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TV FAB: VH1 RELEASES "LAHH 3" Trailer + "Tiny Tonight" DEBUTS

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The season 3 trailer of "Love & Hip Hop" has been released and promises an exciting season set in the Big Apple. Watch the trailer inside and see highlights from the debut of "Tiny Tonight"....


VH1's hit reality show "Love & Hip Hop" returns for season three with veteran castmates Yandy Smith, Rich Dollaz, Erica Mena and Olivia Longott facing new challenges ranging from childbirth to making hit music.  This season, they will be joined by a new cast of characters who are surely set to bring a ton of drama and keep things interesting.  The new cast includes:

Joe Budden- Fierce free-styling artist Joe Budden is widely considered one of hip hop’s most gifted lyricists. His Grammy award-winning song “Pump It Up” was featured in the hit movie 2 Fast 2 Furious. This ladies’ man is also known for posting about his very public relationships and break-ups online.

Tahiry Jose – Tahiry is a charismatic urban model who is best known for her rapid-fire sarcasm as well as her painful and very public break-up with Joe Budden.

Raqi Thunda- Radio personality and DJ Raqi Thunda has no problem keeping it real. Raqi and Joe Budden insist they are just long-time friends. However, Raqi and Joe’s ex, Tahiry don’t see eye- to- eye and have a tumultuous relationship.

Consequence- NYC rapper Consequence has established a successful career working with the likes of Kanye West and A Tribe Called Quest. His five year relationship with fellow cast member Jen Bayer and their 1-year old son Caiden has left the couple bickering about how to raise the child based on differing cultural and religious beliefs.

Jen “The Pen” Bayer- Known for dishing up gossip with DJ Whoo Kid and The Hot Boyz of Chicago, Jen has spent the past year raising Caiden, her son with cast member Consequence.

Winter Ramos- With a brief appearance in the second season of “Love And Hip Hop,” Winter Ramos, former assistant to rapper Fabolous, is making her name in hip hop history as she writes a tell-all book on her roster of famous ex-boyfriends and her life in the music industry. She is currently the Creative Costume Designer for Flavor Unit Films.

Rashidah Ali- Known as the “Blinged Out Bombshell,” Rashidah is most known for being a shoe consultant to the stars and is currently working on launching her own shoe line, Encore.

Watch the "L&HH 3" trailer here:


 Also on television....



VH1 debuted a new late night talk show hosted by Tiny, Trina, Claudia Jordan and Tamar Braxton.  The show kicked off last night with the four co-hosts  reflecting on the year's funniest and most rachet events.  Here are the highlights:


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I didnt know Droopy was on

I didnt know Droopy was on Tiny's talk show oopps my bad that's Trina. I give this debacle 2 more weeks.
Realist's picture

I couldn't watch Tiny's show

I couldn't watch Tiny's show with all them b!tches ANNOYIN A$$ VOICES! L&HH NY looks like it's goin to be a SNOOZE FEST! What's up with the chick with the FIRE ENGINE RED LACE FRONT? Did she dye the NET red too? I hope Joe Budden doesn't make JC look too bad (fingers crossed)!
tori's picture

I intentionally missed Tiny's

I intentionally missed Tiny's show. Didn't watch the promo but the new L&HH cast looks promising.
Sincerely WF's picture

SMDHLOL..That was like

SMDHLOL..That was like watching "The Muppet Show gone RATCHET'"!
Like Really's picture

i am not watching lhhny

i am not watching lhhny boring with out chrissy and i am watching tiny show it was funny and real and they must be doing something right they got all yall haters coming out

GTFOHWTBS@ You ain't never

GTFOHWTBS@ You ain't never lie. The show was straight trash...Every time it was time for a commercial break and tiny spoke to the viewers at home she keep rolling her head and eyes, Tamar snap at Claudia Jordan several times like she wanted to fight or something, it was just a hotmess. I tried to watch the whole show, but I couldn't take it anymore it was quite embarrassing, I thought they were going to crack open a deck of cards for a spade game and break out the Hennessy.
Synsation's picture

lol!!! this sounds like that

lol!!! this sounds like that talk show heather hunter had back in the day. madness
shuga's picture

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hooklookping's picture

Passing on LHH only watching

Passing on LHH only watching ATL. Promo looks whack.
TeaNicole's picture

Tiny... :(

Tiny... :(

there's something beautiful,

there's something beautiful, graceful & elegant about Olivia Longott
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Trash Trash Trash. All of

Trash Trash Trash. All of these ladies look horrible...from the outfits the love and hip hop ladies have on...to the outfits, make up and lack of ability to articulate on the tiny show.. i cant...i dont even like to look at the family hustle because of tiny country ghetto ass. not to mention her silly ass ratchet friend. These ladies need a lil bit of refinement if you ask me.
GTFOHWTBS's picture

lol agreed

lol agreed
litebrite's picture

I like L&HH-New York, I won't

I like L&HH-New York, I won't even lie. I can't stand looking at Tiny or any of her uber-fake and hood-fab friends. Her Hairdresser is a HOT ghetto mess. Trina's make-up is as thick as cake-batter. You know its bad when Tamar looks normal. Whateva...

I don't know if anybody will

I don't know if anybody will be watching this show...It's no one on their worth tuning in for. No one on the show has had or is affiliated with someone thats had a top 10 hit in the past 10 years. No ma'am.
BEEMA's picture

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