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WTF WORTHY NEWS: Pebbelz The BOOTY Model ARRESTED For BUTT INJECTION HOMICIDE + Chief Keef's Stepbrother Gunned Down In Chicago

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Video vixen/booty model Pebbelz (who apparently appeared in videos for Cam'Ron and other rappers) has been arrested.  And it's all thanks to a Mississippi woman dying after having concrete injected into her ass.   We never heard of her before this foolishness either, but it's worth the read.  Check it under the cut... {NSFW}

Video chick and Uncut DVDs performer Pebbelz went from this:


To this:


Photobucket Photobucket

And for years she didn't own up to having ass injections.  But now, the concrete has hit the fan as 39-year-old Pebbelz was arrested, along with another woman, for being a fugitive from justice in relation to the homicide.

ABC News 24 in memphis, where Pebbelz (real name Natasha Stewart) is from, reports that the two ladies were avoiding questioning from the police after a Mississippi woman died from having concrete injected into her ass.

Natasha Stewart, 39, was wanted for questioning by the Hinds County Sheriff's Department for the death of a woman in Jackson, Mississippi who was injected with concrete in her buttocks. Stewart was arrested on Thursday, January 3, and charged with Fugitive from Justice Warrant for Homicide.

SCSO Fugitive Apprehension officers also arrested 21-year-old Shannetria Newberry on Jan. 3. Newberry, on the run since August 2012, was wanted for Aggravated Assault Failure to Appear on a Felony Case, Bodily Harm and Criminal Forfeiture.

So Pebelz and another chick were running from 5-0 because they didn't want to say what they knew about these concrete ass injections being given out?

Well, we came across this video interview of Pebblez from a little while ago where she says she is a true hustler who gets her money 100 ways.  Is one of those ways tricking women into thinking they're getting real butt injections?  Hmm.

The down and dirty interview involves Pebbelz talking about her oral sex skills, her fave from-the-back position, her and the interviewer demonstrating the position on camera, and plenty more.  Watch out...it may be too ~classy~ for your eyes.




In other news, rapper Chief Keef ("I Don't Like"), who has been known for having controversial videos & songs many believe glorify killing, has suffered a fatality in his family  His stepbrother was gunned down on the south side of Chicago.

Ulysses Gissendanner (on the right), who started a rap career like his former stepbrother Keith Cozart, also known as Chief Keef, was fatally shot in a car Wednesday afternoon.

He called himself YPN Boomtown, and his father was also Chief Keef's father, Alfonso Cozart.  DNA Info reports:

“As a caring father, who wouldn’t worry about that?” Cozart asked. “I do want my son to have success and have a long, positive life, and I hope the best for him.”

But Alfonso Cozart said he doesn’t want any Chief Keef connection to distract from the tragedy of Gissendanner’s slaying.

“He just graduated high school, and was in college and had a job. He was a positive person,” Cozart said. “I’m not trying to get publicity of Chief Keef being my son. I want you to focus on Ulysses. He’s the one that’s gone.”

Gissendanner’s mother, Aridecy Tate, nicknamed her son “Boomie” because he was such a big kid — more than 10 pounds when he was born.


Sad news for a city already suffering with so many killings from gangs and other causes.


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At best...all I can say is

At best...all I can say is wow...as for Chief Keef, karma doesn't miss anything or anybody...sorry for your loss but maybe this might help you see that violence is not the answer...black on black at that...

She looks soooo nasty in the

She looks soooo nasty in the video and sounds so DISGUSTING in the video! It's a sad day when a female has willfully reduced herself to the level of a sewer rat for attention. smh...
Carmen CaBoom's picture

Wow. I saw her pick in the

Wow. I saw her pick in the local news the other day and thought that it was her, but I wasn't sure. Wow. Lawd, hammercy! Is it really that serious, to die for a bigger butt by any means necessary?!
Carmen CaBoom's picture

As any woman with a REGULAR

As any woman with a REGULAR bountiful bottom knows you gotta keep that sucka clean, fresh, and dry ( i don't travel without my wet wipes TMI i know lls) so i can't IMAGINE what the fascination is with these genetically mutated a55es. Her natural a55 was good to begin with and her arms aren't NEARLY long enough to handle the wiping on that thing, YUCK!!!!

What the Hell?

What the Hell?
JewelryLover's picture

Sad Story

Sad Story

SMH! I can not believe that

SMH! I can not believe that someone would make a conscious decision to deform their body. But if a dummy wants to be game and let someone inject them with rocks at a damn kitchen table then oh well....
BooLuv's picture

Fuck Chief Keefs dad. You

Fuck Chief Keefs dad. You abandoned him and turned him into the monster he is today. I only wish you were the doting dad to Keef that you were to your deceased son. He may have had an easier life you loser. No love for absent fathers ever. You don't raise one child and leave the streets to raise the other. Karma is a bitch huh Fonzo?
KENNEDY78's picture

Concrete in the ass? I can't

Concrete in the ass? I can't comprehend and I'm no dummy #WTF

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hooklookping's picture

SO ALL jokes aside if you get

SO ALL jokes aside if you get your butt injected with cement can you LITERALLY SHYT a brick

U just got 2 pray 4 chicks

U just got 2 pray 4 chicks like her 2 rid her of this stupidity, n hope d saying is tru that God protects babies n fools!!
Natasha Williams's picture

Sound like she need to come

Sound like she need to come up w a 100 ways to get that bail money!!! IDK why the hell women r going to the unlicensed people to get breast n azz injections...if u insist on having it done get it done right...smdh
ldh34l's picture

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tom101's picture

I don't understand why

I don't understand why THIRSTY WOMEN subject themselves to lookin DEFORMED for a damn pair of Louboutins! Who gets CINDER BLOCKS injected into their a$$?? It is WELL KNOWN in the 'Go that Chief Keef had Lil Jojo killed, so retalliation was bound to happen, it's digustin in these streets smh!
tori's picture

how do you properly clean an

how do you properly clean an a*s like that....ewwww flips hair, that-is-all
sexybrownpyt's picture

She prolly got SH!T & TOILET

She prolly got SH!T & TOILET PAPER from 2005 STUCK in that thang...YUCKY!!
tori's picture

My thoughts exactly

My thoughts exactly
GeorgiaAnnaDaughter's picture

So sad. Her body was beatiful

So sad. Her body was beatiful before the deformation. I hope that my sisters out there won't get any worse than things appear to be right now. It's so weird as many of us are doing so well (graduating from colleges with degrees, masters, phds, etc, leading and owning companies, etc) and the rest are on the complete opposite of the spectrum..
Zetagirl's picture

I just watched that video of

I just watched that video of Pebblez because I was in total disbelief. I truly have no words for this mongrel. I hope her azz rots from the inside out.
TrueThinker's picture

Her booty is too damn big!!!!

Her booty is too damn big!!!!
BigJohn's picture

If you let someone shoot

If you let someone shoot concrete in your a*#, then it's ALL your fault.

WHo would've ever imagined

WHo would've ever imagined that people would become SO obsessed with having big a$$e$ that they would go to such extremes???? THAT is ridiculous! The chick had a nice natural shape--that she ruined. Now she has legal troubles over butt shots. Stupid!

Who are you God? How dare you

Who are you God? How dare you sit on some moral high horse like you've never made a mistake before. What if someone runs in front of your car tomorrow (if you even have a vehicle) and you hit them? You'd be a murdered just like her. People can look how they want to- you have NO RIGHT to call anyone stupid. When Chris Brown almost murdered Rihanna you were probably one of the ones begging for him to have a second chance and saying it was a mistake. Hypocrite!
BEEMA's picture

LMFAO!! "How dare you sit on

LMFAO!! "How dare you sit on some moral high horse like you've never made a mistake before," you're just mad that you had concrete injected into your FUGLY ass! I knew it!! When I suggested in another post that you actually had sex reassignment surgery and got your cheeks injected with CEMENT, that hit a nerve didn't it? Because your STUPID ASS tried it for REAL! BITCH YOU'RE A JOKE! SAVE yourself the embarrassment and don't come back to this blog! I know you will anyways because you HIDE behind Britney Spears picture (that looks manly BTW, no offense to her because she was probably on drugs when they did this photoshoot) and talk SHIT because you know that no one can judge you physically, because you're too much of a pussy to reveal your identity.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

110% cosign. I agree with

110% cosign. I agree with EVERYTHING you said. Beema is a he/she/tranny psychopath, longing for butt injections. Maybe his or her drivel here is a result of the side effects from getting fake-cement booty shots. LOL

Beema go play in traffic with

Beema go play in traffic with your psychotic a$$!! I DO have a car and I DO drive. Your point about 'accidents' has no relevance here because getting injections in one's butt--by anyone other than a licensed Doctor is not an accident. It is STUPIDITY at its best. Might I remind you also that this is a blog and I am just as entitled to my opinion as you are to yours. I told your wanna-be-internet-bully-lonely-jerk-in-real-life-with-no-friends-ass before that you and no-one else will PUNK me out of having MY say on YBF or anywhere else. I STILL say this chick is stupid to let something as frivilous as having a big a$$ land her in jail--and you're even MORE stupid for defending her. Now hurry up & go play in traffic before rush hour ends.

O.O eats popcorn, sips

O.O eats popcorn, sips wine....laughs...Well said @ Godiva-Diva!!! that Tranny never makes sense, i stopped responding back because i believe he's an 16 year old mental patient with computer access in an insane asylum. flips hair, that-is-all
sexybrownpyt's picture

Lol, that TRANNY don't WORK

Lol, that TRANNY don't WORK so HE has to fill his day probing YBF lmao...every post he has commented at least 10 times LMAO..wat a L-O-S-E-R!!! Still ain't shown HIS UGLY FACE...but quick to talk about EVERY1 else smh!
tori's picture

@LetsGetit: Pls do not single

@LetsGetit: Pls do not single out only Black women for this foolishness because there are other races that do butt injections. Do not simply try to make it into a "Black woman thing." Next!
Beautyfulones's picture

Sista why do u take offense

Sista why do u take offense to me saying it??? You know damn well im not talking about all black women. But shit it's mostly black women dying and losing their damn legs and arms because they wanted a bigger asssss!!!!Goddamn man cut all that Next shit out sistaaaaaa
LetsGetIt's picture

That shit look stupid, it's

That shit look stupid, it's like her ass about to fall off her body.But hood niggas love it, and trick for it so it is what it is , but you black women gotta stop getting these overly sized ass injections it's pointless.
LetsGetIt's picture

I agree with you LetsGetIt,

I agree with you LetsGetIt, it does look stupid, like it's a foreign object hanging off of the ass or some kind of tumor. Dumb.
Carmen CaBoom's picture

Letsgetit you are one of 2

Letsgetit you are one of 2 things: 1.Gay or 2. White...
BEEMA's picture

Let me get this straight, u

Let me get this straight, u say im gay or white because i don't like a overly sized unnatural looking ass on a woman???Now hood negros like it but they are also the biggest downlow negros who mess with those transys who get the same injections to look like a woman. I find it straight tho that a man that want to be a woman think that having a overly sized ass like the black women make them a woman.
LetsGetIt's picture

Totally agree with you. Also,

Totally agree with you. Also, where is her "so called" family and friends? My sister would never let me do something like that without a fight or some type of intervention. Who is telling her that this a "good look"? It's not. Foolery and coonery at its finest.
sgrho74's picture

WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't

WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't understand. This chick had a bad body (and I ain't funny) before she committed this attrocity!! What the hell is wrong with people!!! Now she looks like a freaking freak! Ugh, so over this.

Hinds County, huh? she

Hinds County, huh? she already had a big butt to begin with. I just dont understand it. Dont they have grandmothers and ppl to try and make proud? Its not even sexy at that enhanced size, its just obnoxious. Stupid Nicki Minaj probably got hers by them too.
shuga's picture

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