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SHOTS FIRED: Azealia Banks Scraps With Rapper Angel Haze On Twitter, Gets Called A "Charcoal Skinned B*tch"

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Another day, another Twitter catfight involving Azealia Banks.  But this time, it may not be (all) her fault.  Check out why up and coming rapper Angel Haze dissed Azealia's skin color in a Twitter scrap just hours ago....

It all started when Azealia busted out with one of her out-of-the-blue statements that always seem to get folks riled up.  She said, "Seriously, if you were not born and raised in NY.... DON'T CLAIM NY. YOU ARE NOT A NEW YORKER."

She went on to say not even upstate NY or "indie brands in Brooklyn" count. 


In walks 21-year-old Detroit native Angel Haze (pictured directly above), an up and coming rapper who has a few mixtapes out and appeared in 2012's BET Hip Hop Awards cipher.  Apparently, she took offense (despite Azealia never mentioning her or anyone's name) and went hard at Yung Repunxel over her words.

She threatened to "shank" her and then called her a charcoal-skinned b*tch.  A little confusing since Angel is also a black woman with brown skin.  But even if she wasn't, this dig was a bit...much.

Check out her tweets (read from the bottom up) that were RT'd by Azealia since Angel has now erased her own:

 Photobucket Photobucket

Why would a Detroit rapper give a damn about Azaelia's NY remark?  Well, Angel just moved to Brooklyn, and apparently is sometimes labeled a s a "Brooklyn rapper."  She came on the scene doing a remix of Eminem's "Cleaning Out my Closet," but recently made a song called “New York,” where she says she runs a city she just moved to in May.

Sounds like some serious sensitivity is running through the twitter wold today.


And alluding to reports that Angel is a lesbian, Azealia then said, "Sir! please fix your tuck! your dick is showing!!!!"

Sigh.  Things got ugly, but Angel has deleted her tweets.

Source: Twitter

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ok im lost...why is angel

ok im lost...why is angel haze whatever saying ANYTHING about her skin tone when they are BOTH the same color...which is absolutely gorgeous. pls stop! secondly, for anyone who is not aware...no homophobic anything wit AB. she is a very proud bi-sexual woman. altho i dont agree wit stupid arguing over social networks...i js dont see why angel got involved in that. shes from detroit. rep detroit. to me..thats js fake.com. reppin' someplace you are not from and even if you lived there all your years ...lets be clear...she JUST moved to bk from detroit. stop it. smh. NEXT!

Azealia Banks is beautiful

Azealia Banks is beautiful and very much real...she definitely doesn't hold back and I like that about her...I do not know AngelHaze but....anyway, we see what happened there. Publicity Stunt!

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hooklookping's picture

Azealia Banks gets into it

Azealia Banks gets into it with everyone and their mama! Does this girl ever chill out? Chick has so much potential but talks too much sh**! This girl is gonna come up missing. Sometimes you should just walk away; pick and choose your battles.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Angel's "charcoal skin"

Angel's "charcoal skin" comment was DEFINITELY wrong. However, are we all just going to ignore/gloss over miss Azealia's homophobic/transphobic comment calling Angel "sir" and talking about fixing her tuck because her dick is showing? They BOTH said some fucked up shit, in my opinion.

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tom101's picture

Pigtail syndrome--> Angel

Pigtail syndrome--> Angel Haze has a crush on Azealia Banks, and wanted her presence to be known. hmm...Angel comment made no sense, both girls are nearly the same complexion. 0.o whatevs, flips hair, that-is-all
sexybrownpyt's picture

And i thought New York was

And i thought New York was more REVOLUTIONARY than that. You negros are worse than us in the south!!!!!What happen the black mecca Harlem with all the greatness that was there, what happen to the 5 %ers on the block building and talking to the youth. You New York niggas have dropped the ball completelyyyyyyy BECAUSE YALL KNEW THE KNOWLEDGE!!!Yall had them cyphers on the block back in the day!!Teaching and doing the damn thing. What happen???
LetsGetIt's picture

Why the hell are u referring

Why the hell are u referring to New York like it's 1920, durin the Harlem Renaissance? You sound crazy (well CRAZIER than usual)!
tori's picture

Who the hell said anything

Who the hell said anything about the Harlem Renaissance??? I wasn't even around then!!! Sista tori you gotta stop replying to me sista cause your brain has been infected from listening to these women wayy to much sista.
LetsGetIt's picture

That boy Tori swear she is

That boy Tori swear she is BLACK!! LETSGETIT DON'T EVEN RESPOND TO TORI- he is a man!!!Somebody needs to back hand him into the wall for even talking about the Harlem Renaissance
BEEMA's picture

LMAO @LetsGetIt2getherIn2013

LMAO @LetsGetIt2getherIn2013 I have no beef with u, you're VERY ENTERTAINING & I agree with u sumtimes BUT u were carryin on about New York bein "REVOLUTIONARY" & the "5%ers" & what not, u (NO OFFENSE) sounded like a GEECHI SLAVE that never left the South & had dreams of goin to the North where NEGROS prospered & had CLASS & GREAT careers...straight ROOTS MONOLOGUE!...sorry!
tori's picture

I am actually fucking

I am actually fucking laughing out loud!!! DEADDDDDD Even more mad at (no offense) That nigger needs to take all the offense possibly possible.
Sincerely WF's picture

You got some nerve you piece

You got some nerve you piece of trash calling people slaves....they need to ban you from the site
BEEMA's picture

Ummm shut the fuck up. AnGel

Ummm shut the fuck up. AnGel Haze, who made the dumb fucking comment, is from DETROIT. DO YOU READ?!!? So she's JUST AS MUCH of a GODDAMN HICK as you.
Sincerely WF's picture

Sista why call me a hick, my

Sista why call me a hick, my beautiful sista why call me out my name. Be better than that black woman!! Detroit is not the south so i aint no damn hick. Come on now queen calm down !!
LetsGetIt's picture

Nah Nah Nahhh!!! Don't call

Nah Nah Nahhh!!! Don't call it self hate because she's not dark, but i always say WHEN IT COMES TO BLACKNESS, black women are some of the most racist and cruel people on the planetttttt!!! How can you insult somebody by calling them charcoal skinned?? Skin complexion issues is another topic black people don't want to talk about and they sweep it under the rug. But i honestly think that most black women think dark skin is a sin, i believe that when the average black women see a dark skinned person they think it ugly because they feel negros should have more admixture in them so they won't look like momma Africa!! This is why in this day and age im afraid to have a daughter with a black woman because they hate blackness. NOT ALL but most. IM JUST BEING REAL!!! I mean goddamn we going backwards. I remember seeing pictures of my aunt and momma in the 70's with the fist up just beautifull and im like damn WHAT HAPPEN. All you can think of is the shit was just a phase, just a style that went out because black women wanted to look white. Black women are afraid of steping out of white people comfort zone. I mean in the 70 so many of them crakkka women were jealous because they couldn't have a afro and look like the black woman IT'S RIDICULOUS!!!Had them crakkkas trying to grow afros!!!YAll had your own custom look , and gave it up just to look like a pale beast!!!But Each generation we lose ourselves negros will have no identity in 20 years NONE NADA. Everything that could've been cultural about us WE GAVE THAT SHIT UP!!
LetsGetIt's picture

Why MUST you single women

Why MUST you single women out? I just watched Kordell Stewart's dumb, down-low dumb fuck ass call ANOTHER MAN-- BLURPLE. Cause he was so BLACK he's BLURPLE. NOW THAT'S SOME DUMB COUNTRY SHIT for your country fucking field nigger ass!
Sincerely WF's picture

@Sincerely WF...I can't

@Sincerely WF...I can't believe Kordell called Peter "BLURPLE" like Kordell ain't brown toned! That made me feel a certain type of way about him b/c up until that point he seemed SEMI-NORMAL & LEVEL HEADED! Then again he married Porsha ditzy a$$ so I guess he's not that damn smart!
tori's picture

Yes @ Sincerely WF and @Tori.

Yes @ Sincerely WF and @Tori. Letsgetit, kordell and Angel Haze are all cut from the same cloth, just ignorant as all hells. @letsgetit with his HICK comments, talks about the same sh*t everyday. He can't be saved and needs to climb into a dark hole and be forgotten. that-is-all flips hair.
sexybrownpyt's picture

Sista you love the white man

Sista you love the white man PLEASE DO NOT USE MY NAME ANYMORE. A sista as beautiful as you love A DEVIL!!!You have been banned from using my name. Im a pro black brotha I'D NEVER DEGRADE BLACKNESS LIKE THOSE FOOLS.
LetsGetIt's picture

I didn't single out women at

I didn't single out women at all!! But for the most part it's black women that cause this colorism issue, you never heard a black man call his children nappy head, or black ass, or tell they children to stay out the sun to keep from getting black. I mean sista i hate to come off as offensive but when i see a problem I GO TO THE SOURCE!!!! No reason to call me a racist term THAT I EXPECT A WHITE MAN to say to me . You gotta be better than that sista.
LetsGetIt's picture

AMAZING! Ok, I'm completely

AMAZING! Ok, I'm completely lost since they're the same complexion. Black women hate each other and worship the likes of KimK. I had to log onto YT to see what this Angel Haze has to offer and the bitch sucks majorly. Boo you're not from NY I agree w/AB. Gone claim your city and get your Big Sean on- but most importantly grow the eff.
KENNEDY78's picture

Please don't rep NY if your

Please don't rep NY if your not from NY (that is NYC); not Albany or buffalo, or even long Island. just don't do it

Self hate is a mutha

Self hate is a mutha
Somerknight's picture

Angel Haze is darker than the

Angel Haze is darker than the darkest person in my family ... "Charcoal skinned bitch " ?
Tehara's picture

She looks like FeFe Dobson in

She looks like FeFe Dobson in that 1st pic
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

O_0 who are these people,

O_0 who are these people, never heard of them. Must be trying to make a name for themselves. SMH

I'm surprised no one

I'm surprised no one commented on Angel Haze's Aaliyah stealin azz steeze..
TrueThinker's picture

LOL - too funny and true.

LOL - too funny and true.
Happy Lady's picture

yOUNG rAPUNXEL Is a stupid

yOUNG rAPUNXEL Is a stupid ass name,,,,,,I dont't like Azealia's oooogly ass>>>>>>
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

what is she talking about ?

what is she talking about ? she is darkskinned too ? like WTF ?
obama2012's picture

These two IDIOTS look

These two IDIOTS look related! Twitter has OFFICIALY ENDED STREET CRED! These THUMB THUGS are the devil, wouldn't bust a grape in a FRUIT FIGHT!
tori's picture

Why do we as black people

Why do we as black people hate ourselves so much? It's 2012 What the hell's going on...? Do better
DIMPLES DEE's picture

Look at the DATE below ur

Look at the DATE below ur comment smh!
tori's picture

LMAO!!! I'm dying over here

LMAO!!! I'm dying over here - LOL!!!
Happy Lady's picture


BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

lol..cut it out..

lol..cut it out..
TrueThinker's picture

lol...reminds me of when we

lol...reminds me of when we used to call ppl african booty scratchers. when ppl are arguing they are liable to say anything---but thumb-thuggin has got to stop. its corny.
shuga's picture

You know. I thought I liked

You know. I thought I liked Angel Haze for a second. Until she showed her ignorant ass on youtube. Charcoal-skinned bitch? What a dumb-idiot fuck. Done. Done. Done. If that dumb nigger ain't sorely mistaken.... smfh how the fuck you start off talking about someone's SKIN COLOR? DUMB FUCK. Swear to god that one statement made me hate that cunt. She shows how much of an idiot she is on youtube.
Sincerely WF's picture

honestly I'm a little

honestly I'm a little confused lol can't keep up with which is which and who said what ..... anyways
BeautyLuvsMii's picture

Rappers claim to be so tough,

Rappers claim to be so tough, but they are some real sensitive mothajumpers!
SweetDivaT's picture

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