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REUNITED: Bill Cosby & Tempestt Bledsoe Dish "Cosby Show" Secrets On "Jimmy Fallon"

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Both Bill Cosby & Tempestt Bledsoe were coincidentally booked to be on "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" on Friday night to talk about their respective new projects.  So, of course, Jimmy made it into an impromptu "Cosby Show" reunion.  Check out some cute video inside...

Tempestt Bledsoe stars on NBC's newest comedy "Guys With Kids," which is also produced by Jimmy.  So the actress turned talk show host turned actress again hit up the couch to talk about working with her tv husband Anthony Anderson. 

Bill Cosby, on the show to discuss his new book, I Didn't Ask To Be Born, was also on the show.  So the twosome revealed a few behind the scenes Cosby secrets that went down during the show.

Check out Tempestt and Bill telling the story of how Tempestt and Keshia Knight Pulliam (Rudy) did one of the funniest scenes in "Cosby Show" history.  And how Bill valued education so much, he shaped their filming schedule around Tempestt's college classes:

Loves it.  Check out all the rest of the videos HERE.


Pic: NBC

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Loved this show growing up.

Loved this show growing up. So many good memories.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

The cosby show.....one of the

The cosby show.....one of the best shows EVER!!!!!!!
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Cosby is jammin in the first

Cosby is jammin in the first pic, and he's still funny....lol that-is-all flips hair
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Tori, darling, your tolerance

Tori, darling, your tolerance for special needs patients exceeds mine. I've seen "it" baiting me in several times before, but I refuse to waste my cell battery juice on such a misfit of society who's obviously starved of attention and a quality man (or woman). See, this is one of the problems associated with Obama's extending the unemployment benefits, individuals like "it" has way too much idle time on its paws...I mean, hands.
Carmen CaBoom's picture

It's so refreshing to see our

It's so refreshing to see our last example of the "great black hope" in America. This reminds me of a time when black women still had their virtue and black men were true leaders in both the home AND community. It was a sacred time of blessings, love, purity, unity, education, richness of culture and spirituality and we had a true sense of self. Now, most black folk celebrate and glorify being savages, rachet, thugs, hoes and heathens....everything that the Cosby era was opposite of. On "The Cosby Show", (as well as any show back then), they showed examples of reality, but there was always a lesson to be learned at the end of the show to make the viewer THINK about having choices in effort to think and live outside of dysfunction. Nowadays, there is NONE of that. Shaunie and Mona Scott COULD be at the end (or beginning) of each dysfunctional ratchet segment of LAHH/BBW'S, suggesting to the viewer not to try what they see at home and to seek better choices even if that is their reality...and so forth. They don't and won't do that because that obscurs their bottom line - lots of money at the expense of exploiting our black women and men. Shaunie and Mona Scott, you have this generation's blood, sweat, tears, semen and vaginal juices on your hands. You may not see it or be affected by it now, but the God that I serve WILL punish you for this and allllll of the material gain you will have gained will have been gotten in vain. I can imagine that Shaunie doesn't allow her own children to watch reality tv, especially BBW's, but she has no problem with our children watching it. Just look at Tempest in the above pic. She's wearing fire engine red leather pants, yet STILL sexy. She's beautiful, smart, charming, virtuous and talented with no need to show her butt, breast or shout about being a "bad bitch" or cum swallower. This current generation of young folk, you all are in trouble! I thank God that I grew up in the Cosby era! Just seeing these two makes me feel all warm and tingly...and safe and pure...inside. I love Bill Cosby and I love Tempsett Bledsoe...and yhe whole cast! All of them have retained their wholesome image and integrity even outside of the show in real life and I love that too!
Carmen CaBoom's picture

Very insightful indeed. I,

Very insightful indeed. I, too, remember a time when we respected ourselves. Loved the 'Cosbys' and everything they stood for. I feel badly for my son and those that are like him. We raised him the old fashioned way, but always wonder if we've prepared him for the nonsense that his own kind will throw at him, never mind the caucasions. Special prayers for the last generation and the new ones. They are lost...
Zetagirl's picture

I understand your sentiments.

I understand your sentiments. This generation is lost and don't even care to be found. And the scarier part of that is that they are reproducing a new generation that undoubtedly also have babies who will some day possibly be our future "leaders" and "caretakers". I pray that Jesus takes the wheel and shows me mercy in that day. Here in Memphis just yesterday, there was a shooting inside or outside of a guy's funeral who was murdered last weekend across the street from a police precinct in broad daylight. Who does that, other than a savage? There are more cops going to jail than civilians here too...or just as many...every other week. These are folk in the 20-40 year-old age bracket...the crack babies and bey-bey kids who have all grown up. Some idiot jacked a cop for his patrol car the other day then wrecked and burned it. Who does that? Some guy in another city killed his grandmother because he didn't like what she wanted to watch on tv recently. Who does that? All of this violent movies, video games and dysfunctional reality shows is only compounding the dorment crazy that's already in a lot of these nut's heads and breeding a toxic environment that makes these idiots feel comfortable with doing unimaginable things that they excuse as a means of "expressing themselves". Combine all of that with their lack of critical thinking skills, no conflict resolution skills and respect for others or self and that leads to a destructive society that has come out of its natural self. They're now acting more like beasts in the wild, they're no longer associating with their human self. This is dangerous.
Carmen CaBoom's picture

You have just told the truth

You have just told the truth on so many levels!! You should copy and paste your statement on every story...I am from Chicago and its sickening whats going on with the generations in my city!!
Money First's picture

Nice reflection..Im diggin ur

Nice reflection..Im diggin ur post and lol LAwd even☟Junbug's reply! Hehe
Like Really's picture

Real Talk Sista!!!!!!!!!!!

Real Talk Sista!!!!!!!!!!! But when i bring things like this up, they call me self hating, they say im "Generalizing" they say "You hate black women". No i just love you and expect better from black women and men but more so the women because they keep our people going and they are the foundation. I see so many young black women calling themselves "Bad Bitches" and "Barbie" it's ridiculous but when i talk about it, i get told "It aint all, stop generalizing"OR "White women do it too" I DON'T GIVE A FUCKKKK WHAT WHITE WOMEN DO!!!MY CONCERN IS MY PEOPLE. We know it not all , im just saying is IT'S TOOO GODDAMN MANY OF THEM THAT'S LIKE THAT. And the sistas that's beautiful like Tempsett Bledsoe "GOT THEY NATURAL HAIR, NO WEAVE, NO BLONDE HAIR LIKE THE WHITE WOMAN, SPEAKS LIKE A LADY, ETC" when you see them they with the white man. Because i honestly believe the white man does not want a natural , educated, chocolate black woman with a black man that's the same, THAT'S JUST TOO MUCH POWER IN BLACK HOUSEHOLD. Im just saying how i feel!!! Everytime i see a natural sista, THE WHITE MAN IS RIGHT NEXT TO HER. They want to leave us with the weave, perm having, blonde hair, "don't need a man, but got 5 kids",blue contacts having ass black women with us so that we wont progress!!! I see they tricknology and black people play along with em. When the cosby show was out, they had NEGROS saying "it's too unrealistic, and that the black family aint like that" BELIEVE IT OR NOT but negros were saying this!!!!That's why i don't believe there will ever be a "Great Black Hope" that unify us as a people. Because white people are uncomfortable with it and so are black people......
LetsGetIt's picture


Iridescent One's picture

That top pic with Bill doin

That top pic with Bill doin the ORIGINAL CATDADDY is PRICELESS!
tori's picture

Tempest Bledsoe has a real

Tempest Bledsoe has a real bad attitude in real life! However, I love her hair. Bill doesn't make sense when he talks now. But this mini reunion have me in tears! HISTORY baby right there.
Lifeatbest's picture

cute lol

cute lol
nikasosmo0th's picture

Tempest Bledsoe a natural

Tempest Bledsoe a natural beauty!!!! The best kind of black woman, the kind the white try to take from us.
LetsGetIt's picture

I agree with you LetsGetI

I agree with you LetsGetI
Carmen CaBoom's picture

Any woman who ends up with

Any woman who ends up with you has her work cut out for her. You don't get to determine what a woman considers to be beautiful on her. If you have a preference, that's fine. But, black women come in many variations, long hair, short hair, kinky, straight, and contrary natural blondes as well. You go on every post and attempt to tear down black women ,and psychotically rhetoric with a support statement. You're insane!
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Saying that black women look

Saying that black women look their best when they are their natural selves is tearing black women down???? WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I love black women with natural hair and saying that makes me insane..... I DON'T WANT A BLACK WOMAN THAT TRY TO LOOK LIKE A WHITE WOMAN AND THAT MAKES ME INSANE??? Typical!!!!I mean damn....i have no words for you sista
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Because Tempestt's hair is

Because Tempestt's hair is kinky you believe she is the natural vision of what a black woman looks like? You're just as ignorant as your comments. So, if a woman from Kenya was posted with dark skin, blonde hair, and green eyes you would assume she permed or colored her hair? That's the point! Tempestt is in full on make-up here and the only natural thing may be her hair is still kinky. You're hair is naturally afro-texture yet you cut it to suit yourself...should we discount you from your heritage as well? Don't go toe to toe with me young man!
marylou's picture

Yessssssss typically our hair

Yessssssss typically our hair is kinky or curly sista!!!!!She is the natural version of what a black woman look like A DAMN GOOD ONE TO. We damn sure aint got no blonde hairrrrrr or no goddamn indian remyyyyy!!I aint never seen a kenyan "Unmixed" woman with blonde hair NEVERRRRRRR!!!Now i never said black women don't have colored eyes u just taking it that way. BELIEVE IT OR NOT BLACK WOMEN DO HAVE THEY OWN CUSTUM LOOK!!!! Although they don't like it ITS BEAUTIFUL TO ME!!!!!!! I mean sista me cutting my hair as a MANNNNNNNN has nothing to do with a black woman trying to look like a BLONDE HAIR BLUE EYED WHITE WOMAN. I got waves sista ,my hair is kinky sista, white man can't rock 360 waves sistaaaaa. And are you telling me that wearing a perm and some blonde or red weave is better to suit yourself than AFRO TEXTURED HAIR SISTA?? wowwww. I mean all black men wear their hair low THAT'S WHAT MEN DOOOO. shit we aint perming our shit and getting a justin beieber swoop across the damn eye like we some crakkka or something. We aint perming our shit and putting grey contacts in to look like Leonardo Dicaprio!!Damn sistaaaaa. I aint saying let your hair just go wilddd , you can be natural and look good. Just like black men are natural and cut out hair and we still have our own custom look.
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Let me end this conversation

Let me end this conversation with, you are not African. So, there is no way we are brother and sister, I am a native of Somalia my hair isn't kinky neither are many of the fellow natives from Somalia. You are undereducated, under travelled, and most of all stupid! There are plenty of individuals from Kenya who have natural green eyes and are not mixed, there are plenty of naturally blonde hair africans. If I placed a remy( which is cheap weave if you are going to reference extensions I wear virgin Mongolian hair), blue contacts, and bronzer all over my skin; I worked damn hard to afford to do it. No Negro on a message board or afrocentric black boy is going to deny me the right to do as such. I am no less "African American" than any other African American. You are brown and of African descent, so please don't defend the community with your ignorance. Sit down little boy and do more world traveling before commenting on topics you have little to no information on. Good day!
marylou's picture

How do u know im not

How do u know im not african????lol!!!Like i said black people IN GENERAL have kinky or curly hair!!!! If you don't agree with that THEN YOU ARE THE ONE THAT UNEDUCATED!!!I've been all over the planet, INCLUDING SOMALIA!!!!! There are no blond haired africans WHO ARE NOT MIXED WITH WHITE ON DOWN THE LINE!!! They can have colored eyes but BLONDE HAIR ??HAHAHA !!! Damn sista if you like blonde hair and blue eyes DON'T GET MAD AT ME FOR MY OPINION!!!! Do your thinggggg i aint mad at you hahaha!! Wear your blonde hair and blue eyes proudly my african sista!!!!!! U aint gotta get mad at me because i think black women look beautiful with they natural hair, what u getting on me forrrr
LetsGetIt's picture

I'm not a part of this convo

I'm not a part of this convo but I just want to say thank you for your first statement. Re: How do u know im not african????lol!!!. It just further shows the great divide and horrible damage that the slave trade did to us. To say to someone who is of African descent that they are not African is not only offensive but it's ignorant. Again, the great divide. The thing is, we ARE brothers and sisters and we ARE African. It's a shame that someone FROM Africa doesn't see that.
HotLikeSunshine's picture

Thank you sista. Thing is

Thank you sista. Thing is Africans don't feel that way.!!!Im about to go hebrew israelite on em in a minute cause Africans be acting like crakkkas sometimes.
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