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COUPLEDOM: Tahj Mowry His Model Girlfriend Erica Ocampo BOO'D Up In Bali


"Baby Daddy" star Tahj Mowry shared pics from his Bali vacation with his model girlfriend Erica Ocampo over the holidays recently.  See pics of the couple boo'd up in paradise inside...


While his famous sisters Tia & Tamera make headlines and reality shows by sharing news from the fabulous lives, their little brother Tahj Mowry seems to be carving out a nice life for himself as well.  And he spent some of his Holiday vacay in the gorgeous province of Bali, Indonesia:


The former "Smart Guy" star is all grown up and making waves on the ABC family sitcom "Baby Daddy" nowadays, and is sharing his success with Erica Ocampo, a model and Hollywood makeup artist.   Who knew?



The French and Filipino beauty started her career doing makeup for MAC at the age of 17 and has appeared as the lead in videos for Robin Thicke "Magic" and Donny "Take You There."


And the couple's Bali trip wasn't just to ring in the new year. Erica also celebrated a birthday last week.


Meanwhile, fans can check Tahj out on the small screen when "Baby Daddy" returns in the spring. 

Photos via Instagram





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awww.....they look nice

awww.....they look nice together...
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I watch baby daddy, that show

I watch baby daddy, that show has a family night type of humor, very funny. I'm in love with the hot big brother. But I can't fuck with this little nigga though. Outside the show he said he don't mess with black chicks because; and I qoute "none are attractive and all are ghetto" and I get that's his prerogative. I would prefer another short mixed or black actor in his role. I guess he forgot what his mother is and what his sisters are 50% of. Again my opinion and my prerogative. Maybe in hinds sight he's referring to them. Who knows. I just can't fucks with him.
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I think they're cute

I think they're cute together, Tahj reminds me of Miguel with that fedora on. Why are Erica's boobs so FAR APART?
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Great minds do think alike.

Great minds do think alike. I was just looking at that. I guess her plastic surgeon was in a hurry. He has big teeth that take up his whole mouth, but I'mma give him a voucher since he's cute, cut, talented and comes from good stock.
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"Great minds do think alike"

"Great minds do think alike" gurl don't u know we're SUPPOSED to be the SAME DAMN PERSON according to that CRAZY STALKER, JOB CORPS DROPOUT, TRANNY @BEE•MAN lol. Yeah Tahj does have a MOUTH FULL OF TEETH! He's NOT SEXY but he's cute in a dorky kind of way but I agree he comes from a good stock! Sumtimes I forget Tia & Tamera are Tahj's sisters lol!
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You are OBSESSED WITH ME! It is really scary how delusional you are dude!
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She needs to ask for a return

She needs to ask for a return on those boobs.....look like a botched 80's breast implants or her boobs were too small for those implants. Pretty girl, bad boob job.

They look really good

They look really good together. lol he'll always be that lil smart guy to me tho.
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Aww! Big eared Teddy!

Aww! Big eared Teddy!
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I still call him teddy from

I still call him teddy from out all night show.
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