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FIRST CLASS STYLE: Happy 49th BIRTHDAY Michelle Obama!

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Our First Lady Michelle Obama turns 49-years-old today.  Celebrate her first class style inside...


Michelle Obama celebrates 49 years of fabulousness today.  As a champion for military families and healthier living, she stands as a model citizen, wife, mom and a shining example of dedication of American excellence. 



And while the White House has been mum about how The First Lady will celebrate tonight, we do know that in true "Obama" form, she'll spend her weekend giving back to the country as part of the National Day of Service.

And if you'd like to join the President and First Lady by serving your community, find out how you can contribute here.

Revisit some of the First Lady's best looks inside.....


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No disrespect BUT she look

No disrespect BUT she look DAMN GOOD!!!!!
BigJohn's picture

Our FLOTUS still glows after

Our FLOTUS still glows after all these years.
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This is a true example of how

This is a true example of how make up does wonders. I love my 1st Lady but lawwwd knows she is no beauty
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Happy Birthday Michelle!

Happy Birthday Michelle! Looking fab at 49!!

I don trust her nor do I like

I don trust her nor do I like her.

#1 Role Model she

#1 Role Model she is......(Trust ME! Batty Bey is gonna do Mrs. Obama a favor...and send a note saying how "Proud" she is of the First Lady (then post it online for everyone to see) smh
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Its hilarious cause it’s so

Its hilarious cause it’s so true LMFAO
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And you know it. smhlol......

And you know it. smhlol......
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

girl, she sent that last

girl, she sent that last night! lol!

Happy Birthday Michelle!!!

Happy Birthday Michelle!!!
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Fab and Classy!

Fab and Classy!
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