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Karrueche Tran Sends A Statement...Wearing Nothing But Chris Brown's Shirt

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Oh Kae.  Guess she's not even taking today off from the subtle jabs.  Check out Karrueche Tran's latest message to Chris Brown & Rihanna inside...

So Karrueche slept in Chris Brown's Bathing Ape shirt last night.  And her Christmas morning message to her Instagram & Twitter followers....was evidence of this.  This picture and a "Good Morning."

This wouldn't have been a big deal had she just been wearing the shirt.  But she also snapped a pic...of just the shirt...in nothing else...and plastered it on Instagram.  Which leads us to believe Karrueche was attempting to send a message to someone.  Or some people.

And the fact that they are allegedly supposed to be 'broken up"....and we all know that's a grey area at best...it seems like she's trying to tell us she's still in the picture.  Despite the fact her semi-boo publicly broke up with her.

Maybe all the (obviously false) Chris Brown/Rihanna vacay and/or wedding in Barbados rumors got to her.  Everyone else knew those were fake.  But maybe she didn't.

Yet and still, we're expecting a not-so-subtle comeback from Rih any minute now. 

Did Chris jet back to L.A. from his tour in South Africa to be with Kae for the Holidays?  Time will tell...

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This is just an optimistic

This is just an optimistic thing. Posting such type of pics is really adhering the rules of site. It must be stopped. We must stop posting such type of vulgarities. http://www.modz.fr/
angeliakatte's picture

These girls are stupid. Stop

These girls are stupid. Stop giving that nigga all the power to jump back and forth between you girls!
SadieJade's picture

But he spent Christmas day

But he spent Christmas day with Ri so... she needs to stop being thirsty!
MissKita's picture

I wish women and men alike

I wish women and men alike would remember: If the person you're "in love" with would allow you or cause you to humiliate yourself and/or make a fool of yourself repeatedly...then you ain't IN LOVE. Call it obsession, compulsion, possession or whatever, but it's not love. Rihanna and K both look like strung out, thirsties for this dude. Wow.
memoirs.of.a.keisha's picture

Hahaha Black women make me

Hahaha Black women make me laugh! They can be beautiful with thighs as big as a house and have breasts as big as balloons but they will STILL feel SOOO insecure when a "skinny" none black women comes in the picture. Why are we like that huh? I say we, because i too experience the black women hate syndrome. But now, (thanks to God almighty who delivered me from my insecurities) i'm so secure within myself that i accept beauty in all shape and sizes. I also accept beauty from non black women who some in different shapes. When i see a brother with a "slim" Asian woman, i try to see what they see and I generally feel happy for them. So when i see all these negative comments i know it's hate, BECAUSE I USED TO HATE TOO! Notice, the only people dissing Kae about her size are black women, because for some reason, black women are threatened by any women who is not black, especially those that are mixed race. All these statements about how she's looks like a baby, her body's like a child, these statements are coming from a very bitter place. We know how she's built, it makes sense, she's not full black, her mum is Asian, other race are not built like black people and it's PERFECTLY OK! Black women, we really need to stop hating so much and stop letting women from other race make us feel SO insecure even when they don't try to. We just feel hate toward them because they are more secure and comfortable within themselves. They are not trying to compete with with each other the way we black women do. Even Rihanna tries to compete with other women she calls basic. (notice the nude sexy pictures) She doesn't post it for men, she posts them for other women to see. She's competing. Rihanna felt insecure about a 'skinny' Asian decedent woman to the point where she started racist name calling. Fellers, how many times have you witnessed a black women saying, that white girl has no ass? She's flat? Black men, you know what I'm talking about, when you date a non black women, or when your friend dates a non black women or a mixed race women, see all the hate and negative comments they'll receive from bitter black women.. Black women, lets be secure enough to accept beauty from non-black women.

I see that you just signed up

I see that you just signed up so welcome... the more the merrier..... on that note...STHU!!! Race has absolutely nothing to do with this. We roast any and everybody and if you want the answer to why you only see black women dissing Kerosine's size, maybe it''s because you're on a BLACK website. DUUUUUHHHHH!!! Noella, you gets no Love, now have a seat.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Have a seat? Really? You're

Have a seat? Really? You're one of those? And the cycle continues.. You're an idiot. Websites has no race restriction, you most likely get just as much visitors from people of other backgrounds but the only ones bitter enough to comment are the insecure haters. When you find love, you too will stop the hate. Until then, go suck on lemon 'cause you're just a bitter old soul. Anyways, first and last visit but good luck on your site. :-)

(rolls eyes, moves head from

(rolls eyes, moves head from side to side) BLAH BLAH BLAH. Thanks for stopping by. Toodles......... (shaking wooden spoon in your face) and don't you come back now, ya hear. LMAO!
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Oh that was funny as

Oh that was funny as hell.....BAHAHAHA
star's picture

Pause...so because she slept

Pause...so because she slept in his clothing line t-shirt and took a pic she's sending messages about a "relationship". Ppl read way more into things than whats on the surface. Did it ever dawn on anyone that maybe she's publicizing his clothing line the way, he publicized hers. People automatically assume that because it has to do with Chris that its relationship based. I wouldnt assume so quickly, especially since its just a t-shirt n not Chris himself. Im not saying its not relationship based, I just think ppl need to stop making it more than what it is. She slept in his t-shirt, woke up snapped a pic and said Good morning. thats all point blank period...and all this trashing her body business just really shows how insecure some people are. Be confident in yourself enough to acknowledge someone else's beauty knowing it doesnt diminish your own. She's a pretty girl and if she's not your cup of tea, keep it moving. No need for the negativity.

As far as your last two

As far as your last two sentences..... This has nothing to do with beauty, especially since you can't even see Kerosine's face in the photo. (rolls eyes) I'm very secure in how I look, (delectable) so there's no hate here. I saw a newborn with its legs dangling off the bed, so I decided to express my thoughts (which is what you do on blogs). If our comments is not your cup of tea, then you my friend can keep it moving. (struts off)
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Dear Kae, Please stop playing

Dear Kae, Please stop playing yourself. You are the jump off...he spent Christmas with his main chick. Move on or stay in your jump off lane.... You are embarassing yourself.
TheMrs's picture

This poor girl, she cant move

This poor girl, she cant move on or do better??? Money cannot buy happiness nor love, Rihanna should know that as well. They like they stuck on stupid!
IslandGyal's picture

RIHANNA is NOT my Role Model,

RIHANNA is NOT my Role Model, or Spokesperson,therefore she does NOT represent ME when it comes to Domestic Violence. Lets not forget, SHE hit CHRIS too. I'm not saying what happened was right, but Females shouldn't have a free pass to hit males. If Riri wants to be with Chris,knowing he's a cheater who put hands on her when she caught him cheating-FINE! Chris has clearly broken her down to the point she not only accepts being with him AFTER the "incident", she accepts being ONE of his chicks. If you ask me, she's in a WORSE situation with CB now, than she was before the incident. He now KNOWS what she will put up with,and everybody knows people only do what they can get away with, and treat YOU the way YOU let them.

WELLLL, NOW we know it is

WELLLL, NOW we know it is karrate who has been starting mess and putting out fake illusions of being with chris brown. she has been doing it out of spite and wanting to cause mayham with chris and rih, what a little childish miserable little girl she is! FYI you can get a man back quicker by being silent ass!!
doll's picture

Y'all are funny saying her

Y'all are funny saying her body is child like. PUH LEAZE! I'd rather have this body (which I do have). Everybody doesn't have to be thick with big tits. I have been told I'm a pedophiles dream by a guy, smh, because I'm an adult but have a body like a teen Well all I am saying some men like this body type and nothing is wrong with her body. I think this is a cute pic. and is subtly sexy. So what her thighs are little at least they ain't rubbing together which makes the pu**y stank if you ask me. Go K!
MWH's picture

Being petite and being built

Being petite and being built like a little boy are two different things. Karacooch is built like a child not like a petite sexy woman. Jada is also built like a teen boy and I don't care what she says. She is not the oracle of all things small.
Keys's picture

It's called being Petite, and

It's called being Petite, and you're right, there is NOTHING wrong with it.Didn't Jada just speak on the same thing last week? Some guy or guys also talked bad about her body too. Everyone has different bodies and different preferences, and as my grandmother used to say"If we were all the same, the world would be a boring place." As far as dude who called you a Pedophiles dream-YUCK. I think HE'S the one with issues. Was he a Pedophile lol? I think Kae has a lot less invested and a lot less to lose by dealing with Chris. She's not a "star",making herself look foolish chasing a BOY who doesn't want to be with only her. If anything, she's the one coming out ahead in the situation :-)

No it's not called being

No it's not called being petite. It's called being underdeveloped. No matter who shares the same features. There's nothing sexy about her and she's trying (constantly) to post sexy photos of herself. THAT is the joke. Children are clearly not exempt from being roasted on entertainment blogs.
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hooklookping's picture

Karapoppop has the body of a

Karapoppop has the body of a little child. She should be embarrassed how stupid she looked for trying to pull this little stunt and it blew up in her face. She's probably been subtly hyping things on social media all along. Btw, how are people still so enthralled in that fight between Chris and Rihanna, but they have actually moved on from it? Smh.
Keys's picture

I am so sick of people

I am so sick of people talking about this damn domestic violence. "It is NOT okay for Chris to be forgiven because he beat her up, blah blah." What are YOU doing to prevent domestic violence in your community? Are you going to WEAVE and volunteering? Are you donating to organizations that aim to combat domestic violence? I bet you ain't doing shit matter of fact. So I'mma need everyone who wants to complain about domestic violence with Chris Brown and Rihanna to get off their ass, quit crying and make change. It's just sickening. STFU.
vanessa.boo1's picture

"What are YOU doing to

"What are YOU doing to prevent domestic violence in your community?" We're TALKING ABOUT IT! We, as WOMEN, are saying it is NOT ok for a man to ABUSE you, but that DUMBA$$ RHITARD is telling the world its ok for a man to BEAT YOU & MAKE A COMPLETE FOOL OF UR A$$ by going back & forth b/t her & KIT-KAT! You sound like @BEEMA crazy a$$..hmm @BEWANNAMAN has created yet ANOTHER persona! smdh
tori's picture

Lmao @ "this looks like child

Lmao @ "this looks like child porn." Karrueche, if you are reading this.. this is EMBARRASSING. You need to stop with the subtle gestures and pictures... how can you take the high road if you're constantly trying to show pictures like this? You're better off not doing shit, cuz now you look stupid.
vanessa.boo1's picture

This looks like fucking child

This looks like fucking child porn. This child needs to keep the clothes on her little tiny, androgynous body at alllll times.
Sincerely WF's picture

I was just thinking the same

I was just thinking the same thing. Only a pedofile can love that pic. Karate just stop it!!!
sexybrownpyt's picture

Her thighs look like that of

Her thighs look like that of a toddler and she looks like she's sitting on the bed getting her pullup changed.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

lol!! I just saw this!! I

lol!! I just saw this!! I fucking agreeee!! Like someone needs to remind her that she has a pretty face. and THAT is ALL.
Sincerely WF's picture

Who u foolin

Who u foolin katraumatized!...Gurl Either seek help or quit playin!! Smdhlol...
Like Really's picture

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tom101's picture

this shit is jus shameful. I

this shit is jus shameful. I mean really Koochie? u just got bitch slapped infront of everyone with dat shit. I feel bad for her.
C00kiesNweeD's picture

Lol girl stop!

Lol girl stop!

Let me get this straight . .

Let me get this straight . . . Chris Brown supposedly beats up Rihanna for no reason because nobody has question her about her role in the confrontation. The media tried to destroy his career while she still remained silent about what caused the fight and played the victim role. He gets another girlfriend; Karrueche. Miss Rihanna claims she wants him back and does just enough to break Chris and Karrueche up. Now, she's saying she's single, again. But somehow Karrueche is the one catching shade? Wow.
jgraves58's picture

So wait, you want aid in

So wait, you want aid in finding a PROPER EXCUSE for a MAN to have BEAT ON HIS GIRLFRIEND? Is that what the fuck you're bringing to a website geared toward WOMEN? Couples fight 24/7... good to know there's some applicable shit out there that makes BEAT DOWNS ACCEPTABLE. And what was the "JUST ENOUGH" that Rihanna did to get CHRIS BACK? PLEASE, enlighten us all! Cause Chris obviously played no role in their twisted affairs. He's been the INNOCENT one the whole time... while Rihanna played the victim (u sure you got that "straight" as you promised you would do before you tried to hit us with all this stinking fuckery) Yet, SOMEHOW, you see nothing wrong with someone being publically humiliated and then posting semi-nude photos of their doll-like, sexless bodies on the internet, clearly valuing the source of their humiliation more than they value their own person. Oh yea, you got this straight.
Sincerely WF's picture

Well at least it looks as if

Well at least it looks as if she has a better looking, tasting and feeling pussy that Rihanna..may the Best Hoe win
star's picture


Yas's picture

Merry X-mas! Why does KOOCHIE

Merry X-mas! Why does KOOCHIE KRACK continue to TORTURE herself? I know LOVE is "BLIND" but is that sh!t, DEAF, DUMB & IMPOTENT too? smh
tori's picture

Karate Chop's little frail,

Karate Chop's little frail, weak bidy looks so much like a 12 year-old girl's. Child, Boo! Clearly, Rhianna's pussy TRUMPS the power of your shrimp fried baby kitty box. She's reduced to wearing his brand of shirt on Christmas while, meanwhile, Rhianna's wearing HIM. Po' little tink tink.
Carmen CaBoom's picture

Shrimp fried baby kitty

Shrimp fried baby kitty box...Now that's funny as hell LMAO....btw I actually think she has a sweeter Puss than Rih
star's picture

Cause you've been blessed

Cause you've been blessed with special teleclitnetic powers? U sound fucking psychotic.
Sincerely WF's picture

No because I know Mine and

No because I know Mine and Hers is BETTER than your fishy dry up smelling puss... You Ugly Cunt Bitch!
star's picture

So clever. You know how her

So clever. You know how her va-jay is, you know mine, you're smelling it wherever you go... you have to have found a way to make money off this shit.
Sincerely WF's picture

Yall got me crying laughing

Yall got me crying laughing over here.......lmao!!!!! STOP!!!!
JewelryLover's picture

I don't understand why people

I don't understand why people always see her as the victim..She knew what she was getting herself into when she dated him !!! And by the way this shirt iss way too small for Chris...He was spotted with his shirt yesterday and you can tell this one is too small.Anyway he gave this one all his people so basically A LOT of people have this shirt !! Chris is currently front row with Riri at the game....like she ain't dumb,,everybody knows what she tryna say with this pic..but as soon as the game started..she took it off...Nice try kae..Nice try...And this is the first time that Riri haven't respond to her subtweets n shit..she probably laughing front row..And for those who think that Kae and Chris are still dating..think again,,,Karrueche obviously didnt like him and rihanna's friendship.. ''I love Karreuche very much but I don't wanna see her hurt over my friendship with Rihanna'' ..and next thing you know..he's spending Christmas with Rihanna ?? lol come on.
VumiLia Elba's picture

ha how sad... rih n chris

ha how sad... rih n chris were spotted siting side by side at the lakers vs knicks game tonight they came together. poor sad kae attention seeking never did any good for a soul.

She is embarrassing herself,

She is embarrassing herself, so desperate, so hurt, so confused. Karate grow some pride/confidence/self esteem smh!!!
sexybrownpyt's picture

Why don't these two get in

Why don't these two get in the ring and settle it once and for all!!!!
BigJohn's picture

Baha I agree..Jerry! Jerry!

Baha I agree..Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!...smdhlol
Like Really's picture

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rebeccavirginia's picture

Yep....RiRi & Chris are at

Yep....RiRi & Chris are at the Laker's game right now (maybe that is why Jay-Z was sooo Pissed!!) .................
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

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