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VIDEO VIXENS Suing Tyga For Exposing Their NIPPLES + Katt Williams ARRESTED For Child Endangerment (Then Gets Into BRAWL At Club)



Three "topless" video vixens are suing rapper Tyga for exposing their nipples in his "Make It Nasty" video. Find out what led to the lawsuit inside and get details about Katt Williams child endangerment arrest and views on guns and safety...

Earlier this month, Tyga released his "Make It Nasty" video. Now, three of the scantily clad video vixens in the clip are suing the rapper for breach of contract.

In a lawsuit filed by Alissa Rae Ross, Azia Davis and Elizabeth Velasquez, the trio "agreed" to appear topless during the filming of the video after they were assured that their nipples would be covered and the video would be tastefully shot. Or as least as tasteful as a "nasty" video from a strip club anthem rapper could be.

Things were fine (the edited video was a hit)...until Tyga decided to post the unedited version on his Twitter account where the ladies' nipples were fully exposed.  They are now suing the rapper for breach of contract, invasion of privacy, as well as fraud. The video is below:

What's with video chicks and strippers suing for ish in their job descriptions?  You're a video chick in a NASTY video....and you're shocked and outraged it wasn't "tastefully shot"?  Why not wear pasties if you were so concerned about your nipples being shown and ruining your 'classy' image?  I mean, we all know that bouncing your exposed ass and coochie crack on men and other women while wearing damn near nothing is ONLY distasteful if your nipples are shown.

Sounds just like the chick (who may or may not be a stripper) suing Trey Songz because he threw money at her in a strip club.  But we digress.

And in police custody news....


Katt Williams could possibly ring in the new year without his kids as he was taken into police custody recently and his kids were taken away.

Katt, who has mentioned his "children" during his comedy routine on several occasions, was jailed recently for possible child endangerment.

After a VERY public string of arrests and assaults, it's only natural that a light bulb would go off at the L.A. County Dept. of Children and Family Services that he might need to be investigated. And they did.

They showed up at Katt's home in Woodland Hills, CA and found numerous guns and illegal drugs leading them to conclude that his home was a safety hazard for the kids.

UPDATE: Last night, Katt was released from jail (on $100,000 bail)  and TMZ caught up with him to question his kids safety and he responded, "How do you keep kids safe without guns?"

Also, Katt claims the guns were secure, "If the police come in and raid my place and break into my gun boxes, you're gonna find guns! I'm not in a gang, what difference does it make?"

So what about the drugs?  Katt said that weed is not a drug and we know from his previous run-ins with the law that he does indeed have a permit for medical marijuana.

Sadly, the D.A. may still bring possible felony child endangerment charges. We'll keep you posted....

UPDATE 2: Katt, along with Suge Knight, got into a club brawl right after Katt was released from jail.  This is just sad at this point.  STAY HOME! TMZ has video of Kat being chased back to his SUV outside of Eden nightclub in L.A.




Man...if Suge is CHASING

Man...if Suge is CHASING you...you good as DEAD
KeepITsimpleSTOOPID's picture

First of all you the one

First of all you the one getting naked in videos so dont act like you have class now when you the one putting yourself out there like that these chicks kill me with that find a more decent way to make money. Or if you choose to make money that way it comes with the gig. Dont try to come up off a rapper by suing because you making yourself look dumb because you wont win..................................Make A Easy $1200 A Week From Home No-Out-Of-Pocket No Startup Cost Just Signup And Get Paid www.daypays.com
Kingbreez's picture

How them HO's gon' sue over

How them HO's gon' sue over "INVASION OF PRIVACY," when they're PRIVATES are INVADED every night when they're BUSSIN IT OPEN in the STRIP CLUB? Can Mona please go to Cali (where Diamond & Soulja Boy are filming L&HHA) and give KITTY KATT a reality show? (@BEEMA jump in front a movin train)!
tori's picture

I'm confused. Did the

I'm confused. Did the "models" listen to the words of the song for the video? It's quite clear what was expected of them based on the lyrics alone. A flash of nipple here and there (which I did not see...maybe I blinked) should be the least of their concern.
GJ's picture

Thankfully there were was

Thankfully there were was only like 1 black girl in the video. It's about time black men exploit the hell out of other races and use the lie they are so pretty & hot to continue doing it. We black women have paid our dues in that hellhole of nonsense. Let them have it.
JJFad's picture

I just can't with both

I just can't with both articles..you want to sue someone b/c your nipples were exposed but yet look at how your dressed smh. As for Katt Williams, I want him to get some white friends so they can pay for his treatment and help him smh
Blessed020509's picture

Didn't get past the 1:50

Didn't get past the 1:50 minute mark. Simply disgusting.
BEEMA's picture

"Video Vixens", are we still

"Video Vixens", are we still calling them that? I thought the truth was now understood and accepted? Anywho, WTF is going on with Katt Williams these days, the new DMX. He's clearly mixing something else with that green he likes to smoke. SMH.
Yas's picture

The video is a mess, too much

The video is a mess, too much being put out and it's inappropriate. I am praying for Katt Williams.
MarshayH's picture

Them ratchet heauxs in the

Them ratchet heauxs in the video should be muh'fukkin glad somebody wanna show they titties. As far as Katt Williams,,,,,that nigga look bad. Is he broke?
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Regarding Tyga:same sh*t

Regarding Tyga:same sh*t different rapper. lmao@Katt saying he gone be white next year!!! They need to leave Katt the F*ck alone and try to focus on some real crime. Flips hair, that-is-all
sexybrownpyt's picture

It’s so sad. everybody wanna

It’s so sad. everybody wanna be a ho or stripper these days. everybody wants to be the loose woman or the mistress. there’s a place for everyone. KNOW YOUR ROLE, LADIES! A grown woman with a mature mind should always want to be the WIFE; only a little girl lost and abused and brainwashed would want to be a ho or “side chick”…that gets you nowhere. I will tell you what it gets you: Did you know HPV is a virus that infects nearly 85% of ALL AMERICANS with virtually NO SYMPTOMS for men and LATE SYMPTOMS for women? Sadly, this causes much confusion on WHO gave it to you and by the time you find out you have it, YOUVE PASSED IT TO SOMEONE ELSE WITHOUT KNOWING! This is FACT with documented evidence from the government health programs and medical industries. And guess what else? HPV CAN BE CAUGHT WITH WITH WITH WITH WITH A CONDOM ON!!!!!!!!!! And what else? Condoms contain thousands of chemicals– literally– that lower your immunity (causing you to be more open and susceptible to diseases), decreases your sensitivity making it more and more difficult to enjoy sex or even become aroused, and is NOT even a reliable protection from AIDS or pregnancy. I can tell you how to HEAL AND PREVENT DISEASE, and prevent pregnancy through NATURAL birth control 100% effective (not 99.99 like condoms claim) that does not harm your body like condoms, spermicides, and hormonal pills. Don’t just listen to me– do your own research and find out for yourself… Click here if you do want to enhance your sex life to the NEXT LEVEL and heal yourself of STD’s theoshunlife.yolasite.com theoshunlife.yolasite.com theoshunlife.yolasite.com

giiiirlllllla.....aint nobody

giiiirlllllla.....aint nobody readin that book you wrote....stay out that niggas pockets....yall dizzy b*tches always tryna count peoples money!!!
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

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