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HOLIDAY FOOLERY: The "Love & Hip Hop 3" Extended Trailer + Chad Ocho Cinco's SEX TAPE Is Here

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While Joe Budden and his girl Kaylin Garcia spent Christmas Eve getting cuddly in the strip club (pictured above), the new trailer for "Love & Hip Hop 3" starring Mr. Budden himself hit the net.


Check it inside, plus Chad Ocho Cinco's sex tape preview...that he authorized himself!


If the first quick preview of season 3 of LAHH wasn't enough to whet your whistle, the extended trailer is here.  You'll see the drama that's set to go down between Joe and his ex Tahiry.  And a few other things.  Check it out above.


 [Pic Removed by Author]


And speaking of foolish video, Chad Ocho Cinco apparently has a sex tape that has hit the net. And he actually gave authorization for it to come out (at some point)--because his production company shot it!  Yes, he agreed to shoot a porno with intent to sell...at some point recently.  And his co-star is a tatted up Latina chick.  Surprise surprise.  When your NFL career is kaputz...apparently this is what we do.

Chad says the tape is indeed real and was shot 3 years ago.  But he wasn't behind it leaking.  And he's getting on it ASAP to get it removed from the web.  Where have we heard THAT before?

We see how well a produced sex tape, made to sell to the highest porn company bidder, works out for certain celebs. So we guess Chad was trying to get a piece of the sextape-to-celeb-status pie too...

Merry Christmas Evelyn.

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Not feeling this upcoming

Not feeling this upcoming season of Love & Hip Hop. Chad is a pathetic attention whore. He needs to get a freaking life.

I am so over chad, its

I am so over chad, its ridiculous..... jem was right about him, he is a media whore

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hooklookping's picture

Now if Evelyn would take back

Now if Evelyn would take back his rat azz now she is as dumb as a duck.
TeaNicole's picture

quack! quack! quack! I am so

quack! quack! quack! I am so tired of these wanna be's
Miss D's picture

Baha..oh she know how to

Baha..oh she know how to Quack Back! Smhlol..
Like Really's picture

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tom101's picture

Ugh these 2 damn ATTENTION

Ugh these 2 damn ATTENTION WHORES! I USED to have so much RESPECT for JB because we're from the same town & he seemed like a cool guy, but now he's just a THIRSTY LITTLE HAMSTER! Chad needs to call IYANLA & FIX HIS LIFE A$AP!
tori's picture

Joe looks so nasty, like he

Joe looks so nasty, like he and all his freaks of the week need a hot bath...Yuck and gross. I'm so disappointed in Chad. Damn. LAHH...SMH...
Carmen CaBoom's picture

Benjamin buttons ..i mean Joe

Benjamin buttons ..i mean Joe budden's don't come off as sincere to me, he seems manipulating and fake. Joe is a stebbie J. All of these pretty females with these washed up looking disrespectful men...SMDH Joe look better then these sorry looking men. UGH!!! OLIVIA NO TO THAT NASTY A*S HAIR COLOR!!!! UGH!!! Jessica Mena whatever her name is, has an UGLY PERSONALITY BEHIND ALL THAT BEAUTY!!! She just like EVILYN. CHAD nobody is checking for your crispy looking, STD having behind sex tape!!! Get Ya life ugh!!!
sexybrownpyt's picture

Too much ratchetness on

Too much ratchetness on Christmas! Ya'll couldn't post this tomorrow??? LOL
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

....AND WTH is a JOE

....AND WTH is a JOE BUDDEN??? Im for real though...I WONT be watching these F's! smdhlol
Like Really's picture

Merry Christmas.... SMH this

Merry Christmas.... SMH this is the way of our world, this is where we place our attention? >.< (we MUST do better brothas & sistas, we just have to)
Peace Silas's picture

Well Damn.. OhNO did say if

Well Damn.. OhNO did say if Football didnt work out anymore he wud do Porn... I see this fool WAS so Serious wit it too! smdh...*sigh
Like Really's picture

It sure looks that way. It's

It sure looks that way. It's just not enough for some people to be rich & talented. Chad had so much potential to be one of the greatest wide receivers of all time, but he craves unnecessary attention more. His mentality is full of trash and therefore that's all he will ever be. SAD.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

*he craves UNNECESSARY

*he craves UNNECESSARY attention more...Girl yess such a WASTE of dam talent!!
Like Really's picture

It's over for Chad Johnson .

It's over for Chad Johnson . Any amount of redemption he could have made for himself, including some sort of sports career, he just blew it with this DESPERATE nonsense. He's a stupid loose canon. And I thought Joe Budden was gay?? No?
MsKizzy's picture

I thought Joe's girl was

I thought Joe's girl was Keyshia Cole for a sec. I was like "hold up!"
SadieJade's picture

As far as love and hip hop,

As far as love and hip hop, puh-leez. I ain't watching and fattening up these overpaid hood rats bank accounts. They're trash. They need to stay out the clubs, close their legs and go get an education.
sianna1's picture

Goddamn they got a hd cam!!

Goddamn they got a hd cam!!
LetsGetIt's picture

All I can say is WOW to LAHH,

All I can say is WOW to LAHH, I wont tape it but if i happen to be home bored and nothing else is on, than i'll watch. So Ocho is a porn star now lol. What I can't understand is how can they show that clip without age verification for their viewers. I guess that's the next step to show the world you want your fame and money hungry wife back. I mean there are to many publicity like stunts surrounding these two. If its not a stunt, I don't know what to call it. Because it sure is not love.
kimaras31's picture

Why doesn't that ho bitch

Why doesn't that ho bitch show her face???
sianna1's picture

Here's the skinny..... Oucho

Here's the skinny..... Oucho Johnson hired porn star Elena Heiress to make a video. (what's so interesting about that????? Anyone can hire a porn star). Anywho....Joe & Kaylin are a TRUE couple!!!!! I've never even seen Cray Bey make eye contact with Camel........smh...........
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Because it's just business

Because it's just business between them!!And how do u know the porn star name??
LetsGetIt's picture

Insider info (i dont know the

Insider info (i dont know the porn star. i cant even play the clip from my phone). But u heard it here first....... its a publicity stunt. if they dont show her face.....then he doesnt want people to know he hired a porn star to make money & get attention.............
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Well sista based on research

Well sista based on research i can tell you it's not elena!!Because the tat's are totally diff and the elena woman is lil lighter :)
LetsGetIt's picture

Well...so much for my

Well...so much for my "source", GrandpaGums, .......womp
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

The girl in the ocho video is

The girl in the ocho video is a rapper/dancer/video chick named wankaego go to wshh and search her all the tats match up
WaitWhatHuh's picture

That is excellent detective

That is excellent detective work my friend
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Joe Budden still loves Taihry

Joe Budden still loves Taihry (if that's how you spell her name). And I think Kaylin knows that.
SideFreakinEye's picture

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