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YBF ON THE SET: Tamar Braxton's "Love And War" Video Shoot

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Tamar Braxton chatted exclusively with TheYBF.com as we visited the set of her latest video "Love And War" on Thursday. Find out what she revealed about the visuals and how she spent New Year's Eve, inside...


TheYBF.com spoke with reality TV star Tamar Braxton on the set of her "Love And War" video inside a Hollywood Hills home.  And we're still addicted to this song.


The Walid Azami-directed clip is the lead single (which hit #1 on iTunes) from Tamar's upcoming album of the same nameAnd she describes her new project as, "dramatic, truthful and passionate."

As for her debut video from the album, the concept shows the soft romantic side of the fast talking, sometimes sharp tongued Tamar.  She told us about the vid:

"The concept is about being vulnerable and being sexy. Pretty much about being in a relationship that you are trying to figure out.  I'm wearing a very simple, very expensive sweatshirt. I’m chilling at the house, then me and my husband [Vince Herbert] get in an argument. It's very narrative. We simply play out the lyrics of the song."

She added,

"There’s a guy that’s in the video but you never see his face. And I did that because the song means so much to so many people that I wanted everybody to picture their man or their mate so they can really feel what the song is about."



Working with Terrell Mullin and Larry Sims on her glam squad, she kept her look simple with soft curls, a far cry from the completely styled up looks she rocks on the daily during "Tamar & Vince" & "Braxton Family Values" (they've already started filming the full third season).





The location was gorgeously decorated.  Tamar revealed that she and her husband Vince have moved into another new home in LA themselves, but it's not furnished yet.  She said she can't wait to get started because she doesn't plan to move again for a very long time. 

And as for how she spent NYE, Tamar revealed that she spent it in LA with her sister, Toni, and a few friends.  On the couch.

"We watched the ball drop on TV. It was very cheesy. We had champagne and some snacks. And that’s what we did. It was very chill."


Tamar's husbandger Vincent Herbert was spotted being his usual supportive self on the set.


Tamar, who posed it up with our correspondent Ashlee and revealed she's a big fan of TheYBF.com, said she's very grateful for fans' support. 

"I am very grateful to my Tamartian friends. They really do mean a whole lot to me. I grew up not having a lot of friends. So for people to really like me for me and to really appreciate my music and who I am really means a lot to me."

In addition to the video release, Tamar says her goals for 2013 are to be happy, to see her album drop, to remain stress free and to make sure she and Vince have a great year.

Good luck Tamar!


Pics: Correspondents Ashlee Laughlin & Lauren Smith

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Tamar is very talented and

Tamar is very talented and extremely misunderstood. I purchased her song on itunes, its a good song an she has an AMAZING voice.
KareeThe Artist's picture

I love Tamar!!! Can't wait

I love Tamar!!! Can't wait for the video & the long awaited album!! #tamartian
NikoleRay's picture

1. Ready for this video 2.

1. Ready for this video 2. Ready for her sophomore solo album 3. Hoping that this video will perfectly illustrate the lyrics to "Love & War"
C2C's picture

Here we go AGAIN with this

Here we go AGAIN with this EXTRA B!TCH...
tori's picture

I didn't find anything good

I didn't find anything good about that song....nothing I would buy off iTunes or put on repeat..
Laia's picture

@beema how dare you try to

@beema how dare you try to come for any when you stand for Britney Spears??? Love&War debut #57 on bb and it's airplay great considering it's a R&B ballad. Be mad at yourself for standing for artist who can't sing or even dance anymore.

@Dred Vince Locs, That

@Dred Vince Locs, That UNEMPLOYED FAT MAN @BEASTMA is a CERTIFIED LUNATIC (read HIS comments, u will see) who OFTEN MAKES UP FACTS, SKEW STATISTICS & just FLAT OUT LIE about sh!t! He is a SAD man who SPREADS HATE becuz he is UNHAPPY with his life, & he STAY LOSING! He likes Britney Spears becuz she is a MEANTALLY ILL INDIVIDUAL, just like him, tryin to pass for SANE! He dropped out of skool at age 10 & is good for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, therefore he has NO JOB & STEALS wi-fi from a nearby church...yep the WEAK BASTARD even STEALS from the Lord! Pray for him, he DON'T know any better! FYI He wants to be a WOMAN so bad he often LASHES OUT AGAINST US, but I guess u have nuthin to worry about!
tori's picture

"lashes out against us"?

"lashes out against us"? Don't you mean lashes out against them? Us would mean that you're a woman- and you CLEARLY LOOK LIKE A MAN TERRANCE!
BEEMA's picture

Darlin for the way Tamar runs

Darlin for the way Tamar runs her mouth and acts like a fab celeb, her sales and BILLBOARD numbers aren't backing her up. And the R&B charts don't matter. If the song was hot it should have been top ten on the R&B charts. Britney Spears is the 8th most SUCCESSFUL SELLING ARTIST IN THE HISTORY OF MUSIC according to Rolling Stones, and that was by the time she was 25. At least I'm a fan of a #winner..cuz I'm #WINNING...you mad?!
BEEMA's picture

All yall some IGNORANT ASS

All yall some IGNORANT ASS PEOPLE TO SAY THE THINGS YALL ARE SAYING About someone you know nothing about. Clearly you cant know anything about her. Also thats very IGNORANT and HUrtFUL to call her Husband fat. He is a nice looking man and a sweetheart. Another thing TAMAR has had an album before this a SOLO album so this is not her first, and she is not trying to be her sister, and TONI said that Tamar has the best voice of all the sisters, so PLEASE STOP WITH ALL OF YOUR HATERISM, CLEARLY YALL LIKE SOMTHIng About hER otherwise no one would come to a page about someone they dont like, yall just MAD CAUSE YALL AINt HER #GETYALLLIFE @BEEMA @sweetpea1989 (not so sweet, miserable FUK) @BEEMA SUX DIX

I know she salty that single

I know she salty that single didn't even break the Billoard Top 90!! Now she know how hard it was to achieve the success Toni did. Tamar you will never be Toni!! And we all know your FAT HUSBAND BOUGHT ALL YOUR ITUNE SONGS to make you #1 on Itunes....
BEEMA's picture

Besides how can someone you

Besides how can someone you dont know annoy you? Thats petty.

I think personality is

I think personality is irrelevant when it comes to true talent. Although I honestly believe shes not as bad as ppl make it seem. Im sure shes not the only "loud" person in the world. When its time to showcase vocally she is on it and thats what matters. We will never know a person fully unless we were with them personally anyway. I know theres more to her than what we see.

I love her song; she can

I love her song; she can sing!
Happy Lady's picture

Zzzzzzzz!!! to the song and

Zzzzzzzz!!! to the song and Tamar's annoying azz
sweetpea1989's picture

Love the song. I think the

Love the song. I think the video may be a little late though.
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hooklookping's picture

Ahh so excited! Can't wait

Ahh so excited! Can't wait for the video to drop :-)
Samantha Byrd's picture

Because she talks SO much, I

Because she talks SO much, I was surprised to hear how soft and gentle Tamar's singing voice is. I admit, I love the song. I hope its success encourages her to tone it down a bit & let her talent speak for itself.

Well put.

Well put.
MrsCPA's picture

I'm not believin no soft and

I'm not believin no soft and romantic side,,,,Tamar is so LOUD AND ANNOYING,,,, I can't stand her troll ass.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

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