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ENGAGED! Kandi Burruss Gets A Ring From Producer Boyfriend Todd!

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Kandi's got herself a husband...almost.  Her boyfriend Todd Tucker proposed and the twosome have just confirmed their engagement!  Deets inside..

"Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Kandi Burruss and boyfriend--tv producer Todd--are set to walk down the aisle soon.  After "that man moved into the house" (in our Riley voice), it was a only a matter of time before Todd popped the question to take their relationship even further.

After rumors swirled today that the two were engaged, Kandi gave the exclusive to Us Weekly confirming that it's indeed true.

39-year-old Todd proposed on New Year's Eve at a party in Atlanta with friends. All of the couple's reality star and ATL friends were in tow.

And by the way, Todd got Kandi's 10-year-old daughter Riley's blessing before asking for Kandi's hand in marriage.  And he slid a two carat diamond on his bride-to-be's ring finger.

Kandi, who was engaged once before to the now late A.J. Jewell, said about the news:

"I was totally surprised.  I used to make jokes with my friends that I [was] part of the Forever Single Club.  That's what I said before, but now I'm totally different."

The twosome met on the set of "Real Housewives of Atlanta" during filming of the South Africa trip last season.  And 36-year-old Kandi also says they plan to have kids together once they're married.


Well isn't that special.  Congrats!

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Congrats Kandi and Todd....

Congrats Kandi and Todd.... Kandi, I hope pure happiness comes your way :)

Todd & Kandi, congratulations

Todd & Kandi, congratulations and much success! I'm happy to see the children happy and I've very excited to see you two discuss buisness with a smile on your face, I see the love and don't ever worry about people speaking or approving your union, just know and feel that what you two have is what matters, not my approval, your friends, or talk show host, you two deserve love just like everyone else, carry on!

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Congrats to both Kandi and

Congrats to both Kandi and Todd I'm sure all of the HATERS will have something negative to say, but ignore them all, and I hope God Bless you all.

I am so very happy for the

I am so very happy for the both of you Kandi and Todd. You both are equally yoked. Many blessings to you both, and your family. From extremely affordable Online Animation and Editing Classes http://www.yeepeedee.tv/id4.html
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Congrats Kandi and Todd!!!

Congrats Kandi and Todd!!! All the best!!!! And let the church say amen! .
JewelryLover's picture

Congrats Kandy!!!!!!!

Congrats Kandy!!!!!!!
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Damn can't some of yall just

Damn can't some of yall just say Congratulations? I mean some of these long statements are so damn mean. Anyways, Congratulations Todd & Kandi. Many blessings to you both.
Keys's picture

Todd is going to have a bunch

Todd is going to have a bunch of kids by this old whore and then break up with her and get his $30,000 a month from her for the next 18 years....**turns and exits page***
BEEMA's picture

Congratulations to Kandi and

Congratulations to Kandi and Todd.
Happy Lady's picture

Congrats Kandi!!! I'm happy

Congrats Kandi!!! I'm happy for her and Todd.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

Awwwww, congrats to Kandi &

Awwwww, congrats to Kandi & Todd.....They are a cute couple and I really like them together. #LOVE
Naomi's picture

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Yay! I'm so happy for Kandi

Yay! I'm so happy for Kandi and Todd. Keep God first, and leave those drama queens behind!
C2C's picture

Congratulations Kandi!☺

Congratulations Kandi!☺
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Not a Libra but my bestie is,

Not a Libra but my bestie is, so I'll send her to your page.

WOW! I'm so ecstatic for her.

WOW! I'm so ecstatic for her. They weren't even together that long. Let that be a lesson to you ladies... men be STALLING! When it's right it's right! Everyone has a different relationship pattern and marriage time table, but if a dude is making you wait for more than half a decade it's probably safe to say it's not going anywhere.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Kandi's is in her mid 30's &

Kandi's is in her mid 30's & Todd is DAMN NEAR 40, so they're no SPRING CHICKENS & time is of the essence!
tori's picture

@Tori, You got to read on

@Tori, You got to read on Amber Rose's page about Beema saying he gave birth!
Shay's picture

LOL, I seen it earlier & I

LOL, I seen it earlier & I IMMEDIATELY called his bullsh!t! smh JOSHUA-LYNN from L&HHA got TRANNIES everywhere thinkin they can get PREGNANT lol.
tori's picture

Congrats to Kandi but I can't

Congrats to Kandi but I can't help but give her the side eye, I think we need Marlo back to get her all RADDLED UP about being a SUGAR MAMA which she is. I can't help but listen to what her daughter said about how quickly she moved Todd in, no telling how many MEN over the YEARS that child as seen Kandi go through. No wonder her daughter wants to move to the guest house,her home as been an REVOLVING DOOR of MEN IN and OUT of that childs LIFE! Women like Kandi are BAD examples for their daughters and teach them how to be SUGAR MAMA'S! Todd looks like an OPPORTUNIST who would have never ever liked Kandi, he looked like he may have went for a totally different type from her! I don't BLAME Todd if this SUGAR MAMA wants to take care of him, move him in, throw him parties, take him on trips, fly him around in helicopters. GO FOR IT! Kandi is a SLUT BUCKET that buys and pay for her men! Maybe that's the norm in Atl, just like Phaedra and Apollo!
Shay's picture

What about when Kandi said

What about when Kandi said something about"I fight for my man, I do not play." I thought to myself...WHAT MAN? All your "men" are someone else man! Was Todd not with his BM when Kandi swooped in? Her baby daddy was with his BM when she got pregnant. I guess being the other woman you would have to fight,but woman who aren't the other woman, and women with self respect know better than to fight for or over a man. It's not cute.

Why you so mad and negative

Why you so mad and negative though????? You don't know Kandi or Todd personally but you are summing up their entire life and intentions based on a few taped episodes of a reality show which is 80% staged and 20% real......."Get yo life" and stop living it through tv
Naomi's picture

tell em GURL!

tell em GURL!
BEEMA's picture

Well, I know one thing by

Well, I know one thing by your reaction to my comment, you are either a SUGAR MAMA OR A BABY MAMA based on how offended you are about MY COMMENT ABOUT HER! I for 1 am neither and I AM more than PROUD NOT TO BE! It is a known FACT that KANDI has been RAN THRU by JEMAINE DUPREE,the late GERALD LAVERT and many many other dudes like HER CHILDS FATHER the BOYFRIEND THAT DIED and MANY MANY MANY MORE! So instead of allowing Kandi to BE ALL YOU BABY MAMA'S & SUGAR MAMA'S INSPIRATION OF HOPE, you should "GET YO LIFE " and stop getting bent out of shape about OTHER PEOPLE'S LIVES that you don't know either BAYBEEEEE! Like I said in the beggining of my comment CONGRATS TO HER! I hope it works out this time but, THE TRUTH IS STILL THE TRUTH about her REALITY SHOW OR NOT! HER OWN DAUGHTER DOUBTS HER JUDGEMENT!
Shay's picture

I agree with you.

I agree with you.

Thank-You, Some people hate

Thank-You, Some people hate The Truth!
Shay's picture

The negativity...sheesh!

The negativity...sheesh!
C2C's picture

@Shay, I'm actually surprised

@Shay, I'm actually surprised Kandi is a HETEROSEXUAL, because she seems like such a DOMINANT (BUTCH) female! I agree that Kandi does move rather quickly in relationships & Riley has seen her fair share of men over the yrs but it's BETTER for a single mother's child meet the the person she's datin rather soon because if ya kid & the man doesn't get along then its time to DUMP him. But sum women get so attached to a man that they don't care if their kid get along with him which is even WORSE! I 100% agree Marlo needs to come back, she kept sh!t 300hunna & didn't NEED to hire a man to play her man, from what we've been told, it's the OTHER way around lol! She f*cked up when she used the F-word, Andy cut that bitch like a bad habit! #teamMARLO
tori's picture

Yeah, she did mess up by

Yeah, she did mess up by using the F-word, I really miss the funny in that show. Sherae and her FOOHLISHNESS but I don't miss the new Kim now that she is w/ Kroy she use to be FUNNY when her and NeNe were friends. Kenya don't bring the FUNNY and neither does Porscha! Kandi reminds me that even if her kid did not like her man that it would not even bother her at all
Shay's picture

@Shay, Maybe thats why she

@Shay, Maybe thats why she "and Todd" bought that 2nd house, so she can put Riley over there when they start makin their OWN kids smh! Yeah, the show has lost sum of it's humor, all they do is TALK SH!T, DRINK, & TALK MO SH!T lol. Maybe we can start a petition to bring Marlo back since that seems to be the NEW WAY to add ur 2cents into the makin of REALITY SHOWS! Oh girl, have u seen the way @BEE•MAN been talkin to Letsgetit.C-R-E-E-P-Y!
tori's picture

LMAO i bet you he'll stop

LMAO i bet you he'll stop talking to him once he does ichat or skype with his beastly tranny behind.
sexybrownpyt's picture

Yeah I would love to see his

Yeah I would love to see his reaction after meeting that THANG!
Shay's picture

@Tori, Yeah I saw that! It

@Tori, Yeah I saw that! It reminded of a story on ID when this TRanny was trying to pass as a real woman. This ain't funny but when the guy found out a Tranny went down on him , he took a can and bashed him in the head. Unfortunately that Tranny did not survive. I immediately thought how letsgetit would act if he met up w/ that thang and discovered it was a Tranny. That why people should not play like that. That thang seems lonely, horney,desperate, and slutty,who tries to hook up w/ someone on a blog? Smh.
Shay's picture

Yeah, I watched a Lifetime

Yeah, I watched a Lifetime moved (based on a true story) called they Gwen Araujo story) and these 3 men who had anal sex with him "FOUND OUT" he was REALLY a man and invited him to a party & killed him, then buried him in the woods & went to have breakfast at a diner like NOTHIN hqppened & they didn't do ANY jail time for it! I know BEE•MAN STALKIN TRANNY a$$ is LONELY & MISERABLE based on the fact he on this blog from SUN UP to SUN DOWN...he need a job or hobby just to GET OUT SIDE! He's probably SOCIALLY AWKWARD & EMOTIONALLY CRIPPLE so he can't connect with ppl lmao! A damn tragedy!! OH WELL, he's still ROTTEN & ANNOYIN as f*ck! Lmao..DEF JAM!
tori's picture

That was really sad what

That was really sad what happened to Gwen. Didn't her mother warn her that something like that could happen? I remember her mom on a talk show once, and I believe she said that.Gwen seemed like such a nice person.

You're right I do see a

You're right I do see a pattern... Phaedra with Apollo, Kandi with Todd, Toya with Woman Beater, Rasheeda with her hubanger, Whitney with Bobby, etc.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

@Crazy Sexy Cool, See, you

@Crazy Sexy Cool, See, you see it too!
Shay's picture

Unfortunately ladies..you may

Unfortunately ladies..you may be right. Sadly,most successful Black women still want to be with Black men. Not very many of them(Black men) are successful and the ones that are, date 'others' when they get a little money. These type of women will always appear to be sugar mamas because they refuse to think outside the box. Obviously, nothing wrong with that...until they get tired of being used. I however, am a romantic; I'd like to think that Todd cares for Kandi and I wish them well!!
Zetagirl's picture

Thank-You, my little

Thank-You, my little optimistic romantic, but thinking out the box leaves you w/ a broader choice of men to pick from.
Shay's picture

Actually, when I noted

Actually, when I noted 'obviously, nothing wrong with that until they get tired of being used', I meant by the unpaid Black men they tend to chase. So, in actuality, we are in agreeance. Successful Black women (and Black women in general) should definitely think outside the box. Peace and blessings.
Zetagirl's picture


Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit................................................................In the South....If you want the man to pay for everything, you gotta marry a white man...........
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

i agree with you on that one,

i agree with you on that one, from all of my previous "dates" of different races, the snowmen spent more money whereas the others spent less #truth and this is "my" experience. So for people who feel offended by me dating any race #BITEME
sexybrownpyt's picture

@Shay, dang that is cray,

@Shay, dang that is cray, yeah i definitely read that post but didn't reply so you can edit it. Yeah men are crazy in all races and I also feel that white men are more crazy. what can you do, there will always be crazies out there, you just have to make sure you don't end up with one. Naw i don't date foreign men who scheme and expect a green card from me. LMAO I only date black/white/Latino preferably in that order.
sexybrownpyt's picture

@Sexybrownpyt, I'm glad you

@Sexybrownpyt, I'm glad you read it I just wanted to share that story.
Shay's picture

If she read this she would

If she read this she would have a fit but white guys are CRAY CRAY too! Trust me!
Shay's picture

LMAO! You're totally wrong

LMAO! You're totally wrong for that.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

awwww...congrats...i just

awwww...congrats...i just cant believe all that chris brown and trey songz nonsense.... i mean just google kelsnetwork
reane's picture

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