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CONFIRMED! Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Are PREGNANT! (Kanye Reveals News ON STAGE!)


Pick up your jaws and grab your sanity while you can. Because 2013 is about to be a DOOZY! That's right...Kim Kardashian is pregnant with Kanye West's baby. And it's been confirmed by multiple sources...including Kanye himself. Deets inside...

Not one to be upstaged by any pregnant Duchesses, pregnant exes, or any other big news coming in 2013....Kim Kardashian is pregnant and Kanye West is the father.

35-year-old Kanye wrapped up his 3-night series of concerts at the Revel Resort & Casino in Atlantic City Sunday night....and that's where he decided to make the announcement to thousands of concert goers.  Kim was in attendance as well.

It's been confirmed by members of the Kardashian/Jenner family. 32-year-old Kim has gotten her wishes of having a baby before it's too late....and finding a man who worships her more than she worships herself.  According to E! Online (non-coincidentally), the reality star is 12 weeks along.  The mom to be tweeted pic of Kanye on stage yesterday and said, "Heaven."  Now we know why.

Her sis Khloe tweeted:

Keeping secrets is hard with so many family members! Especially when you are so freaking excited!!!!! LOVE is everything!!!!

Mom Kris Jenner stepped away from concocting a new reality show around this to say:

"Im a happy girl !!!!!!!!! Wowza! Oh BABY BABY BABY,"

And her other little sister Kendall Jenner tweeted:

whos excited about the KIMYE babbyyy?! :D weeee

And big sis Kourtney, already two kids in herself, tweeted:

Been wanting to shout from the rooftops with joy and now I can! Another angel to welcome to our family. Overwhelmed with excitement!

Kim and her legal team have reportedly been exhausting every option to get her divorce from Brooklyn Nets baller Kris Humphries finalized.  And this baby on the way may just do the trick.  And it doesn't hurt that she & 'Ye have solidified at least another couple of years in the spotlight by making a baby together.  And solidified an eternal connection with each other.


After years of pregnancy rumors, it looks like both of the future parents' wishes have come true.  Congrats to the couple.




They seem happy and I'm happy

They seem happy and I'm happy for them.
Happy Lady's picture

Having the devil child,and he

Having the devil child,and he prayed to the devil for this child,:(


WaterBaby's picture

Congratz to both of them!

Congratz to both of them!
Gabbie's picture

Poor Donda, my sister worked

Poor Donda, my sister worked very closely with her for over 10 years. Her mission was to help enrich the lives of black youth and she loved Alexis and Ms Crittendon his 2 black exes, both college educated unlike Kim. Though Ms West was educated she was not into mixing and instilled (or so she thought) the importance of the black family progressing. She's rolling in her grave right now.
KENNEDY78's picture

they love each other and Im

they love each other and Im happy for them. happy that the entire family is excited to welcome their baby---that means a lot! congrats Kimye!!
shuga's picture

I Love that Gown....and I'm

I Love that Gown....and I'm happy that Kanye is going to be a dad because he needs to create a family of his own
star's picture

Kim couldn't have Reggie's

Kim couldn't have Reggie's baby so she settled for Kanye's. Good luck to him he is going to need it.
Zanya's picture

congrats to them. both of

congrats to them. both of them deserve love and to be happy. still dont understand the "he knocked up a hoe" comments but blk ppl will find anyway to tear successful ppl down.
Chloe's picture

Be happy for them each and

Be happy for them each and every of us deserves happiness regardless of our past, congrats kimye, Kanye is a big boy knew what he was getting into when he hooked up with her very excited for them
lolo's picture

Argggg..don't know who I feel

Argggg..don't know who I feel worse for, Kim, Kanye....America- having to hear about this..I think this maybe my last comment involving them EVER
rant's picture

Kanye reminds me of the Tyga

Kanye reminds me of the Tyga dude. They aren't street dudes so they don't understand the philosophy about not getting serious with hoes. You see Jay went and married a nice, talented country girl- i.e. None Hoe. These Kardashians have a knack of latching on to lost black men and slowly destroying their careers while making them their bitch boys. Lamar Odom lost his balling swagger, Reggie Bush was booted from the Saints and lost his balling swagger, Kris Humphries is straight up done. Only one that went into hiding afterwards was Miles Austin. Welcome to the Terrordome for good Ye.
Keys's picture

When Kris Humphries was on

When Kris Humphries was on the show, Lamar Odom pulled him to the side and told him basically to be quiet, sit tight and enjoy the ride because being with a Kardashian is a pay day. You don't become Kanye West- Rich by making stupid business moves.
Lisa's picture

It might be a big pay day but

It might be a big pay day but a real man cares about maintaining his skill set, image and lineage more than just his wallet. The other poster said it right they are lost so they are easy prey to be b*tch made.
JJFad's picture

Well said, if Kanye's mom

Well said, if Kanye's mom was alive he would be married to Alexis & acting like he had some sense. After she passed away he went from one attention whore skank to another. Love is not blind, it has plenty of vision .
JJFad's picture

You raise a good point. Jay

You raise a good point. Jay was born in poverty and worked too hard for his fortune to potentially waste or lose it to a woman like Kim. Dudes thats not from street stay trying to save a hoe....
KENNEDY78's picture

OMG..Life is so lonely .I am

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tom101's picture

After Amber and Wiz made

After Amber and Wiz made their announcement I knew this was next. Kanye can't be outdone, Amber had moved on too happily.
DreadfulBeauty's picture

the bigger reason would be

the bigger reason would be reggie bush. don't think she ever got him outta her system so once he confirmed his father to be status I started my countdown...
sista2sista's picture

Yea, I forgot that Reggie

Yea, I forgot that Reggie also got his girlfriend pregnant. But when did it become so cute to be a grown ass "baby momma"? These women are not young girls anymore so it's sad to see them throwing morals and values out the door. I thought with age brought wisdom and maturity.
DreadfulBeauty's picture



Oh lawd hammercy. Now begins,

Oh lawd hammercy. Now begins, not only the countdown to the new year, but Kim and Ye's every move, shopping spree, and baby bump pictures from now until she pops that baby out the chute. Yes, I now. I don't have to tune in, and trust me, just like with the inundation with Amber Rose and her womb, I won't.
Sunflower Jones's picture

Me either!! They just

Me either!! They just announced it and I'm already done.

Me too, Paige! Me too.

Me too, Paige! Me too.
Sunflower Jones's picture

This is some news they could

This is some news they could have kept to themselves. This falls under the category of "WHO CARES".
BigJohn's picture

They'll have a BEAUTIFUL

They'll have a BEAUTIFUL baby, too! I can hardly wait to see it, ooh, I'm excited like it's me who's pregnant! I just LOVE this hot mess...lol it!!! I'm going to Walmart this week and STOCK UP on popcorn, Twizzlers and soda for this show...lol...This has gotten GOOD ( no pun intended...lol)!!! Now, y'all already know Beyonce is pacing the floor and pulling her wig and Ratchet earrings out, trying to figure out how she can upstage this shit, don't you? By the end of this week, mark my words, she'll do some extra shit for attention...she's so pathetic...lol! Anyhoo...the tea on the cyber streets is that Kim is pregnant with TWINS!!! That'll be so sweet if it's true. Kanyedeserves all of this goodness after all of the sadness he's been through, I just hope Kim doesn't play him and treats him good. It's official, he's all the way IN the Kirdashian clan! I CAN HARDLY WAIT TO SEE THIS BABY...Y'all know it's going to be filmed (the birth) all over the world, right? lol...They'll make it a national holiday! She's going to have soooooooo many designers sending her FREE maternity clothes, baby clothes, baby accessories and food to endorse. They won't have to buy a thing, and it will only get THE BEST OF THE BEST...Trust. Okay...Chris and Rhianna...Chad and Evelyn...it's your turn...lol.
Carmen CaBoom's picture

Your sound like your related

Your sound like your related to them, why are you so excited about this?

Wow! I'm thrilled as peach

Wow! I'm thrilled as peach pie over this hot mess! It's a hot mess, but it's a GOOD hot mess...lol! Oh, boy! I can see it now...magazine shoots for years to come...ca-ching!...Big ASS wedding...ca-ching!...Baby clothing & accessories line...and spin-off show(s)...ca-ching! This will be the most photographed baby of allllllllllllllllllll babies...ever. Wow! What a way to blow out the end of the year and start a new one! I'm soooooo happy for them, I've got goosebumps! Congrats, KimYe!!! 2013...Here we come! Woo-Hoo!!!
Carmen CaBoom's picture

You can say that

You can say that again...Keeping Up With the Kardashians will be on E! for the next 18 yrs, that lil MONEY MAKER inside Kim will make their KLAN millions!
tori's picture

Your one stop place for

Your one stop place for dresses for any occasion, SHop. divasbliss.com
ferry177's picture


tori's picture

Yes, I am so happy for KIM

Yes, I am so happy for KIM AND KANYE!! He's a genius musically and I think this was a great decision....HATERS, Sit Down and Take A Deep Breath, I am sorry your life is not where you want it but you should learn to congratulate others when necessary and maybe pay more attention to your business and you'll be good!! I LOVE, LOVE!! I am happy Kim is finally getting what she wanted because she deserves to be LOVED!! You deserve LOVE, too and if nobody else tells you, I LOVE U b4 the NEW YEAR OR AFTER< YOU HEARD IT FROM ME< I LOVE YOU ALL!! Glad the father is Kanye, an intelligent, strong black man.
MarshayH's picture

Kris Jenner is that you? Girl

Kris Jenner is that you? Girl no need to do damage control you'll get paid lol
Mouse's picture

LMAO, anything to secure her

LMAO, anything to secure her 10%, even if that means makin ur HUSBAND give up HIS Clippers courtside seat for 'Ye lol!
tori's picture

LMAO...Poor KHLOE, & her NON

LMAO...Poor KHLOE, & her NON OVULATIN' A$$...The 1st to get MARRIED, & last to give birth!
tori's picture

Lmfaoooooo!!!! Tori, my blog

Lmfaoooooo!!!! Tori, my blog sister, I love the hell out of you and Rena1970 for always keeping it rea! Your comment was already in my head and made me HILLA'! LOL...l
Carmen CaBoom's picture

Lol :) I bet Khloe is plannin

Lol :) I bet Khloe is plannin a trip RIGHT NOW to an AFRICAN ORPHANGE to pick her up a baby, since she CLEARLY isn't EQUIPPED to have any kids!
tori's picture

You go so hard LOL

You go so hard LOL
Mouse's picture


HOL UP! Isn't Kim STILL MARRIED to Frankenstein?? I've been hearing this rumor for WEEKS but didn't think much of it, congrats to THIRSTY & THIRSTIER! I look forward to seein Kim's huge FAKE A$$ become WIDER & WIDER, how ironic BOTH their EXES are expectin at the SAME DAMN TIME?? 'YE..."YOU KNOW YOU DONE FUCKED NOW, DON'T YOU" I hope u put a RING on it cuz if you EVER leave her, she will take EVERY DAMN THING from u, & u will drive off in a KIA! "Now, I ain't sayin she a GOLD DIGGER...BUT she...!" No wonder Kanye came out lookin like a GIANT SPERM HEAD with that WHITE CHEWBACCA outfit on the other day in AC!
tori's picture

lol....yes girl, flips hair,

lol....yes girl, flips hair, that-is-all
sexybrownpyt's picture

***TEARS*** I can't breath!!!

***TEARS*** I can't breath!!! Whew.
Sunflower Jones's picture

Lol!!! Tori, you are TOO

Lol!!! Tori, you are TOO funny and took the words out ofmy head! Kris is allllllll over this and he certaily will be screwed if things fall apart...ever. Wow.
Carmen CaBoom's picture

Good for them!! I think they

Good for them!! I think they make an adorable couple :-)

Damn dude you have officially

Damn dude you have officially fucked up!!!!

Lol. I believe that is

Lol. I believe that is correct. But he definitely won't realize it for a while.
CheyPie's picture

Kanye...I hate to say it but

Kanye...I hate to say it but his disaster has just begun. Kris Jenner will have her hands all over this. Kim got you before he left her. She knew it was her last shot.




michel&#039;le Aye's picture

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