your children in your WEDDING! I prefer the "First comes love, then comes MARRIAGE, then comes BABY in the baby carriage." Even the cute little girl in the front has a look on her face like "Are you guys kidding me with this?"

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tom101's picture

Those kids look like mini

Those kids look like mini adults....Nigga took too long to marry her!...Good Luck
star's picture

I congratulate them on their

I congratulate them on their marriage but some of Amare's statements are just silly. "Spiritual meaning"....married his "best friend"...right. Yet it took him 3 kids and God knows how many years and heartbreaks to marry this woman. Best of luck to them though. They have a beautiful family, despite their outfits.
CheyPie's picture

Why didn't they invite Ciara?

Why didn't they invite Ciara? *dough* hehehehe. He kicked Ciara to curb with the quickness and then got back with his babies mama in which I don't think he was ever separated from her when he was dating Ciara. But anyhow I am proud he married her. And their children are beautiful.
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That's how men dress for

That's how men dress for there wedding in the Jewish religion so there was no custom design what ever ignorant Blk writes this stuff should do a Lil more research before you post amare is actually a Jewish( yes there are black Jews ) and I is raising his children I with traditional Jewish values as well. Why can't you angry ignorant blks just be happy for others. Maybe then you can receive a blessing too!!!! Congrats
RandomR's picture

Honestly some of these

Honestly some of these comments are cracking me up.. but lets give some praise to a black family unit and wish them well for years to come huh? We all know how scarce this is in our community
TrueThinker's picture

And finally, Lord knows I

And finally, Lord knows I don't want to hate on 'lil children, but those gold and black dresses are just SAD. They look like Butterick patterns from Jo-Ann Fabric! Got these poor little girls looking like black Sister Wives. SMDH!
DesignDiva's picture


JewelryLover's picture


caribbean_dream_girl's picture


shuga's picture

And ladies, friends don't let

And ladies, friends don't let friends wear headpieces...EVER. See, if she would have had a real wedding with bridesmaids, one of her girls would have stopped her from committing this crime against fashion. Looking like a ghetto Cleopatra.
DesignDiva's picture

Why are they dressed like

Why are they dressed like complete ass clowns??? And try giving your kids American names instead of Arab Terrorist names..smh....(i would NEVER hire someone with a name like that)
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

lol! this comment cracked me

lol! this comment cracked me up but Barack Hussein Obama seems to be doing just fine with his "Arab Terrorist" name.
shuga's picture

Well u got me on that one (i

Well u got me on that one (i have no wise ass comeback for that) *looks at the ground and kicks dirt* ......................
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

"arab terrorist names?"

"arab terrorist names?" American culture is a melting pot of all cultures..not just the John's, Sarah's, and Becky's..
TrueThinker's picture

With all those kids he got,

With all those kids he got, he better marry that women. Ciara better thank God she's no longer involved with this two-timing man. There is too many men out there for Ciara to even worry about him. This man has three kids!!! smdh @ ciara for even taking Stoumeir on.
sexybrownpyt's picture

You summed it up perfectly.

You summed it up perfectly.
Moni's picture

Somebody better go find ya

Somebody better go find ya girl Ciara and talk her off that bridge. Womp womp, another ones bites the dust gurl. "Sorry." #SideBitchStatus
DesignDiva's picture

good move, amar'e...

good move, amar'e...
litebrite's picture

Aw, hell! I can imagine this

Aw, hell! I can imagine this news has brought Ciara to tears. Umph. Oh, well, she can always fall back on homegirl's sloppy seconds since we all know that most men still do cheat even after they get married. And ol' girl has officially cashed out. I ain't even mad. I'm wanting to be wifed up by a Baller, somebody please send me a party invite.
Carmen CaBoom's picture

I'm glad Amare finally

I'm glad Amare finally married her. I had no idea they had 3 kids together, and old girl was hanging in there taking care of those kids on her own while he was running around with Ciara. In the end, he did the right thing. Guess that's all that matters now.
The Real Thing's picture

congrats are in oder!!!!!! so

congrats are in oder!!!!!! so lets talk about this hebrew garb...what's that about?...

Oh. Ok. So, was this a

Oh. Ok. So, was this a Jewish wedding? I'm puzzled by the "custom designed" garments.
MrsCPA's picture

Amare has been trying to

Amare has been trying to break into the fashion design business. I guess these custom garments were a half-hearted attempt at that.
The Real Thing's picture

he look like a black hebrew

he look like a black hebrew Fool. I thought he was dating someone else. all them kids and they just getting married. that ho would have waited until enternity.
lola69's picture

Is that a kippa on Amar'e's

Is that a kippa on Amar'e's head? That negro REALLY thinks he's Jewish smh! Congrats to the beautiful family! I'm sure Ciara is ballin her eyes out screaming "That shoulda been ME!" with "Sorry" playin in the background!
tori's picture

lol...but why they got the

lol...but why they got the son looking like he sells bean pies and coco mango oil? lol....ppl are funny.
shuga's picture

i wish Ciara will stop being

i wish Ciara will stop being these dudes Jump off. didn't she learn any thing from her whorish BFF Kim K.
lola69's picture

Well BOTH of her BFF's Kim K.

Well BOTH of her BFF's Kim K. & LaLa married their ballers so maybe she thought it would happen to her! Hell even whack a$$ Keri Hilson got her one.
tori's picture

Congratulations and everyone

Congratulations and everyone looks beautiful.
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