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Nas Cancels Performance Because of The Flu! + Chops It Up With Angie Martinez About Grammy Snubs & Being Back With Kelis...As Friends! (UPDATE)

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It's been taking down the nation at crazy rates this year.  Now, the flu has hit Queens fella Nas and he had to cancel his performances today.  But we've got his interview with Angie Martinez from last night inside....

Nas was set to perform on "Live With Kelly & Michael" this morning.  But canceled when he had to go to the hospital after feeling sick last night.  And his people told the show's co-hosts that he indeed has the stomach flu.  Before you get your chicken soup ready to go "nurse" him back to health, check out some highlights from his interview with Angie Martinez on Hot 97 last night for her b-day.

Mr. Jones dished on his current relationship status with ex-wife Kelis as they've been spotted together pretty often, his relationship with his daughter Destiny, a new album, and more.

On his and ex wife Kelis' current relationship

We're back together...as friends.  We were not friends for a long time. It was crazy  We recently became...you know.  We're not together, but we're friends now. I didn't want to piss her off too much with the [green] dress.  But she handled it like a trooper.  I even kinda said, "Yo...should we try this again?" [laughs]  I'm like, 'Wow'. You have a child....you know how it is.  I'm glad to be in that place.  I don't want no beef.

On daughter Destiny

My daughter's good, she's in college.  When I did the NYE show at Radio City, I had this song "Daughters" and my daughter is there.  After the show we jump into this spinner van.  Everybody's happy and going crazy and partying.  And I'm zoning because I just did all these personal records on that stage.  I'm kinda ready to put it away now.  I got it out my system.  My daughter was cool with it, she went through her moments.  But she knows me.  This is real and we already dealt with it.  When I did the record, I just did it.  I didn't know it would be a single or make the album.  I just did it because it was bothering me.  I was just trying to be a father and I hadn't always been the best.  I kinda took it out in her because I was mad.  But she's good.  That's my princess and she's been the person why I do all this.

On getting 18 Grammy nods and no wins

18 nominations?  That's a lot of nominations.  At least they recognize a little bit.  It's all good though.  I don't feel tight about it at all. It's an honor for me to even have nominations."

On if he agrees with CNN naming him the Greatest Hip Hop Lyricist EVER

"Yeah. Yeah kinda. [laughs] At first I was cringing.  But the way he broke down the article...it is what it is man."

On his GAP ad with his dad

Shouts to the Gap and shouts to my Pops for being an OG.  We got booked for it and had a good time.  He was great and the life of the party during the whole shoot.  Everybody was liking him and loving him.  It was good time.  that's my guy right there for sure

We were always close.  We didn't always live together...there was the separated homes and my mom raised me and my brother.  But he was there and he was always around.  The fact that we had a relationship that also comes from music too, that was just a blessing to me to show the world.

On working on a new album, a follow up to Life Is Good

Something has erupted in me.  What's next to come is crazy.  The zone I'm in right now is so right and I'm happy to be in the place I'm at right now to make music.  I don't know what got in to me, but I love it.  I'ma take advantage of the zone I'm in to record music.  I feel like Ali.  I feel like going on.  I started putting together the base of it so I'm ready.


Life seems GOOD indeed for "Bye Baby" rapper.  Check out Nas' full interview below in the studio (being his usual cute self):


The rapper is set to give an exclusive concert in Times Square next week, sponsored by Hennessy.




Nas tweeted his fans yesterday that he is doing well and out of the ER.  He also offered a make-up performance for his missed appeared on "Live with Kelly & Michael." 

It was revealed that vertigo led to his ER visit.     


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hooklookping's picture

The fact Nasir hasnt yet won

The fact Nasir hasnt yet won a grammy is a travesty. Call me Nas! ;)
Realist's picture

Nas is like the SUSAN LUCCI

Nas is like the SUSAN LUCCI of rap, when it comes to the Grammy's, he's nominated for 4 this yr so I hope he snags one!
tori's picture

It makes sense when you

It makes sense when you consider who the Grammy's are run by but the streets always know who's always been the best.... *sniff* Ya'll smell that? *sniffs again* Smells like Ether. #BOOM! L☺L!
Peace Silas's picture

the grammys always snub the

the grammys always snub the best... i just cant believe trey songz forgot to wear his boxers...i mean just google kelsnetwork
reane's picture

Nas is so cute and sexy and

Nas is so cute and sexy and he is one of the best rapper's around and I like his voice unlike Jay's trembling shaky voice which annoys the hell out of me. My cray cray brother is a Jay STAN I prefer Nas, I just wish Nas had the buss smarts like Jay has w/ his looks it would have taken him much farther. I just wish Nas were smarter he probably could have been w/ Bey but his brains picked and FUGLY looking Kelis. Who in the hell was checking for her ass! This is what I mean w/ being not smart. Congrats to Nas for being called "The Greatest Lyracist of All Time". This is why I like him instead of saying YES I AM like that OBNOXIUS UNHUMBLE Jay Z would have. Nas said he thinks Biggie or Tupac is. I like Humble folks like Nas he's so dreamy!
Shay's picture

I don't think Nas is any less

I don't think Nas is any less smart than Jay, Nas just chose not to sellout for the money and fame. I respect him for that. When he looks back over his life, and his children are grown, he won't be ashamed of anything he's done and he will be at peace with his soul. And rumor had it that Beyonce tried to step to Nas back in the day and he turned her down because of her breath. Destiny's Child is in one of his old videos also.
Username's picture

.....and if her breath

.....and if her breath stinks...you know what else stinks!!!!!!! Bwaaaahahahaha
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Nas doesnt Worship Money like

Nas doesnt Worship Money like Jay & Bey-Z......thats why we love him.
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

I'm not a big rap fan but I

I'm not a big rap fan but I actually actually love his latest cd. The opening song NO INTRODUCTION is the truth. I love the production work done by Justice League
Somerknight's picture

hes never won a Grammy?! damn

hes never won a Grammy?! damn shame...

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ellswerthwanzer0's picture

Nas is #sexy.... & Kelis...

Nas is #sexy.... & Kelis... Bye Bye Baby

Nas just got that smooth a*s,

Nas just got that smooth a*s, sexy 90's voice with his cute self that just make me wanna go...SMH Lawd have mercy!!! fans self, flips hair, do a mini twirl down to a split, that-is-all!!!!!
sexybrownpyt's picture

"Hero" & "If I Ruled the

"Hero" & "If I Ruled the World" gives me GooseBumps!!!!! *does cartwheels across the room* ....................
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

I love Nas!

I love Nas!
Happy Lady's picture

Nas makes Camel Carter sound

Nas makes Camel Carter sound like Kermit Thee Frog **shopping for a Ski Mask to send Blue Ivy Carter so Bey-Z can take her to the Presidential Inaguration and still hide her face** ......
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

LMAO...yasss Nas is fione!!!

LMAO...yasss Nas is fione!!! with his sexy-a*s voice
sexybrownpyt's picture

Nas should have actually won

Nas should have actually won some of those grammies. Nas needs some hot beats so that he can make a great album.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

"Shout to the Gap and shouts

"Shout to the Gap and shouts to my Pops for being an OG." THIS is why I L-O-V-E Nas, lookin forward to the new album!
tori's picture

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