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SISTERLY LOVE: Tia Mowry Hardrict Pens Motherhood Letter To Twin Sis Tamera + More Pics of Baby Aden!


Actresses Tia & Tamera launched their new joint website with a super sweet posting about 2-month old baby Aden Housley.  Check out a never before seen pic of the twins in the delivery room with Aden, a new pic of the cutie, and Tia's sweet letter to her sis about motherhood....

How cute!  Tamera Mowry Housley has been a new mom for a couple of months now, and she's overjoyed with how sweet her baby boy is growing up.  She posted a new pic (below) of Aden today on her Instagram, while Tia took to the twins' new website to pen her sister a sweet letter saying she was inspired by Tamera's letter to her son.


Nothing like sisterly love to give you encouragement and love:



Both of the sisters starred in their fair share of TV movies last year.  This year, Tia has the Baggage Claim movie in the works, and is shooting a TV movie called Instant Mom.

The Randomness:

1.  George Lucas and Melody Hobson are now ENGAGED after dating almost 10 years.  STORY





Nothing in hollyweird is

Nothing in hollyweird is genuine. That would have a real heartfelt letter had it not been displayed for their celebrity status. I wrote a letter to my baby sister for her college graduation, that letter was not displayed on Facebook or Instagram. It meant to much to her and I . Love ya
kimaras31's picture

Tamera’s Cute Little Lovebug

Tamera’s Cute Little Lovebug looks very happy, and I'll bet that he's treasured by his family!
rebellious soul's picture

oh shut up. corny asses.

oh shut up. corny asses.
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Adorable son, he looks more

Adorable son, he looks more african american in this pic. Tia and Tamera are such great role models.
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If you look at pictures of

If you look at pictures of Cree when he was first born he looks more like Aden. I think Cree is also cute. There is a baby picture of the twins with their parents and Cree looks like Tia, head and all. He will grow into it.
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I love them. Very classy

I love them. Very classy
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I'll never understand why

I'll never understand why celebrities why each other letters ONLINE. Like Tia to Tamera, Beyoncé to Obama, Beyoncé to Michelle, Beyoncé to...well, basically everyone lmao Don't y'all have those people phone numbers? Email addresses? Home addresses? Freaking facebook contact? Write them PRIVATELY. Making it public takes away 99% of its genuinity.
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I love Tia and Tamera but

I love Tia and Tamera but sometimes they can be so corny to me. Tamera's baby is cute though!
Shay's picture

He's a cutie.

He's a cutie.
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She should have sent it to

She should have sent it to her in the mail. Try a little time in low key land...

Tamara's son is adorable!!

Tamara's son is adorable!! that is all, flips hair
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Handsome boy! Congrats to

Handsome boy! Congrats to the new parents and auntie!
PR22's picture

Too cute!

Too cute!
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Tia's penmanship is AWFUL,

Tia's penmanship is AWFUL, but the letter was sweet! Aden's gonna be a lil heartbreaker, while his Cree is goin to be....his OLDER COUSIN!
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Gorg baby ahhh

Gorg baby ahhh
DIMPLES DEE's picture

Congrats....she knows how to

Congrats....she knows how to make a republican white boy
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Brutal! Dang...

Brutal! Dang...
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LOL..a mess!

LOL..a mess!
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