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DO WE LOVE IT: "106 & Park" Host Miss Mykie DITCHES The MOHAWK, Gets A Shaved New 'Do (FIRST LOOK)


New "106 & Park" host Miss Mykie says GOODBYE to the "Mohawk Movement" and HELLO to a brand new shaved look.  On today’s 6PM show, Miss Mykie will be debuting a brand new hairstyle to welcome the New Year and the new “106 & PARK.”  But TheYBF.com has the first look.


Decide if we love the Houston chick's new 'do inside....


New year, new hairstyle.  As "106 & Park" co-hosts Bow Wow & Paigion broadcast live from L.A. for the next two weeks, Miss Mykie will remain in NYC at the Gansevoort Hotel to show off her brand new 'do on today's show.

She and co-Host Shorty Da Prince will be interviewing funny actor Marlon Wayans, and we're sure to get an earful from him on how he likes it.


She's had the mohawk since 2007.  Now, she's shaved most of her hair into a close cut, but left some oomph in the front with a blonde streaked swoop.

Photobucket Photobucket

But for all you mohawk lovers, don't fret.  Mykie is in the process of doing a "Mohawk Movement" documentary we hear.  Celebs like her Houston cohorts Bun B, Paul Wall and Slim Thug will be talking about her hair.  And it will also have clips from "106 & PARK" of Nicki Minaj, Cee-Lo Green and Jamie Foxx making comments on her hair.

So, about her new 'do....



Photog Credit: Karl Ferguson Courtesy of BET Networks




Phewwwwwww she finally got

Phewwwwwww she finally got rid of that thing..don't know if I'd call it shitlocks or flies on shit.i got goosebumps just looking at it!
The bomb's picture

So glad she changed her hair.

So glad she changed her hair. I pretty much ignored her on the show just to keep from looking at her hair.
PinkRose's picture

The less weave the

The less weave the better...to be honest all women look best with less...let that natural beauty shine<333333

Just As long as it's anything

Just As long as it's anything but the bundle wool on top of her head everyday I love it
Tren's picture

Jesus on the main line! Tell

Jesus on the main line! Tell him what you want!
Rica123's picture

THANK GOD cuz that demon that

THANK GOD cuz that demon that had laid down and died on top of her head was scary!!
shuga's picture

*tearing up* *LMAO in the

*tearing up* *LMAO in the office* you're gonna get me in trouble
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best decision ever

best decision ever
caribbean_dream_girl's picture


BooLuv's picture

That mohawk looked like SH*T!

That mohawk looked like SH*T! It looked like she pulled the thread out of a sweater and put it on her head. People stopped wearing mohawks like 2 years ago..#late
BEEMA's picture

Umm why is this news? The

Umm why is this news? The mohawk may have been extra but it was different, it diverted attention from another feature...
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

its news because this website

its news because this website is called the young black and fabulous- NOT CNN B*TCH!
BEEMA's picture

This news wouldn't be on CNN

This news wouldn't be on CNN either so Idk why you made that analogy you DUMB FAKE BITCH!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

No sweetie, perfect analogy.

No sweetie, perfect analogy. Point being if you're CONFUSED AS YOU LOOK and are seeking out real news, this is not the place for it, so in reply to your question: "Why is this news?"- ITS NOT NEWS. If you want news, and I repeat: GO TO CNN! If you want gossip about the Young Black and Fabulous, then you come here. Miss Mikey is Young Black and Fabulous last time I checked, so THAT IS WHY THIS IS NEWS ON THE YBF SITE! Any more questions you 8TH GRADE FLONKIE!!!!!!!!!!!?????
BEEMA's picture

NO correction illiterate

NO correction illiterate sweetheart! I asked why is this news on a blog site (YBF or not), meaning no one cares about 106 & park or this girl's HAIR (no offense to her). If I wanted real WORLD NEWS I would go to a REAL news station and NOT a blog site, DUH! If you wanted to make a CLEAR analogy you could have said, "Go to TMZ or some other white blog site for news, because this is a black blog site that posts on black people," that would have made more sense than saying, "Go to CNN." Tricks are for kids, I don't have time for this sh**! SN: It's funny how just YESTERDAY you were agreeing with something I said on a post but today you have a problem with everything I say. Hmm... Is it because I changed my picture from TLC to an actual photo of myself? I guess Tori and the rest of the chicks on this site you harass were right, you are jealous of women, attractive ones at that!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Darlin this is the MOST

Darlin this is the MOST RESPONDED TO POST OF THE DAY with over 25 comments- SO OBVIOUSLY A LOT OF FOLKS CARE. Don't come on here askin stupid questions about why is a post on the site. It's on the site BECAUSE THIS IS THE YBF BLOG and Natasha wanted it there! And you are probably Tori posting under another one of Tori's accounts you schizophrenic b*tch!
BEEMA's picture

If it has the most comments

If it has the most comments it's because of your PSYCHOTIC ASS, fighting with folks non stop for no damn reason! I'm psychotic too for arguing back with someone who is CLEARLY mentally ill. You just go around looking for fights don't you? I made one little comment and you went ballistic like the psych ward escaped mental patient that you are!! FYI I wasn't the ONLY person that asked that question or alluded to that statement, "why is this news." I don't give a shit who's gossip blog site this is, it wasn't news worthy to me and I stick by what I said! I'm not gonna change my mind because BEEMA doesn't like what I said, BITCH PLEASE!!! You say stupid shit IMO on the regular, but do I say anything to your dunce ass? NO! Oh and it's funny how you conveniently won't address what I previously said, about you never having a problem with me or my comments until today.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

suck a fat one!

suck a fat one!
BEEMA's picture

I was gonna say the same

I was gonna say the same thing to you. Clearly you need a man, but oops REAL men don't like trannys. They like their women NATURAL; NO SEX REASSIGNMENT SURGERY.
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TRY AGAIN B!TCH....while u

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The Mohawk was so ugly! I am

The Mohawk was so ugly! I am glad she changed it.
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tom101's picture

Much much better! Thank God.

Much much better! Thank God. That do was hideous. You can actually see how cute she is now.
PacificGirl's picture

Slow day huh? I can't with

Slow day huh? I can't with 106 & Park and their 106 DIFFERENT HOSTS! The mohawk look is so damn 2006, no one ABOVE THE AGE OF 5 should rock one!
tori's picture

'Bout time she cut that dead

'Bout time she cut that dead animal off her head. That mess looked retarded!!! She rocked that thing forever!! She looks like a whole different person.
PhillyPhemale's picture

lm feeling it. she looks way

lm feeling it. she looks way better and the look is a lot younger.
yonaton's picture

She still looks ugly

She still looks ugly
FrenchieAmerican's picture


star's picture

Well at least I can see her

Well at least I can see her face with this hairdo.
Happy Lady's picture

O____O .....0____0...leaves

O____O .....0____0...leaves page, flips hair, that-is-all
sexybrownpyt's picture

Well good RIDDANCE to that

Well good RIDDANCE to that RAGEDY MATTED UP MESS she had going on. The Mohawk was so early 2000's anyway. Ms Thingie looks 100% BETTER! After all she is the better looking 1 of the 2 females cuz the other one ain't even a lil bit cute.
Shay's picture

I don't watch the show.

I don't watch the show. Beautiful young lady. Hate her clothes. And her hair is like so 5 years ago (literally) what the fuck is the hoopla about?
Sincerely WF's picture

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