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VIDEO: Beyonce Belts Out Flawless Performance Of The NATIONAL ANTHEM At 2013 Inauguration

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 photo BBJg5ApCMAESleajpg_large_zpsb11afb3f.jpg


Beyonce Knowles just experienced one of her ultimate career highs as she belted out the National Anthem at President Barack Obama's second Inauguration this afternoon.  We've got pics of the Hollywood glam star and hubby Jay-Z's grand entrance at the Capitol, plus video of her flawless performance inside...

Beyonce entered the US Capitol steps looking gorgeous in a long black Emilio Pucci gown embellished with black velvet embroidery and chiffon, a Dior fur coat and gorgeous emerald earrings with a matching emerald ring both by Lorraine Schwartz:

 photo BBJevatCYAAJEQEjpg_large_zpsba947ba8.jpg

 photo BBJgpxTCQAApgLtjpg_large_zps659692f3.jpg

And Mr. Carter looked pretty fly himself in a white piping blue scarf and a tailored grey Tom Ford suit. 

Beyonce took the Inaugural podium to sing the National Anthem after the President's speech.  And even after having to rip out her earpiece due to sound issues, she still gave a flawless performance.  Check it below:


More pics of their arrival:

 photo BBJikk4CIAA7k4Kjpg_large_zpse34bcd2c.jpg

   photo BBJh_NzCMAAl53mjpg_large_zps8ee33793.jpg  photo BBJhfGtCAAEcHKJjpg_large_zpsf6b83e8c.jpg 

 photo BBJf6M-CEAArChbjpg_large_zps0e89df2f.jpg

The couple stopped to chat with MSNBC anchor Al Sharpton.


 photo ScreenShot2013-01-21at125601PM_zps701d7c2e.png

After Beyonce's performance, her little sis Solange Knowles tweeted:

I couldn't be more proud on this day.


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In what fucking world can

In what fucking world can Christina or Kelly sing better that Beyonce. Yall raggedy bitches are so damn jealous of Bey, that your coon asses will actually put the talent of any cracker before hers!! I hate field niggers!!!
jdotty's picture

Fake! She lip synched!

Fake! She lip synched!
mb519's picture

There was nothing flawless

There was nothing flawless about that performance. Beyonce has a very powerful voice but she didn't use it, that performance had no feeling. Everyone who watched it said the same exact thing. I realize that no one can ever out do Whitney in her prime but there was nothing memorable about that performance at all. Her kiss ass fans can praise her all they want but in reality she did nothing with that song.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Good job Bey!!! Loved that

Good job Bey!!! Loved that dress too.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

Beyonce nice job. But

Beyonce nice job. But really, it was not a concert dear. That pose at the end, too much....lol. I felt like yelling "sexual chocolate" at the TV screen. For a minute, I thought she was Tina Knowles.
JewelryLover's picture

That dress was Dreadful!!!

That dress was Dreadful!!! Who wears a Ball gown to an outside event..A nice pants suit would have worked just fine. B is talented Yes...But she was trying way to hard. The dress was over kill.....Im just saying!

Beyonce looked very pretty

Beyonce looked very pretty and JayZ cleaned up very well. She did a good job singing the National Anthem. Was it a standout performance? No, not at all. She sang, remembered the words, and stayed in key. She did exactly what was expected of any singer asked to sing the National Anthem at a public event. I'm not a fan of James Taylor, Kelly Clarkson, or Beyonce. But I will admit that I definitely felt the passion in Kelly Clarkson's renditon of "My Country Tis of Thee"........and I believe someone wrote that Roland Martin said Beyonce did a better job than Whitney? Umm Roland please don't discredit yourself that way by making such an outlandish statement.
Abri's picture

I will say this, Beyonce did

I will say this, Beyonce did a nice job, she stayed in her lane and stayed within her range of singing BUT, we all w/ common sense know her rendition was no where near the level of EXCELLENCY that the late Whitney Houston did, and ROLAND MARTIN FROM CNN IS A PORK CHOP, HAM HOCK LIE for even SAYING we now have a new National Anthem to take Whitney place. NO SIR! The matter of Kelly Clarkson sounding better, it is not about race it's about NATURAL GOD GIVEN TALENT! It's NO SECRET there are WHITE singer's like KELLY CLARKSON & CHRISTINA AGUILERA who is half white and Hispanic that sound 100 times better than alot of black singers like Beyonce and many more. It's not about race it's about NATURAL BORN TALENT!
Shay's picture

He really said that? WOW!

He really said that? WOW! He's in the minority for sure, because no one and I mean NO ONE that I know thought she gave a memorable performance. It was nice but it wasn't GREAT, NOTHING stood out about it. Whitney's range when she performed was perfect. I've never seen anyone perform the national anthem like she did. Roland like so many ass kissers will say that Bey did great when they know she didn't. The announcers didn't even mention her performance until minutes later and even then they didn't talk like they were blown away by it. After Kelly performed they mentioned how nice her voice was, even my mom thought she had a great voice (so it wasn't a race thing).
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

@CrazySexyCool, Yes Girl he

@CrazySexyCool, Yes Girl he said that. Why would you even say something so STUPID and OUTLANDISH! Like I said she stayed within her range because we all know she's NOT in the league of Singer's Like The: Whitney H,Mariah C ,Kelly C or Christina A CALIBER OF SINGING! You said it best it's not nothing we will remember in years to come. Anybody that watched American Idol knows that Kelly C has the best voice in Idol's history of winner's. Youtube her live performances she let's go on her live performances. Kelly C sings Mariah's Love Takes Time,Christina's Beautiful, and a number of other people's song and she blows me away! It's a God Given Talent!
Shay's picture

The dress was beautiful the

The dress was beautiful the emeralds were a nice touch (along with her spray tan) and Jay looked surprisingly handsome, she sounded just alright. Real talk though I wish the Obamas would stop endorsing them, they don't know the damage they're doing.
Peace Silas's picture

Beyonce was good, but I

Beyonce was good, but I actually enjoyed Kelly Clarkson's performance more. A lot of the media is saying the same thing. Kelly's performance just seemed more heart-felt and authentic to me. Bey performance came off as more theatrical and over the top. I also thought her dress was a little much for the event.
DesignDiva's picture

I agree, I think Beyoncé

I agree, I think Beyoncé performed like she was picturin Jay in the Oval Office, & she was 1st lady singin to her man....LMAO like Bey plz, sing & exit stage left!
tori's picture

crap..look like she dressed

crap..look like she dressed for a funeral

From slaves to this, WOW!

From slaves to this, WOW! Speechless. I'm watching ROOTS again and watching it today seems a little different. How many of us could have or would have held on, been faithful and patient even knowing for a 100% fact this would have been the ending result. Seriously?
kimaras31's picture

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Allbeautythings0's picture

Al Sharpton looks like he

Al Sharpton looks like he wants to eat Beyonce alive (lol)....ewww he seems like such a Perv..Jay hold tight..lol
star's picture

I too love to help promote

I too love to help promote what’s good and beautiful…hey Al!
rebellious soul's picture

Honestly, it was good, not

Honestly, it was good, not great. I actually enjoyed the band more than I did the singing. All that vibrato for such a traditional song was not needed.
Username's picture

Beyonce and Jay-Z looked

Beyonce and Jay-Z looked nice, and she did a good job. Kelly Clarkson was great as well.
IslandGyal's picture

Bey did an amazing job

Bey did an amazing job performing the Nat'l Anthem for our President! I hope she & Jay enjoy their time at the White House, becuz after 2016 the invitations will ABRUPTLY come to an END!
tori's picture

Girl, I have to co-sign.

Girl, I have to co-sign. It's all about knowing your place. They are entertainers, not politicians, and while Barack and Michelle may have drank the kool-aid, the rest of DC isn't going to let them within a mile of the White House when Barack's second term ends.
DesignDiva's picture

Performance was great, just

Performance was great, just not understanding the full-length evening gown for a morning ceremony. Other than that, no complaints.
Awwwww Shucks's picture

Lol, Bey wore a long gown

Lol, Bey wore a long gown becuz IT's SO COLD IN THE D...DC that is! It was like 25° this mornin!
tori's picture

What's not to understand?

What's not to understand? Would you have preferred her to wear cut off jeans? A leotard? Shorts? #keephatin She looked beautiful-just give the compliment
BEEMA's picture

beyonce performance was the

beyonce performance was the best. After Beyonce performed you only seen kelly name one mo time and that was it. beyonce kept trending then her and jay kept trending

They definitely saved the

They definitely saved the BEST for last! Sing it Beyoncé! Didn't care too much for Kelly Clarkson's performance -_-
C2C's picture

Beyonce was

Beyonce was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rihanna who???

Expect Rhianna to really act

Expect Rhianna to really act a fool tonight so she can get some attention. All her antics are due to the fact that she want to be on Jays arm at the white house & other historical events but does not have the class to even be a guest.
Somerknight's picture

@Somerknight, That ATTENTION

@Somerknight, That ATTENTION SEEKIN HO is gonna make a SEX TAPE with Chris 2nite to piss Jay off & be all ova the blogs....INSECURE TWAT smh!
tori's picture

Oh yea Rihanna will be on

Oh yea Rihanna will be on twitter acting a fool. Smoking weed, half naked and ramping on twitter all in the name of attention.

CTFU! (Crackin the f*ck up)

CTFU! (Crackin the f*ck up) this ish made my day lol. Rih still my gurl tho.
Classic87's picture

@somerknight & pia ash, LMAO

@somerknight & pia ash, LMAO dying #flips.hair.that.is.all
sexybrownpyt's picture

This should not be a battle

This should not be a battle over who had more soul. The truth of the matter is the President had two great singers perform at his inauguration and they both did an equally phenomenal job. I'll give Bey a few extra points though for her beautiful outfit (minus the hair). It really was a great ceremony to watch.
CheyPie's picture

Excellent job and she looks

Excellent job and she looks beautiful.
Zetagirl's picture

Bey is radiant and Jay

Bey is radiant and Jay handsome...
Lola's picture

obama looked like he wanted a

obama looked like he wanted a second kiss from beyonce at the end lolol...i liked the rendition but i think she sounded better when she sang the national anthem at the super bowl in 03 she killed it. and off topic but i hate that white woman hair she has on
litebrite's picture

lmao honestly, this day is a

lmao honestly, this day is a response to all the haters comments. She told you. She was INCREDIBLE.
Adele's picture

Yes bey slayed that

Yes bey slayed that performance!!!! #flips.hair.that.is.all
sexybrownpyt's picture

Honey child, I thought I was

Honey child, I thought I was at Beyoncé's concert!
C2C's picture

JayZ represented quite dapper

JayZ represented quite dapper so proud of him, best Ive ever seen him look. Wonderful job by Beyonce with the national anthem and she looked regal while doing it. Takes all kinds to make up this world hence why the negative peons are always represented as well.
Realist's picture

The proper conjugation of the

The proper conjugation of the word "sing," is: SING, SANG, and SUNG. E.g., "I SING," "Beyonce SANG the National Anthem," The song was SUNG well. Please stop saying "She sung that song." Ugh.
tinytexan's picture


C2C's picture

Now if Beyonce had of doen

Now if Beyonce had of doen all the over the top extra the haters would of said something and talked about her taking over etc. She sung it just right and now some of you are so JEALOUS and MAD!! LOL!!!! Go ahead Beyonce with your bad self!!!!
sweetpea1989's picture


Classic87's picture

I agree, bey has the vocal

I agree, bey has the vocal ability to sing soulful like she did in Cadillac Records. #flips.hair.that.is.all
sexybrownpyt's picture

No one asked for your opinion

No one asked for your opinion Ms.Ceilie!
BEEMA's picture

You know what Beema. I used

You know what Beema. I used to think that the girls were cyber-bullying you. To the point to where I almost emailed Natasha about it. HOWEVER...i see that you really like to keep the pot stirring.
Classic87's picture

There is a ban on "beema"

There is a ban on "beema" everyone is tired of her, so the bloggers of THEYBF have decided to ignore her. No matter what she writes because she is rude, crude, disrespectful, goes to far racially and craves to much negative attention. Eventually she will disappear that's what you do to the mean kids on the play ground. There's nothing wrong with expressing your opinion but when it becomes unbearable for the majority that shit is a motherfucking problem and she does not deserve the satisfaction. And that is why you realized no one has commented back to her and we really pin pointed the common denominator to the problems on here.
kimaras31's picture

I see...

I see...
Classic87's picture

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