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Pilar Sanders LOSES Custody Of TWO Sons, Child Support Payments SLASHED

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Pilar Sanders has lost custody of her two sons and had her child support payments slashed in half as she continues her divorce/custody battle with former NFL great Deion Sanders.  Get the deets inside.....

The end of the year hasn't been looking great for Pilar Sanders, the estranged wife of Deion Sanders.  On Wednesday, she lost temporary custody of her two sons and had her child support slashed from $10,500 to $5,500 a month, according to Page Six.  Though Pilar retains custody of the couple's daughter (Deion has visitation rights) it's another crushing blow to her.  

Devastated about the decision, Pilar said, “I am sad that Deion has been able to keep my boys away from me since Oct. 26 — no Halloween, no Thanksgiving — and now he is threatening to keep them away from me for Christmas. . . . He is using our innocent children as a pawn in this ugly, ugly divorce.”

Her publicist, Kali Bowyer, said, “Pilar has become a victim of Deion’s celebrity status, which has swayed the courts and blinded justice . . . It has become evident at this point that there is an absolute prejudice against Pilar, and this has become a completely one-sided court circus.”

The way the case is playing out seems pretty similar to that of Usher vs. Tameka Raymond and does make one question whether celebrity status plays a role in how cases are decided.  We see this didn't end well for Tameka and Pilar may be walking the same plank. 

So what's her next move?  Pilar's attorney is trying to have the couple's 13-year marriage annulled and have all their assets declared community property. They'll meet back in court to fight over custody on January 9, 2013.  Good luck on that annulment.

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and just today she's saying

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I have been following this

I have been following this story and Deion Sanders is not squeaky clean and every DOG has his day..he is standing behind GOD and operating in iniquity..I am not about judging however he is imediately in another relationship with Miss rebounder herself Tracy Edmonds...trying to act like he upgraded..I was at a TD Jakes conference years ago where he pledged his undying love to Pillar for cheating on her and not treating her right..now she is the worse because he is trying to protect his adulterous image..Deion is on his high horse now however the horse will soon buck and he will fall off...BOOM..the dust settles Pilar will win...Pilar standfast and see the salvation of the LORD! GOD don't like ugly...

Annulment? Not gonna happen.

Annulment? Not gonna happen.
tinytexan's picture

The Pillar Sanders and Tameka

The Pillar Sanders and Tameka Raymond cases are prime examples of women not having an income and having the nerve to bad mouth the hand that feeds them. Pillar's boys are old enough to have a say in with whom they want to live. So be careful how you treat the kids and what you say bad about their father. It matters. The judge is going to look at things in a realistic way. These women with nannies raising kids better pay attention to the kids, because when the divorce comes the husband can say "she doesn't spend time with them anyway. I can pay for the nanny while they live here." Judges are realizing why should rich guys be forced to take care of a grown ass woman with no income when the kids can live comfortable with their father. These cases are proven the point "hoes got to eat too" but they better stash some money away because nothing last forever.
The ZuluKing's picture

A round of applause for Deion

A round of applause for Deion and a second round of applause for Pilar getting her whole toned ass handed to her in the court of law by Deion and his team...yaaaaaay! That's what that gold digging ass trick gets...*POW!* Take THAT, Pilar! I'm sooooo happy that God don't like ugly, and ain't too fond of pretty...hmph! It's a new day, and these guys ain't taking y'alls shit anymore! Having all those babies back to back after she's sucked him into financial submission USED to be the go-to trick in the gold diggers guide, but these guys have had enough and are turning the page to write their own new man law. Y'all gold diggers better catch up and start digging for platinum instead of gold...lol. Back to Pilar's pitiful ass...Hell, women all around the world have been making it off of way less, so she is no different. By the looks of her and that mouf, she's 'bout tired of doing what she does best, but she's going to have to either turn back to sucking off and tricking another Baller with deep pockets or get a damned good paying job. Oh, the fall from grace...Hmph. I don't feel any sympathy for her ass at all! Fuck Pilar!
Carmen CaBoom's picture

Wow, why such disdain for

Wow, why such disdain for Pilar? I don't really know her history, but as a mother I think it rather sad that the father would take a child or children from their mother. Although children really need BOTH parents, a mother is irreplaceable. I feel bad for her.

Put her on the ex wives

Put her on the ex wives show...she would fit in perfect!...She is a beautiful woman and as a man I would do all types of freakiness to her (sidenote*) but in the courts women have been getting away with murder for years towards men and their seeds so its hard for me to feel any sympathy when I see it going in the man's favor!!
Money First's picture

Well from what I recall she

Well from what I recall she and Dion were cheating together when he was married to his 1st wife. What did she expect, every cheater has their day his is coming.
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hooklookping's picture

I stopped liking Ratface

I stopped liking Ratface Sanders at the beginning when he showed the world how he was manipulating the boys into hating their mother and now he's proven he's a demon spawn. Unless a parent is abusive, I see no reason why custody can't be shared. Seperating them permanently from a parent just to hurt them is NOT God approved and you will have to pay for your actions!
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

I agree. Just like Dwayne

I agree. Just like Dwayne Wade did, it's TOTALLY horrible and GOD will avenge. I feel bad for Pilar and NONE of us were living in the home and I can guarantee he is NO SAINT, with his fugly self. Move on Pilar and get you an Italian man or a white man who will cherish you.

I'm glad GOD is speaking

I'm glad GOD is speaking through you now as it pertains to other people's business #hoehaveaseat
BEEMA's picture

These ladies better get their

These ladies better get their MIND RIGHT! These men are PLAYIN DIRTY, taken your KIDS away, I hope she had a STASH saved! REALITY SHOW IN 5, 4, 3..
tori's picture

Maybe if she had been more

Maybe if she had been more low key at the beginning of the dovorce proceedings then things wouldn't be so bad fo her now.
keqi's picture

Umm - is her wrist broken?

Umm - is her wrist broken? What's a happenin in that pic?
GG Boo 4 U's picture

That's an old pic from one of

That's an old pic from one of the first court dates....it was the one after they got into a fight at his house.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

That's really sad. Hopefully

That's really sad. Hopefully the judge really considered all the facts in the case and not just who is more popular and has more money...in the end it's those kids that are REALLY paying the price. There's way too much resentment and animosity in that relationship...it's way too bad
TheLuvlyChoc08's picture

This appears to be all about

This appears to be all about celebrity. She needs to move to LA because Halle got hosed with paying $20K/month child support while sharing custody and was told she cannot move out of the country (despite being a celebrity). They lowered the BOOM on her big time.
Denise2007's picture

Pilar looks ugly as hail in

Pilar looks ugly as hail in that pic!! Doesnt even look like her cause shes pretty normally!! I guess stress can distort your features!!
dunkin57's picture

These gold diggers better get

These gold diggers better get their heads straight if they think that they can have kids by these guys and everything is CAKE!!! Serves her right, Wades x, and ushers x....Needs to be more!!!
dunkin57's picture

Um..thats the same thing I

Um..thats the same thing I said before you posted..don't try to use my ideas as your own azzhole
BEEMA's picture

Wow, it sucks to be Pilar!

Wow, it sucks to be Pilar! She must've done something to justify the Judge's order, but keeping her sons away from her is bad for the boys. So sad!
Happy Lady's picture

Deion, he's just hurting the

Deion, he's just hurting the kids by taking the sons and not the daughter?!? Really?! Poor Pilar having a nice face and body can't keep your keep your kids.
Pam's picture

after a certain age, kids get

after a certain age, kids get to have a say in which parent they want to live with. maybe the boys chose their dad and the daughter didnt. Im sure mommy is still available to them no matter where they live most of the time. Its not like she has to work.
shuga's picture

She's on the verge of having

She's on the verge of having a meltdown on twitter.....her tweets are getting more intense
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

she's young, healthy,

she's young, healthy, beautiful, doesnt have to work and still gets over 5k a month. what exactly would she be having a meltdown over besides her ego? its not like her kids are gone forever, she still has visitation. she better look at deion as a babysitter that has to pay HER and live her life. from the looks of her attorney's hand on her waist, men still find her very much desirable. it could be a whole lot worse.
shuga's picture

she gave birth to those

she gave birth to those kids.....that'll mind-fuck any woman
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Gold Diggers beware (not

Gold Diggers beware (not saying that she is one in the least- Don't know and don't care)..in 2012 the men are GETTING FULL CUSTODY AND NOT PAYING!! So Deon basically picked up this beautiful woman, rented out her uterus to produce kids, and is now taking those kids from her and sending her back broke. I would recommend Kevin Federlines divorce attorney.
BEEMA's picture

You hit the nail dead in the

You hit the nail dead in the head. I think these celebrities (ie Usher, Dwight Howard and countless others) are all reading Dwayne Wades book!

dam! these judges aint

dam! these judges aint playing around anymore. I guess if you are claiming that you cant afford them then you dont need to have them.
shuga's picture

She's probably more

She's probably more devastated over the money than the kids. Anywho....Seems like having 2 sons taken away is becoming a trend.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

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