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FOOLERY: NBA Wives Of The Charlotte Bobcats Get Arrested After CLUB FIGHT...Try To Fight The Camera Men!


The level of ratchety foolery that went down in Charlotte, North Carolina the other night. The wives/fiancee's of a few Charlotte Bobcats were wilin' out at a local club and ended up getting arrested after a brutal fight. Over what? Who knows. But we do know somebody's purse got stolen. Deets and foolish video of the chicks still trying to fight while getting arrested inside....

Foolery ensued at an unofficial Clippers vs. Bobcats afterparty Wednesday night at Label.  We thought this news video from Charlotte's WSOCTV.com was fake at first due to these chicks acting like this was a horribly scripted scene from "Love & Hip Hop ATL".  But unfortunately, it's real.

Jamie Thomas, the 26-year-old wife of Bobcats forward Tyrus Thomas, and Sascha Smith, the fiancee of Bobcats gaurd Ben Gordon, were arrested along with 2 other women.  Jamie has been charged with two counts of assault with a deadly weapon and DWI.  And Jamie looks extra roughed up in her mugshot and getting arrested on video below:


One of the women arrested at the Bobcats post-game party, 22-year-old Chicago native Morgan Williams (seen in the video above in this tragic orange hot pants outfit), tried to kick WSOC cameraman while the camera was rolling.

And once more details spilled out, we found out that Morgan was accused of jacking another woman's purse named Alissa Jordan. And Jamie Thomas refused to get out of her car once police arrived on the scene, she tried to run over a cop (sigh), and cops had to break her driver's side window to get her and her friends, including Sascha, out (double sigh).  No word on how all of this connects together.  Just sounds like a night of ratchet foolywangery.

The Charlotte Bobcats did release a statement saying they are aware of the matter, but they said they will not get involved.  Oh....


Sascha Smith & Ben Gordon

We dug up their joint birthday party video from this past March.  The party went down in Birmingham at Chen Chow Brasserie.  And the woman in blue partying with Sascha looks very much like the Morgan Williams chick:






Jamie Thomas & Tyrus Thomas

As long as these chicks don't get a reality show...



Fuccin no class, raggedy hood

Fuccin no class, raggedy hood rats.
sianna1's picture

They look like the cops

They look like the cops raided a prostitution ring! Is that how "ladies" dress to go out? And "Shassity"? Stay in school, kids. Whoever named her didn't.
whatev's picture

Yass..I was looking at her

Yass..I was looking at her name..I think her mother was trying to spell Chastity BUT COULDN'T SPELL!
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they disrespected themselves

they disrespected themselves and humiliated their husbands. hope they are happy with the consequences...
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These girls don't have no

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*Quack Quack

*Quack Quack
Like Really's picture

Dumb Broads!! That Morgan

Dumb Broads!! That Morgan girl look like she sewed that outfit herself. She was lucky to be even allowed in the door looking like she looking and got a nerve to cause a ruckus. Girl Bye!
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

I just feel like screaming at

I just feel like screaming at the top of my lungs: IT IS DUMB THIRSTY BITCHES LIKE ALL OF YA’LL AND THOSE TIRED AIN’T NOBODY’S WIVES THAT MAKE IT HARD FOR REAL LADIES AND WOMEN LIKE US!!!!! Thank you, really. #unbelievable
Peace Silas's picture

They look cheap and stupid.

They look cheap and stupid.

Oh wow. Are these

Oh wow. Are these chickenheads trying to bring a BBW: Charlotte to life? Me thinks not. You can take the broad out the hood.......y'all know the rest. And Mrs. Thomas looks like nobody's wife, but more like he plucked her off the corner.
MrsCPA's picture

Now these chicks NEED to be

Now these chicks NEED to be on Basketball wives! Forget 45 year oldd Shaunie and old ass Evelyn..These young chicks know how to get it POPPIN and have a good time!! I live for the girl trying to kick the news camera! #Gangsta
BEEMA's picture

someone needs to pour liquid

someone needs to pour liquid nitrogen down their panties to cool them off................
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Jamie appears to have been

Jamie appears to have been cattapaulted by some type of apparatus!!!!!!!!!
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Them broads look FILTHY, who

Them broads look FILTHY, who knew the CHARLOTTE BOBCATS were still part of the NBA, thought they were an urban legend!
tori's picture


Moni's picture

They can give you 8 years

They can give you 8 years just for assaulting a LEO! Wow!
Tagirl27's picture

Hunny their

Hunny their husbands/boyfriends are millionaires..they'll skate..They probably will have the charges dropped by Monday
BEEMA's picture

I told yall the worst thing

I told yall the worst thing then poor hoodrats are rich young women who think they are cute, hoodrats.
Lifeatbest's picture

Coonery and foolery at its

Coonery and foolery at its finest. Parents you have to do a better job. Epic fail. SMH.
sgrho74's picture

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