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Karrueche Tran Gives First Radio Interview, Talks Handling Hate...And Chris Brown

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 photo KarruecheTranInHarlemNights17of20_zpsdf9584cc.jpg

Chris Brown's on-again, off-again girlfriend Karrueche Tran's been all over Atlanta this weekend at the strip club and nightclubs celebrating her clothing line "The Kill"...even though it's not out yet.  She hit up Harlem Nights in the ATL last night (pictured above), and stopped to do some media beforehand.  We've got the highlights from her very first radio interview ever inside...

Kae tucked her emotional triangle with Chris Brown & Rihanna aside this weekend as she celebrated and pubbed her new clothing line.  Even though the launch of "The Kill" got pushed back, she's all for talking about the clothes, which are the female version of Chris brown's Black Pyramid line.

She stopped by Atlanta's Streetz 94.5 to chat about some things.  Here are the highlights:

On her relationship status

I can't say.  I have a lot of self control.

On if she would marry Chris if he proposed

The timing is not right now.  At all.  Everybody's focused.

On handling the hate tweets

It's hard because sometimes I really want to go there.  But I don't.  I just ignore it.  I'm on my Twitter all day.  I pretty much read everything.  You have to laugh at it and brush it off.  regardless of what I say, somebody's always going to bring some negative light to it.


Check out the full video interview below:

Her answers to a little game they played:

Drake or Chris Brown: Y'all tried it!  You already know who I'm going to say.  My loyalties lie with you know who...

Missionary or doggy style: Doggy style.

Chris' line or her own line: I love him but I'm gonna say my line.

Alrighty then....

Pic: ATLNightspots.com

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To honest, no one really

To honest, no one really cares about her clothing line, CB line either! Talk about the drama or don't do interviews!!!
Nih9900's picture

Sounds like she still has a

Sounds like she still has a little hope in her and chris working things out relationship wise. She might have it set up in her brain that after chris is through escapading with rihanna he will come back to her be done with rihanna and they're getting married. I definately see him telling her that and her rolling with it. But on a better note ..... I am a shoe re-constructive designer check me out www.facebook.com/prettylittleheeladdict
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tom100's picture

This is the almighty

This is the almighty "Koochie" everybody is all worked up about lmao this girls is lame as hell. And the whole baby voice she got going on "OMG" i'll give her 2 more months nobody will even remember her......
REd™'s picture

Wow...what a waste of an

Wow...what a waste of an interview...
Laia's picture

Sad that these two women are

Sad that these two women are allowing some childish man to play with their hearts and minds like that. I hope he knows that even if he did tell them deal, karma is a bish and will come back on him. You can't willingly hurt people, even if they are willing to accept, and think it won't catch up with you. It will.
JJFad's picture

Right but Karate is somewhat

Right but Karate is somewhat smart because she is potentially gaining something from this messy situation #flips.hair.that.is.all
sexybrownpyt's picture

I'm looking forward to seeing

I'm looking forward to seeing her "clothing line" but even tho I'm not a fan of hers. The longer this whole "love triangle" bit keeps going on the more stupid she looks.

I don't understand why it's

I don't understand why it's so hard to launch this clothing line consisting of white t-shirts and baseball caps. I could launch that shyt from my garage. It's not uncommon for a single man Chris's age to be dealing with more than one woman at a time, so I don't see the big deal. The only reason I lean towards Rihanna in this situation is because he left a committed relationship with ol' girl because he couldn't get over his ex. So for her to stay with him after that speaks volumes about her self esteem IMO.
Username's picture

All yall manless-hating azz

All yall manless-hating azz hoes! Karreuche is not BOTHERED! shE HAS HER SOME D*CK- you need to not be worried about her but ask yourself where is yours! She has enough fame so that she can get with a baller and live nicely. She's attractive unlike some of you eel-faced lookin hoes! {cough-sexyyounguglywhatevapyt}
BEEMA's picture

STFU hoe Yes Kae has her some

STFU hoe Yes Kae has her some Dick with every woman name on it., H.I.V is still around and kicking

Chris got it made he hitting

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Kingbreez's picture

KAE-O-PECTATE is so damn

KAE-O-PECTATE is so damn vapid! I think, AT BEST, her "clothing line" will be sold at the LA swap meet! I wish her well, she's finally been signed to a modeling agency!
tori's picture

I don't understand why she

I don't understand why she called it "The Kill" when there is already Kill City and Kill Brand within the urban market...
imjussaying's picture

Well Kill Brand were

Well Kill Brand were wondering the samething & tweeted KANINE-TEETH & she replied "@killbrand "The Kill Society" and "Kill Brand" are two totally different names/concepts my friend. Chill out." IMO they're gonna SUE the SH!T out of her because they ALREADY have a trademark on "The Kill"...WOMP!
tori's picture

Yes..that is definitely a

Yes..that is definitely a lawsuit waiting to happen especially since they already have a patent and a trademark on that.
imjussaying's picture


Well COMMON SENSE would suggest that she didn't know there was already another brand with that name.....(duhhhhhh)
BEEMA's picture

No..COMMON SENSE would have

No..COMMON SENSE would have been to check it first. Any business minded individual would have ensured they weren't possibly violating copyright laws and then applied for a patent on their own brand. But I'm sure you don't know what that is since you seem to be sharing the same brain wavelengths as Karruche. Anyway, as someone who is supposed to be in the fashion world, you would think she would know this anyway -- they're not a small label and are targeted to the same demographic market she is trying to sell to. One click on Karmaloop would have helped her out a lot and based on what she wears, I'm sure she shops there.
imjussaying's picture

damn she boring

damn she boring

She really was..I couldn't

She really was..I couldn't watch past the 2:00 mark. All her giggling and stuff. They need to get her on Wendy Williams and make this hoe sweat-Wendy would GO THERE!..lol
BEEMA's picture

i guess chris brown made her

i guess chris brown made her relevant...i just cant believe usher stripped nude..i mean just google kelsnetwork
reane's picture

She seems cool to me. Maybe

She seems cool to me. Maybe if they didn't drink those shots before the interview, she wouldn't have been twirling in her seat and screeching so much. But other than that... dope chick.
Yas's picture

This bitch is clearly

This bitch is clearly BRAINLESS like a motherfucker! Chris clearly has a type. She knows DAMN WELL if Chris asked her DUMB, BONY ASS to marry him right now that she'd break that bony ass neck saying YES! Why is chick fronting? And who is the dude standing directly behind her bony ass? The bone guard or what? He is disturbing. Back to Karate Kid...She could stand some booty and hip shots...and some breast implants too. She's soooo irrelevant...ugh.
Carmen CaBoom's picture

I can't envision those BONES

I can't envision those BONES in the doggystyle position...ugh. She's a cute little girl, but she still always just looks so fucking LOST to me. The clothing line is shitty undoubtedly and no matter what she tries, Rhianna will ALWAYS trump this poor little tink tink. Child, Boo and Bye!
Carmen CaBoom's picture

Those kneecaps........ they

Those kneecaps........ they look like pig snouts. Anywho...... How can you be loyal to someone who is not loyal to you . Whatever. I'm really starting to think that all 3 of them are in on this attention seeking scheme together.
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Allbeautythings0's picture

She went from nervous to real

She went from nervous to real comfortable after those shots #love.triangle.saga.continues. #flips.hair.that.is.all
sexybrownpyt's picture

useless statements from this

useless statements from this nappy head maggot faced lookin hoe- WITH A FACE LIKE THAT I SEE WHY YOU AIN'T GOT A MAN AN YOU ALWAYS ON HERE! lmaooooooooooo
BEEMA's picture

@BEEMA, it's time Natasha

@BEEMA, it's time Natasha BANNED your crack pot ass.
My Moniker Is...'s picture


BEEMA's picture

No matter what "beema" write

No matter what "beema" write ignore her. No matter how ignorant, mean, hurtful, or just action craving her comment maybe be don't respond and she might be forced to disappear. Or knowing her she may change her account name and start all over.
kimaras31's picture

Sweetie like Yolanda said:

Sweetie like Yolanda said: THIS BATTLE IS NOT YOURS..you don't know how it got started, or the same things they have all said about me. FURTHERMORE I have never even talked to you and you don't exist to me-never even seen your username before..so dont type mine! #miscellaneous paparrazzi
BEEMA's picture

I agree, goin back & forth

I agree, goin back & forth with a person who is CLEARLY LONELY & DESPERATE, is COMPLETEY INUTILE! I'm done dealing with THAT PERSON & so is @sexybrownpyt, cuz she hasn't replied to any of THAT PERSON's nasty comments! Lets ALL ignore the clown & hope they go away FOREVA (perhaps even find a JOB that pays & doesn't involve CYBER STALKING & HARASSING ppl)!
tori's picture

This entire love triangle

This entire love triangle situation is silly and unfortunate. It will probably end badly. In the interview Karrueche said she's tired of the situation obviously she's not THAT tired because she's still a willing participant in this three sided love affair. The only one winning is CB because Rihanna & Karrueche are making this man feel quite important. They appear to be at his beck and call, they're trading nights and weekends with him, sending cheap shots via Twitter and Instagram. Just a mess. Maybe they all feel there is no such thing as bad publicity. Anyway, her twisting side to side in that chair was so juvenile. Don't be nervous, you're in the drama too deep. Sit up straight, state your thoughts with authority, you are after all a business woman, celebrity stylist, and aspiring model right???? Riiiiiiiight...
mags9's picture

.....she loves that boy, the

.....she loves that boy, the only funny thing about it is, that most of the women who are calling stupid, silly.... are the main ones who fall for the same type of guys...ALLL THE TIME... and deal with men who are playing them for someone else...the only difference between her and the people who comment, is that her mess is in the public arena.......stop the hypocrisy
Grown Man Ish's picture

true story

true story
thatshitcray's picture

who is she trying to fool???

who is she trying to fool??? self control?? i think not. she gave an answer if you can read. no comment is all thats needed... i want to see the clothes!!! all this other stuff doesnt
JeanP's picture



If Kae want's to sell her

If Kae want's to sell her clothing line, she really need to stop talking Chris in any interviews.

Number one she does not have

Number one she does not have a clothing line. Walmart pieces with the word "the kill" on the tag does not suffice as a clothing line. Number two, why would she stop bringing up Chris Browns name in every interview when the association is her bread and butter. If she wasn't dating him, who would really know who she is? I dam sure wouldn't. I'm not saying she and her career were irrelevant before this fued with Rihanna and the love Triangle with Rihanna and Chris Brown, actually I a:m saying that. Because even when she was just dating him people were not checking for interviews with her. For all we know it maybe in her contract to Chris Brown.
kimaras31's picture


Realist's picture

She's riding that gravy train

She's riding that gravy train until the wheels fall off. Karate knows well not to bite the hand that feeds her #flips.hair.that.is.all
sexybrownpyt's picture

why are you always on here

why are you always on here counting somebodies money and saying what someone's intentions are? Are you a minreader? You need to be worried about why your broke azz is on here AROUND-THE-CLOCK with no job or man of your own! Karreuche got her somebody..where is yours?
BEEMA's picture

No bitch Karreuche don't have

No bitch Karreuche don't have somebody. The world knows that Chris don't belong to nobody. This bitch is riding Chris name to sell her crappy clothing line. Yes Chris has his own clothing line and it's doing very well. Teambreezy & non Chris fans are buying like crazy. Who do you think will be buying Kae's clothing line? Teambreezy? Yes some of them. Then there's the Navy, Rih fans whom a hell of alot of them have already purchased items from Chris clothing line after seeing Rihanna wearing that red cut off sweat shirt. Let alone someone is about to sue Kae for using the name "The Kill" so you @BEEMA go fuck yourself.

Don't believe this bitch love

Don't believe this bitch love Chris. She's using his name to sell her clothing line. But little do she know that's the wrong move using his name.

o_O Everyone likes DoggyStyle

o_O Everyone likes DoggyStyle better...we evolved from APES!!!!!!! ............
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

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