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CANCELED! Shawty Lo's "Baby Mamas" Show Gets The AXE Before It Even Starts!


Annnnnd that's a wrap for Shawty Lo!  Before his show could even see the light of prime time, Oxygen has canceled the rapper's "All My Babies' Mamas" show due to constant pressure.


Deets inside...

After defending the show once it started the very short lived publicity campaign, the Oxygen network has put the kibosh on ATL drug honcho turned rapper Shawty Lo's made-for-foolywang "All My Babies' Mamas."  That's right. You won't be seeing 10 women, who are all mothers to Shawty Lo's kids, play out their foolish, sad or cringe worthy behavior while Shawty stays in the middle being equally foolish and getting praised for it.

The Daily Beast says their sources say Oxygen will announce cancellation any day now.  Interestingly, the network first defended the show by saying, “It was not meant to be a stereotypical representation of everyday life for any one demographic or cross section of society.’’

Oh really?  Interesting.

The creator of the petition, Sabrina Lamb, worked to stop the show from airing.  She stated in the petition (the gist of it) that the show would be a horrific example of life for a certain "group" of people.  She told the Daily Beast:

“I love that the people who’ve signed the petition are from all backgrounds, ages, and countries.  This one elderly white man wrote me and said even he was tired of the stereotypical images of black people.’’

“This show is about more than a rapper and his girlfriends.  This is a show about kids who had no choice in how they came into the world. This show sets them up to be ridiculed and made fun of. None of us should be OK with that.’’

She said on her Facebook page today:

My entire statement will be announced tomorrow (outlining all of our victories) at the press conference and posted here at 12:00 noon-ish. Until then, I thank all 38,000 supporters who stood up for our children and said, "Enough Is Enough!" Oxygen Media awoke a sleeping GIANT!!

Here's to hoping certain other networks follow suit with their foolish shows.  But we doubt that will happen soon.  Thanks Oxygen for choosing standards over quick money.  Anybody can make a buck.  But it's all about who is and isn't affected when you make one.  Clearly, not everyone gives a damn. 



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hooklookping's picture

It amazes me that there are

It amazes me that there are actually comments about this petition being a "HATER MOVE." I guess some people have a difficult time seeing the bigger picture. This was a timely and necessary move for all of us. Fact, not opinion.
CheyPie's picture

@PinkydaGoddess, I agree with

@PinkydaGoddess, I agree with you! Some people think, that if we can't see it, then it isn't so. We have a choice to turn the channel if we don't like the show. It takes a really out of touch person, to think that everything portrayed on TV, is the absolute truth. It's hard enough for our brothers to find gainful employment, with or without sufficient education, don't try to stop them from getting paid, just change the station. I didn't see a petition to stop "The Honeymooners, I love Lucy, or the Soap operas, we watched and they got their money! I won't call anyone a "Hater", but just change the channel!!

How about you change planets

How about you change planets - if tjat is your vision of norm? America has spoken, we're not accepting this bullshit into our living room or society as the norm. That may be your irresponsible and warped version of reality, but we aren't adapting to that mess and we're not changing the channel. YOU, and people like YOU, are going to change. It is STUPID to expect for this idiot to be glorified and his ratchet wombs that he uded to breed like roaches be made into overnigjt celebrities and they sll be reinforced for this ignorance. Whayever happened to the No Child Left Behind law? Is there not enough short buses in yhe world to come pick y'all stupid muthafuckas up?
Carmen CaBoom's picture

If you have to revert to

If you have to revert to cussing and name calling, you have already lose the debate!!!

If all of these reality stars

If all of these reality stars want to stay on TV, they should go to acting school, get an agent and go out for auditions for REAL SCRIPTED TELEVISION SHOWS!
Happy Lady's picture

well said cheypie.......

well said cheypie.......
litebrite's picture

I signed the petition, and

I signed the petition, and shared it on my FB and Twitter pages. I'm so happy I did. I'm so happy that people's voices have been heard and recognized. I am so happy this show has been axed! The networks up the ante because they know some good little Negroes will bite. There are so many other more productive things to keep one occupied, like, maybe reading or helping out in the community. The networks depend on a certain portion of our community they know are hungry and thirty for the news more ratchet show to hit the airwaves. These are the ones the power at be, the Jew, are depending on. They know you'll never disappoint. It's really pitiful to say the least.
Sunflower Jones's picture

Now he'll have to figure out

Now he'll have to figure out how to turn his fingers from looking like an "L" to a "N" -- Shawty No
GG Boo 4 U's picture

Don't worry, BET will pick it

Don't worry, BET will pick it up
Somerknight's picture

That was a straight up hater

That was a straight up hater move. His show wasn't a sterotype....it was his reality!!! This is really his life and Black folk can't constantly keep getting mad when our ignorance comes to light. Raise your children to have respect for themselves and you don't have to worry about THIS type of history repeating itself. Now this dumb broad took away their payday for her own selfish insecurities masked as "love for the people" and we as a country are going to have to pay....you can't tell me that at least half of them aren't getting government assistance. Oxygen could have eliminated that!
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

@goddess, the kkk is also

@goddess, the kkk is also somebody's reality, however, i don't see them lobbying for a reality show, and you most certainly WON'T see white america stand by while fools from their race get on national tv and expose the most disgusting and vile elements of their culture. and guess what, NEITHER SHOULD WE! this is THE most embarrassing, humiliating, and disgusting thing i have ever seen...to parade your illegitimate, bastard children in front of the world to be ridiculed and belittled (for a paycheck) is as low as a person can go. there are some things that are better left unseen and unheard, this show and your comments happen to top the list.
EACH1TEACH1's picture

@each1teach1 YOU ARE AN


Thank you Dominque for trying

Thank you Dominque for trying to widen some of the narrow minds. Some people just have to have something to negative to say about other peoples business.

This comment right

This comment right here...hater move??? I'm pretty sure that no one is hating on this fried cockroach. But your "we as a country are going to have to pay" is definitely the dumbest shyt I have EVA heard on this blog. As if we've been done some grave injustness by not feasting our eyes on the life and times of this dried shyt stain. You get a triple take and TWO side eyes on this one!
TrueThinker's picture

Last time I checked, me

Last time I checked, me preventing you from making money cuz I don't like what you're about is a hater move....if she didn't like the idea of the show, she should have simply not watched it. The fact that you don't understand the welfare system being paid with taxes makes YOU the dumbest person on this blog. You, my friend, get a GED practice test and several seats. Next time you think about responding to me before doing what you name suggests you know how to do.....don't.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

No. A "hater" is just a silly

No. A "hater" is just a silly coined phrase that tends to be used over excessively. Particularly the way you use it. No on cares about him making money. I promise you. That is irrelevant here. People are upset about the image this show perpetuates. @Chyrider said it best..there are too many negative stereotypes in the media of blacks in comparison to non blacks given the respective ratios of both groups. At any rate, in my haste I didn't see where you mentioned government assistance earlier. I thought you were implying we were missing some sort of valued entertainment. You may have been offended because I called your statement dumb, but I didn't attack you sweetheart. No need to attempt to insult my intelligence.
TrueThinker's picture

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lenoreuprichard35's picture

Yesssss!!!!!!!!!!! We didn't

Yesssss!!!!!!!!!!! We didn't stand up for black men with multiple baby mommas!! We just kept it off TV!!!! How dare you make me do actual parenting!!!!!! I don't have time to monitor my kids and what they are watching and teach them what's right from wrong on TV!! I'd rather spend my time complaining to you. Some people disgust me. Really? You stop letting the TV raise your kids and do it for yourself.
Chiryder's picture

Well, I still think the show

Well, I still think the show should've aired. I probably wouldn't have watched it,,,,but hey.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Goodbye and Good riddance.

Goodbye and Good riddance. Sick of these coon a$$ "reality" shows. Let's start supporting Scandal and Deception~ REAL television shows with REAL acting and REAL Positive Black images.
GetUrLife's picture

GOOD!! That show looked like

GOOD!! That show looked like it was going to be stupid ANYWAY! If I wanted to look at how a man deal with his "baby mama" I would camp out in the hood, start hanging around my exes again, or spend a weekend with one these other rappers. NOBODY WANTED TO SEE THAT TRASH on TV!

most of the people that

most of the people that signed that petition would have tuned in faithfully every week---and we all know it!!
BooLuv's picture

Most of the black reality

Most of the black reality shows are over the top. But the baby mama's thing.....too waaaay out there. And as much as I personally agree that some should not be viewed, let's just be glad that we live in a country where we have that freedom. Others don't. If you don't want to watch something don't watch it. I agree, this should have never seen the light of day, but the others are just entertainment as far as I'm concerned. Like Jersey Shore, Honey Boo Boo, Big Texas, etc.
JewelryLover's picture

That's great! But now let us

That's great! But now let us deal with the definition of stereotype... (A stereotype is a thought that may be adopted about specific types of individuals or certain ways of doing things, but that belief may or may not accurately reflect reality). The fact of the matter is that it's not a stereotype if it's true. Had this young man not had multiple children by multiple mothers, the idea of a show like this couldn't be a possibility. While I absolutely agree with the petition, I would now love for our community to deal with the REALITY. Noone can truly call this man's life stereotypical, as it is all too common in our communities. Let's get to the root of the matter, be accountable for our own ish, and stop getting pissy when it's flashed across the screen for all to see. There are much deeper issues at play. VHI, WE tv,& Oxygen wouldn't have something to exploit if there was nothing there! You can't make this stuff up! We all know someone personally that could play a part all of these shows...let's deal with that!
VIRTUOUS1's picture

GREAT!!!!! Now let's get

GREAT!!!!! Now let's get Basketball Wives, Housewives, Divas, Sisterhood and all the rest of the mindless, dumb down, ignorant reality show off the air....WE HAVE POWER!!!! LETS START USING IT FOR OUR GOOD. NICE WORK BLACK PEOPLE!
Reign's picture

Agreed! My sentiments

Agreed! My sentiments exactly. This is the 3rd bit of good news I've gotten today--and its still early! :-) I'm always glad when other powers act to keep some of our-folk from embarrassing themselves when they don't have enough sense not to WANT to be embarrassed, all for the sake of making a dollar. This show would have done nothing but fuel negative stereotypes and give ignorant folks the exposure they so desperately crave. NOT.

Uh no.

Uh no.
JewelryLover's picture

There is a gawd somewhere!

There is a gawd somewhere! Thank you!!
Thirdeye365's picture

HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!! One less

HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!! One less ignorant, ghetto, grimey, gulley, retarded, useless, worthless, dysfunctional, stupid ass fucking reality show on the air.
sianna1's picture


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The power of the pen - one

The power of the pen - one down - 10 more to go with this foolass shit...
lifeisgood's picture

Thank GOD this crap won't be

Thank GOD this crap won't be televised!!!!
Cojo's picture

There is a God.

There is a God.
TeaNicole's picture


Carmen CaBoom's picture

I bet those raggedy azz cum

I bet those raggedy azz cum dumps he calls baby mamas are mad they spent their EBT checks on plastic hair hats, fooweyboutins, twizzlers, and fake baby phat outfits, now that they don't have any of that extra income. GOOD LUCK TO YOU AND YOUR HO'S YOU DUSTY AZZ COCKROACH!!!!!! ..I really do wish you well..
TrueThinker's picture

i bet shawty lo is mad .....i

i bet shawty lo is mad .....i just cant believe chris brown forgot to wear his boxers..i mean just google kelsnetwork
reane's picture

Its a catch 22 because

Its a catch 22 because whether or not you and I like the concept this is a black male in society creating an economic lane for himself, his children and their mothers to prosper. Now that has been taken away from them and thats the bad part...Regardless, this is a look into one facet of life and does not reflect all. So why should I or anyone else be offended?
Money First's picture

@Moneyfirst I agree with you

@Moneyfirst I agree with you to an extent. Our experiences are not a monolith thats understood. However, the white run media has gone above and beyond to criminalize us, portray us in the most negative light possible. They will never change their way of marketing blacks until WE make them change. Other ethnicity have already solidified their positive images. Its time for us to come together and do the same. Shawty Lo will just have to find other means to support his family. He was able to get this show as far as he did, with that being the case he can present something positive to consumers as well. We're not a going any further with foolish images of us, the buck stopped here...
KENNEDY78's picture

I take from your posting name

I take from your posting name that you would find this a catch 22...I hope you had time to think how stupid your remark is...should a person be allowed to make money off making babies by 10 women and glorify it on Television. Let have a show about selling Drugs and making money so the drug dealer can buy more drugs..or a show about having a bunch of baby mommies so he can have even more of them..what a stupid idea

This is no 22. That's like

This is no 22. That's like saying congratulations to some bum a55 negro for sending his kid to college from the money made from selling crack to all the other neighborhood kids. Niggra please. Two thumbs down for this dumbfukker.
TrueThinker's picture

True. But I think the greater

True. But I think the greater good has prevailed. Sure, his family may not "prosper" but we also avoid another negative representation of the black community on television. And honestly, this loser & his dumb girlfriends don't deserve a financial reward for their foolishness. This family may not reflect my life, but it bothers me that there are more negative than positive views of black people on television. It's not a big deal if it's a non-black dysfunctional family because there are so many other representations of them on television to balance it out. The same can't be said for black people, and whether you believe it or not, this does impact how black people are perceived in society. More importantly, how young black people view themselves. I'm tired of perpetuating this nonsense.
CheyPie's picture

Well said. 110% cosign! And

Well said. 110% cosign! And further more, a real father ensures his families' prosperity by working hard everyday the moment his FIRST child is born. He does not wait for so-called Reality TV to give them a boost. Trust-they weren't going to become millionaires thanks to this messy show-idea anyway!

Clap Clap Clap!!! Very well

Clap Clap Clap!!! Very well stated....thank you...
Reign's picture

Thank Goodness!!!! Now if we

Thank Goodness!!!! Now if we can just get BBW and Love & Hip Hop Any City off we'll be rolling!
JJFad's picture

(blows party horn while doing

(blows party horn while doing the funky chicken)
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

these haters got the show

these haters got the show canceled smfh

You idiot! Why would anyone

You idiot! Why would anyone hate on a bum ass, irresponsible, one song hit wonder, swinging ding-a-ling who's old ass is named "Shawty Lo"...all those ugly ass, hoodrat looking baby mamas and bey bey looking kids?!?! Stop using the word "hater" out of context and start having some class. I sign the petition and shared it with my friends. If that makes any one of us a "hater" (as you say), then so be it. Not on my television will ratchetness take COMPLETLY over, gone with that bs!
Carmen CaBoom's picture

Yep--right again!! I'm PROUD

Yep--right again!! I'm PROUD to say that I signed the petition too. I thought I was the only one who had a problem with dude's NAME, LOL. Its just one indication of all of the ghetto-fab aspects of this show. Yuck!

O well Oxygen still has Bad

O well Oxygen still has Bad Girls Club, so let the foolery continue! smh lol

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