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TONED UP: The Game Shows Off His Post-Diet Bod In "Before And After" CHEST Shots


His engagement to Tiffney Cambridge may be rocky.  But his diet plan is anything but.  The Game has posted before and after pics from his new fitness regimen. See the fruit of his labor inside....

Most people kick off their New Year with some new health initiatives.  But The Game is already 30 days in.


"Married To The Game" star and rapper The Game wants fans to know he is taking his healthy and fitness very seriously.  He's currently halfway through a fitness regime that he tweeted about saying,

"Day 30 check in: all my goals were accomplished in the 1st 30 days of my 60daysoffitness.


He explains his new physique saying, "The goal was to dramatically change my eating habits to a clean diet without error as well as shed the body fat wit massive cardio/ab workouts - Running, hiking, cycling etc." 


He posted a pic of one of his typical lunches too.  "& here it is ladies & gents.... Day 30 lunch: shrimp, tomato & red onion salad... Light balsamic vinegar."


The process is all a part of his little brother BWS Byrd's exercise program called 60 Days of Fitness.  He said he hasn't lost any weight number wise, but changed fat into muscle.

Looking good!

 Photos via Instagram



When metro sexual goes

When metro sexual goes gangster goes metro sexual
Tiff's picture

Good for him but he should

Good for him but he should just try to be healthy than for looks. I like the before pic better.
WaterBaby's picture

Me too!

Me too!
Laia's picture

Umm, that looks like

Umm, that looks like PHOTOSHOP before & after pics, but congrats to The Game, all them tats are a turn OFF!
tori's picture

yea he definitely looks like

yea he definitely looks like he did massive amounts of cardio and NO weight lifting. He looks sick. He's too tall for this. Put some muscle on. He looks like a bobble head lol
Sincerely WF's picture

you don't turn fat into

you don't turn fat into muscle, and from what I see, you haven't gained anything.. but congrats on your life change my dude.
TrueThinker's picture

no comment

no comment
BEEMA's picture

He's still funny lookin' with

He's still funny lookin' with his pug nose - ewww!
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hooklookping's picture

Lost lbs, but didnt acquire

Lost lbs, but didnt acquire that much definition? Interesting.

My cousin eats clean and she

My cousin eats clean and she uses dance as her cardio (she's a choreographer)....her 6 pack is banging!! I've tried, but it takes ALOT of discipline to eat clean b/c you get bored if you don't know a variety of meals to prepare. Our government has done a nice job of making healthy food expensive so that's another setback.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

The government has not made

The government has not made healthy food more expensive. I spend no more than $10 at the farmers market for the week. What it is, is junk for is more convenient. The government has however, glorified food such as pork (the other white meat lol), cheese, cows milk, eggs, etc...it's a campaign to keep the farms going but red meat and pork are a detriment to anyone's health. Don't be fooled, you can eat healthy on a budget!

ok that's nice. he did seem

ok that's nice. he did seem to lose some weight in his face,,,,his body looks aight tho>>>>
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