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EBONY MAGAZINE'S BLACK LOVE COVER COUPLES: Meagan Good & DeVon Franklin + T.I. & Tiny + T.D. Jakes & Wife Serita

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EBONY magazine debuted their 3 covers displaying BLACK LOVE for their February 2013 issue.  Check out tv's new leading lady and her movie studio exec hubby, reality tv's fave hip hop couple, and the megachurch leader/film producer with his First Lady inside....

Meagan Good & DeVon Franklin are the newlyweds amongst the three couples featured.  And they're looking HOT on the new EBONY cover.

The "Deception" actress manages to look effortlessly sexy at all times as she's pictured hugged up in her husband DeVon Franklin's lap in a sheer black Avelon pullover and a peek-a-boo Kiki de Montparnasse bodysuit.

Since getting married 7 months ago in a private (and surprise) ceremony, the twosome seem to be so in love.  And living on different coasts while Meagan shoots her new NBC show still hasn't put out their fire.  Meagan told the mag:

“One of the reasons I think God put us together is that we see the world very much alike, and where we see it differently, we complement each other."

And on how they make it work: "What do I do for him that's romantic? I try to surprise him whenever he comes to town. I wear nice things…Wink!"

Not mad at that.



T.I. & Tiny have been married for two and a half years, and they have survived some time apart thanks to a few jail stints.  So taking a little love advice from the rapper and singer, who have been together for a total of 14 years and more in love than ever, doesn't seem too crazy.

T.I. on happily ever after: "Once I made my mind up that I was going to be committed to this relationship, I started being married then and there.… Since I've been married, it's the same relationship, we're the same people. We treat each other the same way, and we're just as happy now as we were before."


And on the third cover is mega church pastor and film producer T.D. Jakes, along with is wife Serita:



The Dallas-based church involved twosome are also making their debut as an EBONY cover couple.  They've been married the longest of the three, and have some sound advice.

Bishop T.D. Jakes on marriage: "Marriage requires work and expecting the unexpected.… Don't let other people design a marriage you can't live with. Keep other people out your business. Every marriage is different."

Word.  All three fab covers hit stands January 4th.  

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Too much photoshop for

Too much photoshop for Meagan....no likey this pic!
star's picture

I love me some TD Jakes!!!

I love me some TD Jakes!!!

Me Too

Me Too
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hooklookping's picture

Megan Good's husband is

Megan Good's husband is FINE!! They look really cute here. She looks very fresh and young. I love T.I. and Tiny's love. They seem to have fun together and he is fine as all get out!! You never hear anything negative about T.D. and Serita Jakes. Love them!!
holmesa925's picture

Meagan looks good on the

Meagan looks good on the cover..her and her husband
BEEMA's picture

Meagan and whoever her

Meagan and whoever her husband is look weird together and she can not act at all. I think her husband wants to be in front of the camera more than she do. And TI and Tiny is blah to me. TI looks like he was tapped in prison by one of them boys. And Bishop and his wife are adorable. But come on they could of had a better picture of them connecting. Bishops like sex, we all know that so why not show a picture of them holding each other instead of a power pic of him looking superior to her.
Lifeatbest's picture

Love to see Black Love!

Love to see Black Love! Beautiful covers!
Beautyfulones's picture

Nice covers. To the person

Nice covers. To the person talking ill about Serita Jakes, please have some respect. She is an older, dignified woman of God that always represents us well.
JJFad's picture

I love T.I. but him and

I love T.I. but him and Tiny's ratchet behinds don't need an Ebony cover! They have an open relationship, no body should want to take relationship advice from them unless they're ghetto too. Meagan Good and whoever that man is she married are irrelevant, not many people know who they are. Plus I'm not buying this "good girl" pastor's wife image Meagan is selling. Isn't this the same woman that wore 99 cents leggings and recycled trashy outfits from the clubs every weekend?
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tom101's picture

T.D. Jakes looks like the

T.D. Jakes looks like the BEFORE picture of Djimon Honsou on weight watchers!
tori's picture


BEEMA's picture

I LOVE T.D. Jakes. He is

I LOVE T.D. Jakes. He is absolutely right, keep other people out your business. I learned the hard way and I'm glad I did..
Blessed020509's picture

Mmmm T.D. Jakes looks like he

Mmmm T.D. Jakes looks like he don't even want to hug that ole buffalo soldier, laffin.

I absolutely loved the pilot

I absolutely loved the pilot episode of "Deception." Meagan's a good actress and the storyline is great. I truly hope the show does well. I remember reading a Sister 2 Sister interview with her years before she was with her husband and you could tell she was settling down and searching for more a meaningful place in life and a closer walk with God. It seems that she and her husband complement each other.
Tagirl27's picture

Meagan's marriage to this guy

Meagan's marriage to this guy was 100% career move. She was unable to find steady/stable work with her image of Chain-Smoking while leaving a Club every night. Now...all of a sudden she just happens to land this great job....shortly after cleaning up (and she and her hubby don't even live in the same time zone...smh) ...............
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Why that last cover look like

Why that last cover look like the poster to that TYLER PERRY SHOW Meet The Browns? Anywho, every1 looks nice & MARRIAGE should ALWAYS be celebrated!
tori's picture

Meagan Good and her husband

Meagan Good and her husband look like a sexy couple. I enjoyed watching the first episode of Deception on Hulu, Meg and Laz Alonzo did good. Ti and Tiny look kosher. that-is-all, flips hair.
sexybrownpyt's picture


Carmen CaBoom's picture

I appreciate Tiny leaving the

I appreciate Tiny leaving the "hoodrattedness" at home and embracing some softness and maturity...now if we can just get that damn jewelry off her damn brow..
TrueThinker's picture

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