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WORK: Happy 17th BIRTHDAY Gabrielle Douglas!



Olympic gold medalist Gabrielle Douglas turns 17-years-old today. Celebrate with world's star athlete inside.....


In the words of legendary dance diva Janet Jackson, "When I was 17...." Gabrielle Douglas will have plenty to reflect on when she sits down one day to talk about the year 2012.

As she celebrates her birthday today, Gabby has gone from being an underrated gymnast to one of the most celebrated atheletes in the world.  With numerous endorsements, a best-selling autobiography and countless magazine covers under her belt, her lengendary performances at the 2012 Olympics in London made her the first African American to win the all-around gold medal in gymnastics.

She's America's newest sweetheart and is the perfect example of what hard work and persistence in the face of adversity can result in.  Congrats to Gabby on a stellar year and for making us all proud.

Celebrate with YBF chick Gabrielle in the gallery...





Happy Birthday Fabulous

Happy Birthday Fabulous Gabby!
BlackVesper's picture

Happy Belated Birthday

Happy Belated Birthday fabulous girl!!!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Happy Birthday to the Best

Happy Birthday to the Best Olympic Gold Medalist in the World! … Gabrielle Douglas is the Greatest!
rebellious soul's picture

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happy bday...she looks so

happy bday...she looks so beautiful now..i mean just google kelsnetwork
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tori's picture

Happy birthday GD, your

Happy birthday GD, your beauty reigns supreme.
Realist's picture

Happy Birthday Young Black

Happy Birthday Young Black Queen.
LetsGetIt's picture

Happy B Day Gabby D and

Happy B Day Gabby D and continued success to you and your family because you guys deserve it!
Shay's picture

Aww they grow up so

Aww they grow up so fasT..Happy B'day!..To still look twelve will do u justice for more milestones to come girlie!
Like Really's picture

Looky here. .... I wanna see

Looky here. .... I wanna see a full-blown HD sex tape with 4'6" Gabby & 7'2" Shaq O'neil!!!!!! She can use his penis as gymnastic equipment and swing around on it and spin all over the place.
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

....TAG! ....

....TAG! ....
rebellious soul's picture

LOL!..u so cray!

LOL!..u so cray!
Like Really's picture

Tis the Season to defend the

Tis the Season to defend the “Cray!” … TAG! ...
rebellious soul's picture

Ummm look lost soul I'm not

Ummm look lost soul I'm not interested in playin MF'n games with u or nobody else..so I suggest taggin' ur Dam self and leaving my reply button alone ok..Thanks!
Like Really's picture

Oh yeah! … And I bet you are

Oh yeah! … And I bet you are a liar as well! … TAG!...
rebellious soul's picture

Like Really.... Happy New

Like Really.... Happy New Years Boo :)
LetsGetIt's picture

LoL..Happy New Year

LoL..Happy New Year Letsgetit...crazy self!!
Like Really's picture

Happy Birthday, Girly!

Happy Birthday, Girly! Congratulations on all your success.
CLS1986's picture

Happy Birthday, Ms.

Happy Birthday, Ms. Gabrielle! I hope your new year is even better than the last.
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